If We Want to Stay Well, We Cannot Bully Our Immune Systems

Not everyone "exposed" to "germs" gets sick.    Why do some avoid the agony?

Not everyone “exposed” to “germs” gets sick. Why do some avoid the agony?

Our immune systems are remarkably misunderstood. I’ve written about this important “system” several times in discussions of chronic inflammation. However, in this post, I want to focus on becoming more aware of:

o What this system is in our bodies?

o How this system works?

o Why we cannot bully it into doing things our way?

You may wonder why I didn’t list “where” this important system is found in our bodies. In health and biology classes, we learn about the “systems” of the body that consist of groups of glands or organs such as circulatory, respiratory, endocrine systems. Then we extended the discussion to groups of connected tissue such as bones, muscles, nerves or vessels.

However, the “immune system” miraculously pervades the entire body and, therefore, is less defined by location than by its processes. It includes the mucous membrane in our respiratory and digestive systems (particularly in our small and large bowels) and it includes blood cells (such as various white blood cells and others that gobble up foreign debris and fight local infection in wounded tissue, etc. There is also “immune function” in the lymph vessels and nodes. One cannot dissect the human body and identify a specific location of the “immune system”.

The “work done by the “immune mechanisms” in the body are numerous and the detail is beyond the scope of this (or any) blog post. I recommend reading the book, Sick and Tired? Reclaim your inner terrain, to get a very close look at immune mechanisms at work. However, for our purposes we need to know:

o The “emergency response” to stresses the immune system provides are meant to be temporary and, as discussed in other posts, repeated insults can stimulate chronic inflammation that is a hotbed for tumor formation.

o The “garbage service” job of the immune system—that is dealing with all the acid forming debris in our bodies from partially digested foods, foods “read” by the body as toxins, chemical reactions, etc. can overwhelm the entire “immune system” and undermine every aspect of our health. Cancer is a logical result because it is an opportunistic response to acidity and unbalanced inner terrain.

o “Allergic reactions” are considerably more complex than we believe and are generally responses to both the emergency and the garbage service immune mechanisms going haywire due to cumulative overwork.

Signs that the immune system is working hard are often viewed and, often hastily treated, as symptoms we should never manifest. They are inconvenient, so we mask them with drug compounds that subdue these uncomfortable signs such as fever, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc. We also do whatever we can to subdue diarrhea. All of these uncomfortable “symptoms” are signs the immune system’s mechanisms are working overtime to deal naturally with unbalanced situations in the body.

These signs indicate that we have somehow compromised the internal terrain of our bodies and, wanting to survive and restore the balance, our immune mechanisms are laboring overtime. We assume that some foreign germ has invaded and we simply need to kill it with chemicals. Sometimes, toxic organisms will get a foothold and medications can help knock it back until the immune system can catch up it’s pace to restore healing. Such treatment absolutely needs our cooperation in balancing our bodies through lifestyle.

We wouldn’t watch HAZMAT teams fighting a battle to save our lives and order a truck load of garbage to be dumped on top of their work stations. Instead we would do everything we could to get them the supplies and reinforcements they need to get ahead of the assaulter. Thusly, we need to think about our “immune system” as doing such work for our bodies and take care to send it ONLY what it can use constructively.

The part we MUST play is taking in ONLY what this “system” can use to clean up the debris and restore chemical, electrical and vibrational balance in our bodies.

We cannot bully our immune system into accepting an unbalanced lifestyle. It will refuse.
Our contribution includes:

o Sending plenty of clean fluid. Water (with fresh squeezed organic lemon juice) or fresh home-made organic vegetable juice. Some herbal teas are also helpful.

o NOT sending in more garbage—man-made or processed foods, meats and dairy, cooked foods, sugar filled fruits, ANY sugar including white and refined grains.

o SLEEPING and taking the stress off all body mechanisms.

o Putting the mind and emotions at rest by letting go of bitterness, worry, fear, anger, remorse, guilt, whatever. PRAYER is the “treatment of choice” in this.

o Being very judicious about adding a man-made drug to the load the immune system must deal with. Generally such drugs are “read” as foreign inflammatory matter and seen as “the enemy” by the immune system.

We see “flu epidemics” and think we are sitting ducks if we don’t wash our hands every 5 minutes and avoid crowds etc. A “bug” may be going around in a school or work place but only part of that population will manifest the symptoms. Why? It is NOT because only part of the group was exposed but because only part of the group was in a compromised state of health inviting the “bug” to set up camp. Healthy people don’t receive “bugs” and healthy people don’t manifest dis-ease such as cancer.


We have an amazing innate mechanism—“our immune system” –that responds to insult and injury as well as invasion. We cannot take it for granted and try to bully it into working within an unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle. We can live in a way that maintains a healthy inner terrain and our immune systems will take care of us as designed to do. In a future post I’ll discuss the acid/alkaline element of this balance I refer to in this post.

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