“Do No Work: Beat Burnout, Find Inner Peace . . .”

I am going to break from my discussions of Inflammation and Cancer (really all disease) and share a discovery I’ve just made.  It is an

Rest is in God's Plan....not an option for the way we are created

Rest is in God’s Plan….not an option for the way we are created

incredible book by Andrew Gilmore whom (through a God wink) I connected with on Twitter.  I hope you will read this post and then visit www.andrewgilmore.net and read some of his very nice blog posts.  Andrew is a husband and foster father of several children and a seeking believer of Jesus.

  I was fascinated to see that he had written a book entitled Do No Work:  Beat Burnout, Find Inner Peace, and Strengthen Your Faith by Studying the Most Overlooked of the Ten Commandments.    That’s a very long title….so let’s just call it “Do No Work”.    It’s available for print and Kindle at www.amazon.com so check it out AFTER you finish reading this post and visit his own blog site.

The “most overlooked of the ten commandments”, Andrew shares, is the fourth one:  “Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy”.    I’m certain I’ve never seen another book or even an article on this particular commandment.   If I’ve heard it referenced in a sermon, I cannot recall the depth of insight Andrew shares.  This is a very Scripturally sound book with a thorough documentation which, of course, makes it a strong book.   However, the personal insights and life experiences Andrew shares beginning make the Scripture he cites come “alive with color, humor, and walking faith”.

802010_74703423In his Preface to the book, Andrew Gilmore says,

–Is the fourth commandment still relevant?

–Why is something so prevalent in the Old Testament so overlooked by Christians?

–And most importantly, how should I behave on the Sabbath?

(Gilmore continues):    When I began my study, it was supposed to be short–a simple post for my fledgling blog.  But I realized there is much more to the fourth commandment than I thought.  In the process, I learned a lot about God, and I became a much stronger Christian as a result.”

Do Not Work  is, of course, NOT an attempt to condemn work or encourage slothfulness.  It is a well-645553_55183155organized and focused overview of something I reference in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, as “a pure law of nature” or a “royal law”.  That law or principle is work and how it is part of “the DNA of Scripture” as Gilmore says.   I discuss work as essential for health.   Consequently, I saw Gilmore’s book dovetail with mine adding significantly to what my own readers can learn about stewardship of their own health of body, soul and spirit.

“Commandments one through three address our relationship with God.  Five through ten 582041_93599733-2deal directly with our relationship with others. Commandment four, though, contains both elements, and it is the only commandment that speaks directly to how one treats oneself.”  (Gilmore)     I hope you glean from Gilmore’s statement that this commandment opens up something important that God INTENDS for your good which includes for your health and happiness.  I urge you to read Andrew Gilmore’s book and I hope you read mine as well because they are “hand in glove” and can open the eyes of your heart in ways you will benefit from.   Both are food for “the Body of Christ”.






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