What is a “Cancer Fighter”?

God's unconditional love flows like a beautiful mountain stream.

God’s unconditional love flows like a beautiful mountain stream.

Thanks for your patience waiting for this week’s post.  My husband and I took a few days off to do a little fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains and I invite you to visit my other blog, www.realhealthhope.com for some photos of the beautiful creeks we fished.   I shared some of the refreshing soul healing experience I enjoyed standing in those rushing mountain streams.   I think you will enjoy a visit to that blog; however, please take a minute to read this post before you go there.

Below I am sharing part of an email response I wrote this morning to a friend who is concerned about a loved one who has had cancer surgery and facing treatment decisions.  As I often see, this precious family is being inundated with “try this” and “try that”.   I get emails from many folks having this experience.  So, I decided to share my response to the question, “Have you researched or do you have an opinion regarding “substance xyz as a cancer fighter”?

“I think it is absolutely essential to NOT chase after a substance or protocol or silver bullet to “fight cancer” because cancer is NOT a malady like an infection or what we’ve been conditioned to think of as a “disease”.  No two cases are ever the same and cancer is NOT a disease. It is a symptom that a person’s body has responded to certain physical and emotional stresses that have undermined the body’s  “immune system”. That “system” is not a group of organs or cells set aside to keep the body healthy. Instead the “immune system” pervades the entire body in such complex ways that the most brilliant medical mind could not approach a thorough understanding of it. EVERY chemical, electrical, vibrational, and other stimulus we undergo triggers an infinitely complex reaction within us and “immune mechanisms” are part of our “wonderfully made bodies” that are designed for and meant to counter all the various “toxin assaults” God knew would confront us.

Consequently, to think of “curing cancer”as though it was a localized attacker is a false premise because

Warning indicators can apply to our health as well as our car's "health"

Warning indicators can apply to our health as well as our car’s “health”

cancer (in it’s infinite variety of individualized manifestations) is somewhat comparable to responding to our vehicle breaking down after we have long ignored the “warning light” on the dash. IF, for example, we then choose to “treat” the car issue by pouring a material like sugar water into the engine that we know will further damage it while we hope it will “flush out the causative toxin”.  We accept all the damaging side effects as “necessary evils” while overlooking the necessity of addressing the cause of the problem. Regardless of the diagnosed “kind of cancer” meant to describe its manifestation, the situation is always systemic and partial healing or “remission” is the goal. In this “common approach” we may get the car to go a few more miles but we will worry with every turn of the tires that an indication will arise that, “It’s baaaaaaack!”

Unless cancer is “read” as a symptom rather than a disease, remission is the inherent  but unacceptable goal. Cancer is a factual symptom that this complex amazing innate “health maintenance mechanism” we call our “immune system” has been pushed beyond its “warning light” stage and now there is a part of the body where repeated assault has broken through all the defense mechanisms and ONLY a reversal of the toxin bath can restore homeostatic balance–health. The good news is that the body and definitely the Creator of the body want that balance–indeed full blown health of body, mind, and soul–restored and maintained until all those wonderful plans God has for each one of us are fulfilled. We are NOT meant to die of disease. We are meant to “go home when satisfied” we have completed our individual “book of life”. The body wants to heal and that means, first, stopping the toxin input (and that can include our words, thoughts, beliefs) and, second, inputting ONLY what the body is meant to digest and build healthy cells and tissue. We replace every cell pretty often so we have a lot to say about the condition of those replacement cells.”

“Fighting Cancer” is a creative process and not a destructive process.   Our loving Creator is NOT a destroyer.  Please think of the Lord’s words in John 10:10:  “The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  I come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”

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