The Law of Attraction is Real

What do you think about and trust?  Facts or Truth?

What do you think about and trust? Facts or Truth?

I don’t make up blog posts because I want to hold to a schedule of posting.  I share things that come upon my heart when they come upon my heart.   It’s God’s timing not my own.  The text I’m sharing below seems simple but it is really the physical/spiritual “law of attraction” and we see it working for the good or for evil throughout each of our lives.

I am in conversation with many folks who deal with diagnoses and prognoses –ALL of which are the best “facts” the world can conjure up.  I don’t deny that people really experience such things….I know this from experience certainly.   However, facts are of this worldly realm and TRUTH, on the other hand, is from God’s spiritual realm.  Health is a matter of which realm we look to for healing and wholeness.   

I’ve posted here and on many times (and written about this subject in my book, “Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life”, about the importance of thoughts and words regarding health and healing.   Health and wholeness is, after all, our need rather than ongoing struggle against symptoms.

I’m sharing below a “daily devotional” from Pastor Joseph Prince ( ) .   I have found Pastor Prince engaging and uplifting in his teaching because his teaching is truly anointed in God’s Word.  He is true to God’s character of unconditional love and grace.  I highly recommend you join his free daily devotionals to help sustain your health and healing.  It has made immeasurable difference to me personally.   I am sorry I didn’t discover this anointed teaching sooner.

Here is the Devotional:

1 John 4:4
You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in

Yep, Jonah didn't let his current circumstances dictate his future.  He took his imagination captive.

Yep, Jonah didn’t let his current circumstances dictate his future. He took his imagination captive.

the world.

If you have been to a circus performance or watched one on television, you would be familiar with the act involving a lion and its trainer. But have you ever wondered why, besides holding a whip, the trainer would arm himself with a stool and point its legs toward the beast?
The whole idea is to distract the lion. You see, as powerful as the beast is, it can be immobilized by distractions. If this man-eater is not distracted from time to time, it might just decide to maul the trainer to death!
The devil is like the trainer. He knows that you have God’s power inside you because the Lion of Judah is in you, and “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. So what the devil tries to do is immobilize you with distractions.
For example, he may bring to your attention a pain in your body to distract you. And you find yourself going to a few medical journals or the Internet to find out more about the symptoms. You also decide to consult more than one doctor. And because you know of someone who has the same condition, you talk to him about it.
In the end, you are distracted by the pain, the symptoms, your findings, the doctors’ reports and your friend’s experience. And you find it hard to believe and focus on God’s Word about your healing. You have become immobilized, powerless and fearful.
So the devil’s trick is to get you to focus on your condition. When you are conscious of the symptoms in your body and your findings, you will see sickness manifest. But God wants you to focus on who you are and what you have in Christ. When you are conscious that you are the healed in Christ, you will see healing manifest.
My friend, what you are conscious of will manifest. So be conscious of Christ, who is all the power of God inside you, and you will see that power manifest.



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