You Have a “Say” in Your Health–Words Matter

Have you ever blushed upon hearing a particular statement or question spoken?     Have you ever said something and then blushed? Your body responded biochemically to spoken words.  The old saw about “sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you” is untrue.   

Matthew 12: 36  ""But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless (idle) word they have spoken."

Matthew 12: 36 “”But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless (idle) word they have spoken.”   God seems to think every word we speak is important eternally.

This dynamic involved in reacting to words is emotional, physical and spiritual with a serious unavoidable impact on healing and health.   I’m not the only one teaching this truth–the power of words impacts health.

I’ve heard the “no nonsense” but highly anointed minister, Joyce Meyer, teach about the power of words several times.  This subject gets significant “ink” in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer.   Why so much attention to words?   As Joyce once said, “There is nothing in creation more powerful than God’s Word so I want my own words to agree with His Word.”

She’s right of course because God actually spoke the entire universe into being and that is certainly powerful.   I’m going to embed one of Joyce’s teachings on “The Power of Words” below for your edification; however, let me just say that quantum physics has disclosed to us some of the dynamics at work in the power of words and we know that our bodies respond to every word we hear.  What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether the word is true or false , positive or negative, our bodies “believe every word we hear even if we know it isn’t true” and seek to make them reality in our lives.   

Have you ever whined or complained or bemoaned your situation in life?   Have you ever said, “I’m trying to catch the flu.”  or “That scares me to death.”  or “My child is weak in math.”   As Joyce says, “You have a “say” in the life you get to live.”   That “say” directly applies to health and healing along with financial prosperity, relationships, and other areas of our lives.   Scripture is filled with teaching about the power of words and the ultimate power of God’s Word.  Solomon, the wisest of all, simply said,    Death and life are in the power of the tongue; And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”   Proverbs 18:21 (ASV)

My goal is to have you speak life and healing and love and creativity rather than death and sickness and bitterness and destruction.   It WILL change your life and you WILL enjoy the change.   So, rather than walk you through the pertinent Scriptures, I’m going to suggest you watch this video and encourage you to read my book where pertinent science is discussed.  This point about words is absolutely critical for bringing your life to the level your loving Creator intends for you.  This is the first of a series of Joyce Meyer teachings on the Power of Words.  Please watch the entire series on Youtube.

Sometimes we wonder why sweet people who serve the Lord faithfully fall prey to illness and don’t get healed when we pray for them.  We may be unaware of the words they are speaking over themselves.   I share an example of this situation in my book.   Sometimes it’s done in an effort to be humble.  And sometimes it’s just habit.  On the other hand, our bodies also believe the words others speak to us including health care providers, well-meaning ministers, and sympathetic friends.

Sympathy is the last thing we need when seeking healing.   We need compassion which rolls up its sleeves and does something to change the situation.  Prayer that agrees with God’s Word is the basis for compassion.  Jesus NEVER modeled sympathy.  “Say” healing words to each other.  “Say” your own health.

What’s the science of all this?  In my research, I found considerable mention that the “speech center” of the brain is far more pervasive in that important organ of our bodies than we ever thought.  Some scientific writers explain that the “speech center”, therefore, dominatse in stimulating other areas of the brain.  We know from Scripture and science that words can be creative or destructive.  I intend to write more on the mind-body connection and the new science of psychoneuroimmunology in the next few weeks.  This new area of science recognizes the integration of our psychological, neurological and immunilogical “systems” which takes us way beyond “mind over matter” and “the power of positive thinking” and into the seemingly miraculous realm of quantum physics.

Don’t worry, it’s as simple, really, as a blush.  I just want to arm you with insights that give you power over your own health–especially in ways to keep you from having a “cancer bulls eye” on your forehead.   We will likely start with an overview of the powerful and scientifically sound work of Dr. Candace Pert, PhD, who measured and therefore proved the existence of actual biochemical “molecules of emotion”…….which, by the way, can be stimulated by thoughts and words (our own and other’s).   Stay tuned and pick up some “anti-cancer keys” you probably haven’t considered before.

Could this explain why the “Body of Christ” is as sick as anyone else?   Duh!


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