Words We Think Impact our Health

What we contemplate ALWAYS impacts our health.

What we contemplate ALWAYS impacts our health.

“ Words We Think” Impact our Health “— I’ve posted about the impact and power of the words we speak, but the words we think, ergo our “thoughts”, have no less impact on our health.  The following few paragraphs are excerpted from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.  Readers have told me they found this information “eye opening” as they seek to have healing manifest in their body/souls.

I earlier (in the book) referred to the work of Dr. Caroline Leaf, PhD, believer in Christ, researcher and highly respected psychologist. She has done groundbreaking work on how our brains process words and thoughts. I find her particularly discerning because she deals with more than facts such as anatomical structures by insightfully relating the science to Scripture. We know from scientific fact and spiritual truth that an unhealed soul blocks healing, and, I believe, that truth or “law” is particularly important in cancer even though Scripture assures us that “every disease” was covered through Jesus’s finished work. (See Matthew 4:23 and 9:35.)

Let’s examine Dr. Leaf’s teaching on the power of our minds where stress from words, thoughts, and emotions enter. In her book, Who Switched Off My Brain? Leaf teaches that there are three stages of stress: temporary stress, unreleased stress (temporary that begins to become harmful), and finally, chronic stress.  (Visit:  www.drleaf.com for more teaching from Dr. Caroline Leaf, PhD )

“When you are in chronic stress. your systems reach exhaustion from the constant state of heightened alert.”   We earlier mentioned that a prolonged defensive or emergency mode is really a sustained inflammatory response? From my own reading, I believe chronic stress is comparable to “a sustained inflammatory response”. Dr. Leaf, explaining from a psychological viewpoint, continues, “These stages of stress are scientifically significant because they illustrate how a single toxic thought causes extreme reactions in so many of our systems.”

Dr. Leaf states pointedly, “You must confront repressed unforgiveness, anger, rage, hatred or any other form of toxic thinking. You have a medical need to forgive others and you also must forgive yourself.”18 She goes on to explain that stress resulting from our allowing toxic thoughts to linger and recycle in our minds have particularly detrimental effects on our hearts, our immune systems, and our digestive systems.”19 It is a consistent Biblical lesson that we should not worry or fear. Paul states is plainly: … for God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7, YLT)

Likewise, it’s a consistent theme in this book that Spiritual or supernatural law is a continuum of science or natural law. Quantum science is fast revealing this truth so that sometimes we glimpse the science behind the miraculous. David Van Koevering’s statement that the Spiritual (supernatural) is a widening “bandwidth” of the natural that I shared earlier is, I believe, much more than a metaphor. I observe that Van Koevering, in his bandwidth analogy, is expressing much the same insight as 19th century scientist/theologian I referenced earlier, Henry Drummond, who intimated that natural law illustrates spiritual law when he said, “I discovered myself enunciating Spiritual Law in the exact terms of Biology and Physics. Now this was not simply a scientific coloring given to Religion, the mere freshening of the theological air with natural facts and illustrations. It was an entire re-casting of truth. . I saw. . that it meant essentially the introduction of Natural Law into the Spiritual World.”  (Henry Drummond’s writing is available in pdf form free online.) Jesus used parables to make this introduction.

We get to choose the thoughts that will "live" in our brains and minds.  They are like seeds of fear OR faith.

We get to choose the thoughts that will “live” in our brains and minds. They are like seeds of fear OR faith.

In this same vein of thought, referring to John 16:13 (below), David Van Koevering goes so far as to conclude, “Jesus told His disciples that they will get their upper bandwidth back . . . He adds, “Jesus is saying, ‘I want to show you your future. You can know my will and my plan for your life, although right now, you don’t have the upper bandwidth to see or observe it.”   (Visit www.elsewhen.com for more teaching from David Van Koevering, a brilliant Christian physicist.)

Jesus told the disciples:  “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he shall guide you into all the truth: for he shall not speak from himself; but what things soever he shall hear, these shall he speak: and he shall declare unto you the things that are to come. (John 16:12-13, ASV)

We know that Holy Spirit arrived at Pentecost and remains within Believers who accept Him.

Could the Apostle Paul have been telling us that, as we in God’s earthly Kingdom grow into His Love through our ever widening Spiritual bandwidth, we will eventually move into “His Kingdom coming on earth as in heaven” when he wrote 1 Corinthians 13:12-13: For we see now through a mirror obscurely, and then face to face; now I know in part, and then I shall fully know, as also I was known; and now there doth remain faith, hope, love– these three; and the greatest of these is love. (YLT)

These verses close the famous “love chapter” and I urge you to read all of I Corinthians 13 as soon as possible praying for divine insight.

Dr. Caroline Leaf masterfully joins truth and fact (Spiritual and natural law) as she teaches, “Even though you can’t always control your circumstances, you can make fundamental choices that will help you control your reaction to your circumstances and keep toxic input out of your brain.”

“If you change your attitude and determine to apply God’s excellent advice not to worry, the hypothalamus will cause the secretion of chemicals that facilitate the feeling of peace, and the rest of the brain will respond by secreting the correct “formula” of neurotransmitters for thought building and clear thinking.”   You may recall that “molecules of emotion” that have receptors on every body cell are neurotransmitters.

The process Dr. Leaf describes for accomplishing this “peace” is a virtual “how to” for “taking every thought captive” which, to me, has been one of the Bible’s most helpful teachings for soul healing in 2 Corinthians 10:5: We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (NIV)

What does it mean scientifically to act upon this Scriptural advice the Apostle Paul wrote to the strong willed early Corinthian Church? Dr. Leaf says that thoughts or “incoming information” are first in a “temporary state”. “It (the thought) has not yet lodged itself into your memory or become a part of your spirit which defines who you are. You can choose to reject the presently activated thoughts and the incoming information, or you can let the information make its way into your mind (your soul) and your spirit, eventually subsiding to your non-conscious, which dominates who you are. 

Dr. Leaf stresses that we must make a conscious decision to accept or reject allowing a thought to move past temporary status.

Kenneth E. Hagin (www.rhema.org) used a humorous but memorable metaphor for making the decision just described. He is often quoted as saying, “You can’t keep a bird from flying around your head, but you can keep it from building a nest in your hair.”   This metaphor has “checked” me many times in my effort to make sure a toxic thought is temporary. Sometimes I say out loud, “No! I will not think that way. Forget It!” My goal is zero tolerance for “re-cycling negative thought energy”.

Yep, Jonah didn't let his current circumstances dictate his future.  He took his imagination captive.

Yep, Jonah didn’t let his current circumstances dictate his future. He took his imagination captive.

Why? Because, as Dr. Leaf, eloquently points out, “As we start to understand how a thought forms and impacts our emotions and bodies, we have two choices: We can let our thoughts become toxic and poisonous, or we can detox our negative thoughts which will improve our emotional wholeness and even recover our physical health.”    I hope you are realizing the unavoidable connection between thoughts, words, and soul wounds as blocks to physical healing. Dr. Leaf’s book is a handbook for taking every thought captive. It’s no wonder that Jesus put such strong emphasis upon wholeness in His ministry.

I love the Biblical story of Jonah in the belly of the fish. Most people have heard it. I would say that his circumstances were pretty bleak; however, he took every thought captive and scoffed at them as written in Jonah 2:8: Those observing lying vanities their own mercy forsake. (YLT)

Instead of “lying vanities” other translations call these thoughts “vane imaginations”. We all know we can let our imaginations go wild “snowballing” a toxic worry.  These imaginations are “words we think” and we imprint them on our souls if we to don’t take them captive and measure them by God’s own Word and His nature which is love.

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