Prayers Summons Angels — God’s Messengers and Ministers


God’s Promises Are ALWAYS Fulfilled and Healing is a Promise.

I want to share in this post another excerpt from an interview I recently did regarding my experiences in the process of moving from an ominous diagnosis to slamming the door on cancer and locking it out of my life.   In talking with others who have walked through the shadowy valley of a cancer attack, so many have shared that they did not feel they should pray for their own healing.   Some actually said, “Who am I to be healed when so many others ‘better than me’ have died of cancer.”    I understand that faith deficit because, as a long dormant Christian at the time of my diagnosis, that same doubt haunted me.   Even after several “connect the dots” miraculous promptings that led me to a wonderful church where I experienced an “oil service” as described in James Chapter Five, the enemy of my soul attacked me three days later (in church) saying in my soul, “why would you be healed?”  and “your tumor hasn’t disappeared so your prayer was not answered”.

In the video excerpt shared below, I relate experiences that I hope will “pump up your faith” if you are facing down any disease.    I assure you that God does hear our prayer and wants us healed.    I assure you that he does send angels–sometimes in the form of human messengers and helpers and sometimes in the form of heavenly or spiritual messengers and ministers.    I share specifically, in Slam the Door on Cancer . . . and Lock it Out of Your Life, that I was blessed with both types of angels in my “cancer saga” and they were quite real and essential.   Prayer carrying true intent and deliberate hope is powerful and angels are, indeed, summoned by such prayer.

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Here’s the excerpt:

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