Two Important Revelations to Empower Prayer for Healing


The following two paragraphs are excerpted from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.   I have pulled them from the book text to share here because they disclose two revelations I consider critical for empowering prayer for healing.  The first is that prayer is based on relationship with the Father–by this I mean that seeking the Healer is more important than the healing.   God wants a relationship with us that keeps us in peace so that we can receive ALL the blessings He wants to lavish upon us–one of these being health rather than just a healing event.    The second is that it is absolutely essential that we understand that God wants us to live in health and there is NEVER a case in which ill-health or sickness is His idea.

Both of these concepts are further discussed throughout the book where it is my goal to bring you into a peaceful acceptance of God’s direction toward your health and wholeness.   I share in the book that my own lack of peace in my soul was a root of the cancer and that I had to learn to restore peace by not only forgiving ones who had wronged me, but also to pray for them to be healed in their own souls.     I share the result of such prayer in the following paragraph.

DSCN0136I’m compelled to disclose that learning to pray Scripturally has been empowering in many ways including interceding for others – even those unaware of that intercession. I have prayerfully interceded for the family member I spoke of earlier. Their own wounded soul, often manifesting in anger management issues, has been healed so that the difficult conflicts have subsided. Oh that I would have known, before cancer, that “religion” does not equal relationship with a God who wants to dialogue with us!

Please understand that intercession must be done Scripturally. I am not talking about manipulating people to suit our own agendas. I’m talking about compassionately applying the blood and resurrection power of Jesus to a wounded soul. We will expand this discussion later, and, I pray, you will see how prayer tunes us into God so that He can disclose to us what we must do to lock cancer, indeed to lock disease, out of our lives.

Let’s settle something before we move on. I am keenly aware that many believers and non-believers are confused about whether or not God wants every single person healed in body, soul and spirit which follows that they doubt He wants us all “in health”. We need to put this doubt aside now because it is a very real block to the manifestation of our healing. We will later discuss how our healing is a “done deal” through the finished work of Jesus. For now, please keep two things in mind. Scripture tells us that Jesus healed every single person who came to Him for healing. It also teaches us “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever”. (Hebrews 13:8) In her book, Heal Them All, Rev. Cheryl Schang ( ) writes: Jesus healed them all! We are at a crossroads here. Jesus healed them all! Every time, always, everyone, whosoever, whatsoever, totally, wholly, completely, thoroughly – He healed them all. Now if it is not God’s will for all of them to be healed, was Jesus in rebellion? Jesus was not in rebellion because it is God’s will to heal every single time – ALL.” 2

I’m aware there are a number of passages in Scripture often taught to make excuses for circumstances in which it might appear that God did not choose to heal someone. I will not delve into a theological discussion about these. Rev. Schang’s book (among others listed in Appendix Two) does an exquisite job explaining these passages and I HIGHLY recommend reading it. For now, I ask you to consider that, “People who think that God does not want to heal may have limited the concept of healing to an instant miracle. Recovery is a process, not an event.” 3 My own story, which I describe as an “interactive miracle” was quite a process; therefore, please put aside your doubt about God’s will to see you “in health” at this point so that it does not distract you from starting your own process of healing. Doubt was my own worst enemy, as you will soon learn.

A good audio teaching on this subject entitled “Made Perfect in Weakness”  is available from .


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