What I Did to Put Cancer Behind Me

I am often asked what I did to put cancer behind me.   I’ve hesitated to share exactly what I did because no two people can ever do anything exactly alike and really shouldn’t.   We are all such complex individuals that it is ridiculous to think we can find a “one size fits all cure”.   However, I find myself  corresponding with folks for whom time is of the essence so this post if for them.  I believe it is critical to turn away from the idea of trying to kill cancer and turn toward absolutely making our bodies a

It's not a matter of "escaping" cancer but a matter of  outsmarting it so      it has to go away.

It’s not a matter of “escaping” cancer but a matter of outsmarting it so it has to go away.

place cancer cannot live.   I was blessed to know better than to jump around “trying this new chemotherapy” or that new “alternative cure”.  So, I followed the advice of a physician friend and “became my own doctor”.

I did have surgery and, as Dr. Johanna Budwig (eminent cancer researcher  and doctor who never used chemo or radiation in successfully treating many late state cancer patients) says, surgery must be considered on a case by case basis.  I urge more than one opinion and finding a surgeon who has successfully done many of the type of surgeries you’re considering.  Sometimes tumors have such a head start that they are better removed; however surgery ALWAYS causes inflammatory sites in the body and we know inflammation is the root of nearly all disease so an anti-cancer lifestyle post surgery is essential. Check out Dr. Harvey Bigelsen’s book, Doctors are More Harmful than Germs:  How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health–And What to Do About It.

Here is “What I Did”to put cancer behind me (more information about each step can be found in my book and blog posts).

1.  I went to God in earnest prayer and surrendered to Him.   I found a church that understood James Chapter 5 and was anointed in prayer.  At that point I heard in my spirit, “An old life just ended and a new one started.”   The tumor remained but the cancer was about to find itself homeless.   As James also says, “I submitted myself to God and resisted the enemy so he had no choice but to flee.”   Daily,  I read aloud the Healing Scriptural Decrees in Charles Capps’ book God’s Creative Power.   I’ll never stop this.

2.  I quit sugar, period.   Sugar is the fuel of a cancer cell–the fertilizer of a cancer cell.    Cancer cells do need sugar and do not need oxygen.    I replaced the sugar with Stevia (an herb) and used no artificial sweeteners (toxins).  NOTE: Fruit has a high sugar content so, other than berries, need to be eaten sparingly and not with meals.  Berries are an exception.  Eat lots!

3.  Quickly I learned that cancer absolutely must have an acidic body chemistry in which to exist so I set about to make sure my body chemistry was slightly alkaline.  Note:  Our blood must be slightly alkaline or we die; therefore, it will steal bone calcium etc to keep us alive.  Calcium from a bottle is generally “rock mineral” and the body doesn’t easily use it (if at all).  What then?  I found a product I will never go without.  Barley Power Tablets from a company called Green Supreme.  Check out www.greensupreme.net or call 1 800 358-0777.  The ingredients (barley grass leaves) are grown in clean Amish Dutch country in Western Pennsylvania. Tell them if you are a cancer patient.  I take 7 tablets upon arising and then 7 before lunch and 7 before dinner.  They also sell litmus paper to check your urine or saliva pH level.

3.   Because cancer is anaerobic (ferments sugar without oxygen), I made sure I got plenty of oxygen into my body.  Breathing Exercises such as taught at: www.tomocklerpt.com .

4.  From the beginning of my recovery  (with much research),  I began to take Beta Glucan,  a potent immune system booster that enhances the production of  T Cells which literally gobble up cancer cells.  Check out this amazing microscopic video from Cambridge University on Youtube at  https://youtu.be/ntk8XsxVDiO .  I take the 5 mg dose and get mine from www.betterwayhealth.com .  Beta Glucan is either derived from yeasts or mushrooms.  I take Transfer Point brand.

5.  I dropped meat and most dairy out of my diet for about 3 years and added only grass fed (no GMO feed) organic meat back in gradually.  I still eat little meat.   In dairy, I only ate organic homemade yogurt (to assure no sugar), cottage cheese, and kefir (in my Budwig recipes) for several years–later adding back a bit of organic cheese.

6. Every single day for three years and still often,  I drink a “Budwig Smoothie” with organic Kefir (yogurt milk) and organic frozen blueberries, strawberries and/or raspberries.   A good squirt of Barleans organic cold pressed flax oil provides ample omega 3 essential fatty acids to give body cells proper material for healthy cell membranes.  AVOID hydrogenated fats which “putty over” cell membranes.  The mixture of the flax oil and high sulfur protein in yogurt or cottage cheese is the key.

7. There is a capsuled supplement called CelltraMAX  containing flax oil, wheat grass and powdered cottage cheese is available from www.bodygenex.com .    The Budwig Protocol is, in my experience, so critical to beating cancer that I don’t want to miss a day and sometimes circumstances make it hard to get a smoothie or salad dressing made.   I’ve found CelltraMAX very helpful.

8. Because we can’t be completely sure that even organic produce provides all the vitamins and minerals we need to get ONLY from food, I looked for good “real food only supplements“.  Off the shelf “multi-vitamins” etc. are generally synthetic copies and not user friendly in our complex bodies.  Vitamin C  (important cancer fighter) is a good example.   I get mine by keeping organic lemon juice on hand (fresh or Lakewood Organic I order through www.amazon.com where I also order my stevia, Barleans Flax Oil and Coconut Oil (my” butter” and cooking oil).  I drink a glass of fresh lemonade made with filtered water and stevia daily for my vitamin C.

9.  Clean Water is key.  I used a Waterwise countertop distiller for years and then changed to a countertop Zero Water Filter which costs under $70 and comes with a digital tester for total dissolved solids in water.   Tap water can legally have more than 200 units per measure of TDS but this filter takes it to zero TDS.   I got my unit and order my replacement filters from www.amazon.com.

10.  I also take Standard Process Multizyme enzymes from www.standardprocess.com  because we have a finite supply of enzymes and they are essential for digesting food.   Cooked food kills the enzymes so that it is important to eat raw foods like fresh salads, cut up vegetables, blended fresh vegetables and FRESH MADE VEGETABLE JUICE daily.  It is a highly concentrated “multi-vitamin and mineral” and it is “God-Made”.  Organic of course!   I usually mix 1/3 carrots, 1/3 celery, 1/3 cucumber and drink at least a pint daily.  The easiest process I’ve found is to keep an air tight bowl or zip bag of the peeled organic vegetables in the refrigerator and just grab a handful of each to quickly run through the juicer every morning.  You could make enough for two helpings and use the other in the evening. I have used inexpensive juicers ($60) and more expensive ones.  Now I enjoy a Breville factory reconditioned unit I ordered through www.amazon.com .  It gets all the juice and cleans up quickly.  You will feel incredibly good when you drink this fresh juice.

11.  A few months into my healing journey I learned about cinnamon as a medicinal for controlling blood sugar.   Even with 1/3 pancreas, I’ve NEVER taken insulin.    Not all cinnamon is real so search “cinnamon” on  blog posts at www.realhealthhope.com  to learn more.  I used to get cinnamon tablets from www.vitacost.com and I use a lot of “loose Ceylon cinnamon” in foods; however, I also used to get milk thistle (a fantastic herb for liver health and protection) separately.   I changed to a product called “Cinnergy” that compounds the two in a concentrated way and only one capsule a day is needed.  I get it from www.peopleschemist.com .

12.  A little later I found out about the ancient spice turmeric (curcumin) which has shown literally “staggering” effects against cancer cells in highly esteemed labs–so much so that drug manufacturers are trying to make a synthetic form to patent for profit because spices cannot be patented.   I prefer “Daily Dose” from www.thepeopleschemist.com because it’s compounded for maximum absorption.

13.  Probiotics are important because most of us have decimated the good flora or bacteria in our digestive systems.  My naturopath recommended Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics.   I take one before going to bed; however, if under stress, I take two.  Our immune system depends on the health of our digestive mechanisms and cancer can only keep a hold on us if we allow our immune system to be sabotaged by lifestyle (including intake of many pharmaceuticals).   You can find this probiotic at a good health food store or online.

14.  Detoxification is much discussed and often misunderstood.  I never did a contrived detoxification program even though I’d been “through the pharmaceutical mill” in surgery and hospital.    Once I began taking in only good nutrients and enzymes and God’s food, my body began to detox naturally.   Once I began to drink lots of clean water and nothing else except herbal teas made with clean water, my body knew what to do.  We are built to heal.   Nutrition and detoxification MUST be balanced or it can be dangerous.  For a while off and on I took “Edible Living Red Dessert Clay Tablets”  obtained from www.IamPerfectlyHealthy.com and had good experience with it as far as I could tell.

15.  Fairly recently I’ve learned about Fulvic Acid .   I have posted on my blogs (this one and www.realhealthhope.com ) about this amazing “material” obtained from ancient organic bogs in remote places.   I suggest you do some reading about it and make your own decision of course.   I’ve begun to take 4 drops in my morning juice.   It absolutely should not be used in fluorinated or chlorinated water–only distilled or strongly filtered water.   Of course my juice is “God filtered” through vegetables.  Fulvic acid is packed with the densest array of the tiniest molecules and, as one scientist put it, delivers nutrients into body cells and then picks up the wastes and carries them out.   Another scientist said it was as if God knew we’d mess things up and left us these pockets of just what we need at such a time as this.     Check it out for yourself.

16.  I live in the country so connection with the earth, thank God,  is part of my lifestyle.  We are bio-electric beings as well as bio-chemical beings.   I refer you to my post on www.realhealthhope.com “Healing Touch is More Than a Warm Fuzzy” hoping you will make more effort to deliberately put yourself in a position to absorb more electrons from the earth.  A healthy inner voltage is half of healing.  In the post I reference several ways to “get” electrons to support inner voltage.  Beyond that, I’m continuing to learn how blessed I’ve been to walk in the grass barefooted and sit in the grass leaning against a tree occasionally.

 The earth is highly charged with the electrons we absolutely need.   I’ve long worn a Q link “necklace” to help neutralize electro-magnetic fields we inevitably encounter.  But in a recent visit to my naturopath (www.awesomehealthmakeover.com)  just to tweak my program, she told me about “earthing” or “grounding” and specifically about a pillow case from www.earthing.com. I knew grounding was important because a physicist friend invented a device I’ve used and I experienced good results even though I too often neglected to “hook up”.   This pillow case has enamored me.  I thought I slept well before but now it’s beyond “well” and I’ve noticed I heal very quickly from small cuts etc.    I’ve now bought a grounding foot pad to put on the floor under my computer.

Look for your healing and never never NEVER look for your symptoms.   You WILL get what you focus on.  Along with this, be certain you have let go of any and all bitterness or unforgiveness in your soul.   That very thing is likely to have allowed the enemy to land in your soul and set up the “inflammation camp fire” necessary for most disease to erupt.

Above all else, stay in close communication with God–talk with Him as a loving Father and LISTEN because He wants you to walk out the plans He has for you (Jer 29:11).

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