Reader Comments about ” Slam the Door on Cancer ” book

Available on this website in print and pdf.  Also available from for Kindle or paperback

Available on this website in print and pdf. Also available from for Kindle or paperback

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I will be taking a break until January 8th, 2015.  I pray ALL the blessings of this season of joy to you and your loved ones.  I pray that 2015 will “Slam the Door on ALL Disease and ALL of you will walk in complete health henceforth.”

Below, I share several very encouraging notes received from readers of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.  I pray these comments will help you see that this book can open new hope and encouragement for anyone who wants to prevent or overcome cancer–or any disease attack.  The book is available on this website in paperback and pdf forms and each order received a bonus CD from one of my recent seminars.  It is also available in Kindle and paperback forms from


Slam the Door on Cancer is among the best books ever written on how to prevent and avoid a disease that has destroyed countless lives. Jacquie writes from both personal experience and the latest research on the topic. Highly recommended.”
Frank Viola, bestselling author,


This book is definitely a must-have for EVERYONE who desires to live life on earth, in health! For me, it brought me closer to my Creator God, and loving Savior, Jesus in a deeper, most profound relationship, as I realized it IS God’s will for us to be healed and whole. The book is full of scriptures, guiding you to spend quality and quantity time with God in prayer, His Word, and by using quantum physics, nutrition, some supplements, I found out we can be a huge part of a healing inter-active miracle for the “Goliath of disease, cancer,” and any disease! I praise Jacquie Woodward for writing this book, which has been such a blessing to me, has brought me valuable information for healing, and is also chock full of resources for additional research. Easy to understand, yet full of depth and revelation, it is a real eye opener – a book worth having!”

Dolly Brown

Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

Living in health is real JOY and that's what I want for my readers.

Living in health is real JOY and that’s what I want for my readers.


“This book is exactly what I’d been searching (and praying) for. To be honest, I bought other books on natural and alternative treatments for cancer, and I just couldn’t get past the first couple chapters. These other books were lacking the one thing I needed most in my own journey of slamming the door on cancer, and that was the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit. This book is so much more than a book on nutritional guidance for overcoming cancer, or the personal story of an author’s victory over this disease. It seems to have been written by the very mouthpiece and heart of God. This book is a must-read and absolutely cannot be passed up.”

R.B., USA (name withheld for personal reasons)
Slam The Door On Cancer is a must read to anyone seeking answers to their questions concerning cancer. In this book Jacquie Woodward brings to light the possible causes, cures and preventative measures to enable you to walk in divine health. She has done all of the homework for you as she collaborates extensive scientific research with scripture. I see this book being more of a “healing manual” than an informative read and I am confident that multitudes will be healed and enabled to lock cancer out of their life as they read its contents. I would recommend this book to anyone in need of healing and I feel it is a perfect adjunct to my own healing ministry as it “scientifically” proves the principles found in the Word of God! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!”

Allison Pearson
New Creation Nation Ministries, Inc

I read the book as soon as I could download it from Amazon! Having experienced fourth stage Lymphoma and also invasive breast cancer, I thought the book would now become my gift to all friends diagnosed with any type of this dreaded disease. Jacquie’s thorough research both scientifically and spiritually is so expertly written. Her scriptures and her beliefs coupled with her positive optimistic outlook for her full recovery filled me with renewed hope! I could never have written it but feel blessed to have such a friend who could express what we all feel so well. It is truly and amazing inspiration!

Jane Allen Offutt, KY, USA


“If you’re a person concerned with good health and healing as most people are, then “Slam The Door On Cancer” is a book that belongs in your personal library. It’s totally unique in the sense that it proclaims the balance of science and scripture for healing cancer. Author Jacquie Woodward gives an impelling account of her real-life experience with cancer, her complete recovery and the invaluable health and inner growth information she learned and implemented that resulted in her healing and her continued good health. Slam The Door On Cancer is a unique reference for living a long joyful life filled with purpose. Jacquie teaches proper eating for healing of cancer specifically, she gives loving encouragement and spiritual guidance for trusting God through prayer for healing assurance.”

Margaret Lukasik


Live Without Fear of Disease

Live Without Fear of Disease

“I found Jacquie’s book to be refreshingly insightful into how I think about and view cancer. It is a book of HOPE. It really gave me a lot to think about, as far as my attitudes and thought processes about all diseases. I had to ask myself how I viewed both disease and healing. The reality that thoughts, attitudes, and spoken words (particularly the Word of God) will affect our health and destiny is both scary and exciting. This book gave me a lot to think about. It’s definitely a unique and think-outside-of-the-box approach that puts more of the patient in charge of their health and future! Too many times, patients feel a lack of control, while hopelessly relying on Dr.’s and drugs. Thanks, Jacquie, for giving people hope. For our HOPE is in the LORD!

Best wishes spreading the book and the message!
Jennie Hollon
Nutrition Centers
Danville and Richmond, Kentucky


“What a fresh, different perspective on utilizing God’s help to rid myself of cancer! I truly wish I had read this book much sooner in my journey towards wellness. I am convinced healing would be much closer to me now if I had read it sooner.”

Mary Ann Linger


Both the religious and non-religious will learn amazing life-changing truths in Slam the Door on Cancer. Jacquie Woodward’s book is more extensive and inclusive than the long-craved “theory of everything” (ToE), for her book combines the realities of theology, psychology, sociology, biology, physics, and more. This invaluable book shows how to harness real intentional power over sickness and disease to achieve holistic health and wholeness. Within days after reading this book, I have shown it to several of my family, friends, and co-workers so they, too, can be well and free from disease.”

Father Randy Mosteller


I’m very grateful to these readers for sharing their insights and reactions to this book.  When I was deep in my own battle with pancreatic cancer nearly a decade ago, I prayed I would recover and become an encourager to others attacked by this disease….indeed, ALL disease, because I have learned that how sickness manifests is not as limiting as why it shows up.    The causes of ill-health are quite controllable if we are aware of them and participate in our healing……or in the prevention of dis-ease.      BUY NOW AT WWW.AMAZON.COM OR CLICK OUR “SHOP TAB” ON THIS WEBSITE AND USE PAYPAL.

Jacquie Woodward

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