Perspectives on “Earthing”

Walking barefoot on sand, grass, or dirt connects us with the layer of electrons so we can absorb what we need to balance our bio-electrical body elements.

Walking barefoot on sand, grass, or dirt connects us with the layer of electrons so we can absorb what we need to balance our bio-electrical body elements.

I’ve posted before that Bill Henderson, respected author of Cancer Free:  Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing, is very forthright and dedicated to edifying people about the risks of traditional cancer treatment as well as spreading the word about “non-toxic treatments”. Bill is also forthright about “leaving the spiritual up to his readers”.  That’s his approach but not mine as you know.  Still, Bill and I often agree on promising products and discoveries.  Earthing is one of these.

Bill has a website and publishes eNewsletters, but I’m not aware of a blog at .   In the most recent one he wrote about a subject I’ve written about on but not yet to the extent Bill does in this article.  I was keen to share it with you because Bill encourages such sharing (as I do) and he never touts something he hasn’t tried himself.   Bill is now in his 80’s and has never had cancer himself but lost his first wife to traditional cancer treatment and has since dedicated himself, as I said, to helping folks avoid such a tragedy.

We usually wear shoes walking the dog, but the dog is a great electron attractor.  Thus petting and stroking the dog after a walk can greatly benefit us.

We usually wear shoes walking the dog, but the dog is a great electron attractor. Thus petting and stroking the dog after a walk can greatly benefit us.

I, too, have been trying products from  (pillow case and foot pad which is on floor under my computer).  Neither Bill nor I receive endorsement monetary rewards or product discounts.   We both are dedicated to really making cancer a non-issue.   I have had wonderful experience with the earthing products–even better sleep and, amazingly, much better skin condition and healing.   A quantum physicist friend gave me his own earthing or grounding mechanism a few years ago and I found it wonderful although a bit cumbersome.  He’s refined it and it is available at .

The goal is what the name implies–grounding with the electric field of the earth to bio-electrically balance our bodies.  We KNOW that our electron balance must be correct for healing to take place in our bodies. provides a very nice book explaining the science which meshes with much of my research including the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig (Doctor of Science and practicing physician in Germany) and Dr. Robert O.Becker, M.D. (USA).   We ALL know we are as electrical as chemical and “earthing” is NOT about electrical current into the body but about grounding in the earth to balance us.

Here’s what Bill Henderson writes:

“Folks, I’m devoting this edition of my newsletter to one subject. Several reasons: First, I think this is an important subject that you should all become familiar with. Second, I’ve had personal experience with it that I’d like to share with you. And third, I know of nothing that is cheaper or easier to use that will do you as much good as this.
Please be assured I have no financial interest in this subject. None at all. I just want each and every one of my readers and fans to benefit from my experience. If you want to begin exploring it, just go to
You’ve probably heard of Earthing. I know I had. But I hadn’t really studied it until a very kind reader, Marjorie Geiger, sent me a message about it on October 16th. Thanks to her, I ordered it and got the package on about October 24th. I’ve been using it for about a week (along with my wife, Terry).
Here’s what “earthing” is. It is simply absorbing from the earth the high volume of healing electrons that emerge 24/7. How? Well, one way is to walk barefoot on the grass, sand, gravel, dirt or even concrete. Another is to connect to this wonderful source of health indoors. How? Well, you have to have the equipment I bought, or something similar, that plugs you into the earth through the grounding plug in most of the electrical outlets in your house.
Why is absorbing these electrons so healthy? Well, virtually all inflammation in our bodies (the primary cause of most “disease”) and most pain is caused by free radicals and other electrical imbalances. It’s not only helpful for pain and most “illness,” it is a wonderful “anti-aging” process. Here’s a quote from the book “Earthing — the most important health discovery ever:”
“The rise of inflammation in medical awareness has spawned a new term; ‘inflamm-aging.’ Italian researchers coined it in 2006 to describe a progressive inflammatory status and a loss of stress-coping ability as two major characteristics of the aging process.
Inflammation is now believed to be the underlying cause of more than eighty chronic illnesses, and more than half of Americans suffer currently from one or more of them. Each year, millions die from these conditions. The most common chronic diseases cost the U.S. economy alone more than $1 trillion annually — and that figure threatens to reach $6 trillion by the middle of the century.”
Well, yes. The book I quoted from above comes to you as part of your order of the Earthing package. It is 320 pages long and has hundreds of examples of people healing pain and degenerative “diseases” using the Earthing equipment. I’ll give you one example. This is a lady who participated in a study where she used the equipment I have for about 8 weeks:
“Participant No. 3, fifty-two years old, menopausal
Pre-study complaints:
* Sleeps very lightly
* Wakes up feeling tense several times during the night
* Wakes up feeling tired in the morning; feel tired all day
* Pain in left hip, sporadic for several years
* Allergies (food and airborne) since age thirteen
* Digestion: gas
End of Study Feedback:
* “Have felt more rested and feel like I need an hour less sleep per night.”
* “Deeper relaxation.”
* “Stopped having any pain at all in my left hip.”
* “First few days, I experienced tingling and heat in areas of my previous physical injuries — similar to an acupuncture treatment. After about three days, these vague feelings subsided.”
* “Allergies have definitely lessened.”
* “Better digestion”
* “I noticed that I stopped clenching my jaw at night.”
* The participant reported that her husband, who was not a part of the study, but who was sleeping grounded next to her, “began sleeping fewer hours, has more energy and has stopped snoring.”
My own experience is similar to the lady above. I have had a severe pain in my left hip for about 4 months. It has been so bad at times that I simply could not walk our dog and had to ask my wife to do it. It is the main reason I ordered the Earthing package. Well, would you believe — after the first night sleeping with the “half sheet” that was plugged in to the wall socket grounding hole, my pain reduced about 50%. Since then, it has gradually reduced to about 20% of what it was two weeks ago. I’m assuming it will continue to where I have no more pain — but I’ll let you know.
I’ve slept much better. At my age (almost 84), most men like me have to get up half a dozen times during the night to pee. The number of times has reduced to about 3 or 4 times and my sleep in between has improved dramatically. I feel much more energy during the day. Folks, this is in one week!!
I have one other condition i hope it will improve on. I have a swelling in my ankles and calves caused by poor circulation to those extremities. I’m watching this closely to see if it improves. The “half-sheet” I mentioned goes at the bottom of the mattress where your feet and lower legs recline on it all night.
My wife, Terry, reports much better and more relaxing sleep. She has a small pillow that she is using that allegedly will take care of her wrinkles on her face (she doesn’t have many) in about 30 days. We’ll let you know.
Well, we bought the Earthing Starter Kit for about $200 plus shipping. It includes the “half-sheet” I mentioned which goes on a king size bed very easily. You can also use it for just one side of the bed, if you prefer, where it contacts all of one person’s body. There is also a pad which I use at my desk so I can put bare feet on it during my day of coaching, reading and answering e-mails. I’m using it right now. So, in addition to the help I get at night sleeping, I get plenty during the day in the office. There is no exertion. You just do your normal stuff and the Earthing products take care of your healing.
Also in the package we got was a bonus of the pillow I mentioned that my wife is using every night. They send you a simple test device to plug into your electric outlets at home to see if they are properly grounded. In case they are not, they give you something you can plug in outside to get the same effect. There is a test device to use once the sheet, foot pad and pillow are hooked up to make sure they are putting out the right “juice” of electrons for you.
The book I quoted from above is included in the package and will give you a valuable background on the history of “Earthing” (it only goes back in this form to 2000) and numerous examples of the benefits people get from this wonderful healing method.
In my opinion, you all need to try this. The benefits seem to be enormous for the price. Again, I have absolutely no financial interest in this. I just want you to get the advantage of this marvelous discovery. Again, the website to buy this equipment (or something less) is”
Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:
Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

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