Prayer Heals, So Why Worry About Nutrition?

Lately, I’ve been trying to share more about how to pray more effectively and powerfully for healing.  It has occurred to me that

some may wonder “If Prayer Heals, Why Worry about Nutrition?”    My answer is two-fold.  First, we should never worry about anything but should stay tuned into Holy Spirit through persistent “fellowship” prayer so that the two-way communication is constant.   Second, once “in that place of resting in the Lord” rather than worrying or struggling or trying to second-guess our Creator, stewardship of our countless blessings becomes a way of life and living an “anti-cancer lifestyle” comes naturally.  Nutrition is certainly part of that restful lifestyle.   Bondage to “food rules” is not part of it!   Ever seeking the “magic bullet supplement” is not part of it.

As stressed in my last post, we live IN the world but are not OF the world when we rest in the Lord.    So we are affected by  food

Sanctifying food is more than a religious ritual. It is part of health stewardship.

Sanctifying food is more than a religious ritual. It is part of health stewardship.

and water and stresses the world attempts to inflict.    Praying over our food–indeed, sanctifying our food–is critical and freeing because we can’t thoroughly know the history of its production in many cases.    “Saying grace” is an important part of living “in God’s grace”.    Stewardship is also a critical function of our lives–being intimate with our Creator changes our “want to” and our “can do” because we can live tuned in to God’s guiding frequency even regarding our nutritional choices.   He made these bodies.  He loves these bodies.  He knows what we need to fuel them with and will absolutely guide us IF we will receive.

Without worry or bondage, we can listen to our bodies–our “temples of the Holy Spirit”–and joyfully co-labor with God to keep these temples clean and fully functioning.     Anita Siddicki of tells  her amazing story of recovering from MS (in which she was paralyzed and blind).   Her husband, Nasir, kept the healing Scriptures playing in her room 24/7 and kept well meaning family members from insisting she had to “face reality and become wheelchair bound”.     It looked bad for her and she was also pregnant so it looked doubly dark.    She shares that, as she began to recover, she would “see” and “sense” certain foods her body particularly needed.   She listened to the still small voice in her spirit and obeyed.  Although she resists sharing specifically what she ate or supplemented with nutritionally because she believes everyone is unique, she credits nutrition as stewarding her healing.

My own experience overcoming pancreatic cancer years ago was a bit similar to Anita’s.  I, too, seemed to be in a place where

I was on my "last prayer" when God led me to my "interactive miracle of healing".

Like this desperate “fly”, I was on my “last prayer” when God led me to my “interactive miracle of healing”.

hope of recovery was being challenged by the world view of “just live with this as long as you can because there’s no cure”.   “Cure” chasing can be a deadly trap and my physician husband knew that fact.    He had little training in nutrition and both of us had been long dormant in our faith, but God was right there where He’d always been.  I began to seek Him desperately and without doctrinal restrictions which I still consider an asset.   I wasn’t begging.  I was yielding.

One day as I prayed, I became totally aware that my body and soul (mind, will, emotions) were more than casually connected.   They were biochemically and electrically enmeshed.    I had a blessed revelation that God loved me regardless of my faults and shortcomings and I, as undeserving as the enemy told me I was, could tune into His Spirit through my own spirit.   I surrendered all to Him and asked Him to guide me back to health.   I immediately realized this act could lead me to living in a body/soul in which cancer could not exist.   In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I share the entire “interactive miracle” that ensued.     It was a sort of “connect the dots Holy Spirit gave me” experience.   Anyone can have their own.


Creation is ongoing. Prayer and Stewardship of health are unavoidably linked. This book of Scriptural Decrees is powerful “medicine”. This book of Scriptural decrees has been essential to me in keeping my healing.

It seemed that just the right book or resource would come available.   Once I received a book from an online bookstore that I had no recollection of ordering nor was it a gift.   Once I awoke in the morning to a seemingly audible “the Bible is true”.   I gained a hunger for two things–the Word of God and good food.   By then I was emaciated physically and only beginning to feed spiritually so any appetite was a miracle blessing.

Nutritionally, I had no taste for meat and little for dairy.  I began to crave fresh vegetables (mostly raw) and berries.  A physician friend had flippantly said, “eat a lot of blueberries”.   One thing led to another and I learned I could maintain my body’s pH balance to discourage tumor growth.    I gave up sugar (long a weakness for me) cold turkey when I learned it was cancer fertilizer.   Precept by precept I learned that God was the Healer and I was the “already healed” moving toward the manifestation of that great gift that Jesus paid for by the “stripes on His back”.(Is 53:5)

Supplements?   Yes, but NOT to “cure me of cancer” and only real food supplements.         As part of our ongoing creation, all of our cells are replaced often and I was aware of providing the best “raw materials” possible for these new cells to be built from.  I was also aware that many poisons had assaulted my body–some from toxic thoughts and emotions accumulated for decades and some from intake.   I’d been kept in an induced coma for several days in the hospital which, of course, overwhelmed my body/soul with man-made chemicals my immune system wisely “read” as “toxic foreign material”.     I did no contrived detox program but the positive intake of good nutrition (including food supplements but no man-made nutrient substitutes) gradually and safely detoxified my body.   Overly quick detox can overload the blood with toxins and (especially without good nutritional input) can do more harm than good.    When I put the good nutrition in, the toxins moved on out.

Why only food supplements such as elderberry and decaf green tea extracts, etc?    Because our bodies are made to

One of the most important elements to my nutritional stewardship has been certain food supplements

One of the most important elements to my nutritional stewardship has been certain food supplements

use food and any surplus of nutrients (other than some potent herbs) will not negatively impact the biochemistry of our bodies but will be evacuated as wastes.   Man-contrived substances cannot be whole nutrients.   We could never guess the exact amounts of the many nutrients we require at any given time because these fluctuate.    In Slam the Door on Cancer, I do discuss what many refer to as “nutraceuticals” which are nutrients received from wholesome food including ones that help moderate inflammation (root of nearly every disease); enhance apoptosis (natural death of rogue cells); and regulate angiogenesis (blood vessel supply to tumors or pre-tumors); etc.

When you move from chasing a cure or seeking a way to “kill cancer” to working with your loving Creator to rebuild your body so that cancer has no welcoming environment, it is impossible to separate prayer fellowship from physical/mental stewardship.    Salvation is sozo (original Greek of NT) and that means wholeness of body, soul, and spirit.    God is health …..not just the Healer but Health itself.   That’s what He told the Israelites as they left Egypt.  (Ex 15:26 YLT)   Being in His rest (surrendered and engaged spiritually) compels us to become joyful stewards of the blessings He has created in us and for us.

Recently I was asked if I would lead a secular program on “disease prevention”.    I declined because there is no such thing as effective secular disease prevention.  ONLY by being tuned into our loving Creator can full blown health flourish and, I believe, we already have largely untapped power in the Lord to make “disease prevention” an obsolete concept.   We are built to heal and live in health and cooperating with the “Builder” is the only real way.   God wants us well!




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