A Cancer Truth Video From Ty Bollinger’s “The Quest for the Cures”

In an earlier post I was able to share one of the videos (#11 of 11 videos) from Ty Bollinger’s  (www.cancertruth.com ) newest series “The Quest for a Cures” (www.thetruthaboutcancer.com).  In video #11, Ty interviewed several people healed of cancer without chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  I could have been interviewed for this video as my story lines up with those shared.    In video #10, Ty interviewed doctors who had cancer diagnoses and opted out of conventional treatment or he asked doctors and cancer experts what they would do IF faced with a particular cancer diagnosis.

Obviously,  Ty invested considerable time and money so he has packaged  the series to sell so videos #10 and #11 are no longer public on Youtube although # 1 and #2 are still “public”.  I bought a package that included digital downloads, written transcripts, and an extra set of downloads I was able to gift to someone desperately in need of the information in it.  Ty lost his entire family (preceding generation) to cancer or perhaps to traditional cancer treatment, and is pledged to fight this insidious monster with all of his energy.  You can follow him on twitter and facebook also.

I am embedding #1 here for your edification and encouragement.  Ty is a man of faith and it’s obvious from his work and dedication.  Here is video #1:


Ty’s work as well as the work of many of those he interviews is deeply rooted in experience and research.  I haven’t written extensively on the very serious issues within the cancer industry–issues that draw unsuspecting people into devastating, lethal and highly profitable treatment protocols.    Ty and some of those interviewed in his series have covered this subject very well and I include several resources in appendix 2 of Slam the Door on Cancer where you can further edify yourself on this serious matter.

Personally, I have watched too many unsuspecting people trust in health care experts and then make hasty uninformed and often lethal decisions regarding their treatment protocols.  They are led to believe cancer is “some random attacker” or “some alien other” that must be killed off.   It is neither, as I explain in Slam the Door on Cancer as well as in my “Real Health Hope Seminars”.  If you search Youtube for “Conversations with Jacquie”, I also discuss some of these issues in interview video excerpts.

It is disturbing that, once the wrong treatment has been chosen, putting one’s name on a plethora of “prayer lists” becomes an exercise in futility because killing doesn’t heal and conventional treatment is based on killing.  John 10:10 rings in my heart every time I hear a beloved person say they are submitting to chemotherapy or radiation therapy (or surgery in most cases):     “ The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)”. (AMP)

Creating health heals and God is a creator and healer, but we must co-labor with Him and stay within His universal precepts.  I hope Ty Bollinger’s videos help my readers understand the concept of treatment and “finding a cure for cancer”  NOT being the answer.    Restoring health is the answer.  As Dr. Henry W. Wright says in his book, A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, “A healthy cell will never become cancerous.” (www.beinhealth.com )

Final Note:  I hope you listen to or watch this series; however, please do so with the understanding that the many “cure protocols” mentioned can be as overwhelming to understand as conventional treatments are.  I personally found it very prudent to keep my quest focused on restoring health (rather than seeking a “cure”). As Ty Bollinger’s work stresses, I sought to capitalize on my body’s own healing power.

In fact, most of the protocols mentioned by the cancer survivors Ty interviewed (such as a diet of fresh organic vegetables) allow the body to become a place cancer cannot exist.   I am VERY cautious about complicated protocols because I have dialogued with too many who have randomly chased one protocol after another and desperately mixed together a plethora of protocols without expert guidance.  Overcome by fear and panic , most of them lost this battle because they did NOT look to reverse the cause–mentally, physically, and spiritually.   They did not understand the truth about cancer.  Ty Bollinger’s video series might have saved those people.

Health restoration is THE cure and God-made substances work best in our God-made bodies because there are countless constant adjustments in both.  And I urge you to never forget that the soul must be healed along with (even before) the body.

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