Prayer is Not a Lottery Ticket

Prayer is not a lottery ticket but it is both  the mystery and the key to locking the door on disease,  lack and all those things God sent His son to redeem us from.  How we pray is critical.  We must build a relationship with our Creator–He’s not the director of a lottery.  He is our Loving Father who wants to always “find for our case” and lavish us with every blessing.  Yet He has given us His WORD to show us how to legally release Him within His orderly creation He perfectly organized.  Learning to move in our relationship with God will always move us into the health He wants for us.  Slam the Door on Cancer focuses on the power in that relationship–healing power.

Sometimes we need to realize truth is not new but timeless and universal.  Jeanne Guyon was a french woman of supernatural faith who lived 1648-1717. Her prayers were so powerful others asked her to teach them to pray and she wrote her insights down for them. Urging from her “students” led to her reluctantly publishing for the “public” leading to her imprisonment for her outspoken faith.

Pray God's Own Words and Let Him Become Your Health

Pray God’s Own Words and Let Him Become Your Healthoutspoken faith.

Guyon lived in a particularly troubled time especially for women. We know that Jesus’s ministry embraced women and then Paul’s letters addressing very specific first century church issues have been grossly mis-interpreted and, sadly, used to pound women down in church leadership…….but NOT in God’s Kingdom “on earth as in heaven”.  Jeanne Guyon’s life is worth reading in The Unabridged Collected Works of Jeanne Guyon….she “bloomed where she was planted” and that fact matters in her ministry to us today.

Another Guyon book is Experiencing God Through Prayer. This fairly small but richly edifying book has been carefully and lovingly “brought up to date in language symantics” for the modern day reader’s ears to more readily “digest” it. In reading one chapter, I have already learned a practical and powerful means for “being in the room with the Lord” so that He can actually hear our prayers.  Guyon’s preserved writings are available for pdf download at:

Guyon’s early chapters teach us to “pray God’s Word” and practically how to approach Scripture in small sections focusing and meditating on the Words of God so they can saturate our souls. She refers to John 14:23 “Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him and We will come to him and make our home with him.” (I cited NIV).   And what was Jesus’s teaching?  Love God, love each other, love ourselves which are critical for overcoming cancer as we examine in Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.  Read more about Guyon at:

Recently, I found myself reading Psalm 143 which, altogether, is longer than the passages Madame Guyon recommends for focus; however, I reached verses 5 and 6 in my new wonderfully readable translation, The Voice, (‎ )and there found myself following my new but ancient mentor’s directive. I was compelled to memorize the words of David as he called out to God while hiding from the tormented King Saul.

Psalm 143:5-6 “The Voice” Translation:

5” And yet, I can’t forget the day of old, the days I’ve heard so much about;
I fix my mind on all You have done;
I ponder the work of Your hands;
6 I reach out my hands to You.
All that I am aches and yearns for You,
like a dry land thirsting for rain.”

Upon reading these verses (and being moved to memorize them and meditate on them and pray them as Madame Guyon simply instructs), I reflected on the words of Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church as, in his books and sermons, he so often reminds us of the power of testimony in building faith. I remember recently hearing him say that he was “in a dry spell” once and he could not hear the Lord or see the Lord but he could always remember the testimony of the Lord….“all that He has done…..the works of His hands”.   What God has done is what He wants to do for you and me.  He loves us unconditionally and our prayer must be confident of that love.  We aren’t blessed because we ever deserve it but because He loves us so extremely.

Madame Guyon and Pastor Johnson both strike a “live prayer nerve” in the soul. Even in a dark cave as David was in Psalm 143 and we sometimes feel we are when dealing with cancer or other attacks.  Whenever we feel our prayers are not “alive”, we can wake up spiritually by just beginning to thank our Lord for the blessing after blessing He’s given us just as David models in this and many Psalms.  Literally enter God’s gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. (Psalms 100:4.   God inhabits our praise.

Sometimes the enemy will try to trouble my soul with the “facts” of my body once having been so ravaged by surgeries both from cancer and from a very difficult and avoidable illness in my 20’s (that no doubt planted the bitterness eventually leadingd to my cancer attack). I have had about 20 abdominal surgeries and about every organ you can exist without removed while other organs have been “cut on”.  It would be easy to dwell on these missing “parts” and take on a lot of guilt about having “taken the enemy’s bait” in becoming bitter.

But, now I know the Lord is my health and every minute of every day He lives in this now healed body and makes it operate perfectly without any pain or discomfort. He is the life force that I  draw on for JOY and it is His GRACE that constantly renews that JOY.  The day I realized the TRUTH of God’s Word was the day I knew He would not leave or forsake me and I am eager to steward this gift by feeding my body, resting in Him, and partaking of the opportunities He provides “wherever I’m planted”.   I encourage you to “remember” the gifts even when your prayers seem to “bounce off the ceiling”.   TRUTH ALWAYS TRUMPS FACTS!

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