Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Potential Irrelevance


Prevention, Treatment or Neither Ever?  Can we choose?

Of the three terms in the title of this post:   prevention,  treatment, or cancer being irrelevant in your life, which would you choose?   Put aside all the well meaning “awareness” campaigns and “cancer research” campaigns and “cancer treatments” everyone abhors.       Put aside the pain most of us have felt of losing a loved one to cancer (or to cancer treatment in too many cases).  Put aside the well meaning but questionably helpful “colored ribbon” festivals and activities.    What if cancer BECOMES and REMAINS irrelevant WHEN we move into God’s Health?    I long ago stated that this blog exists on a Christian plane and this post comes from that perspective rather than the world’s perspective.

It is freeing and empowering to realize something can block manifestation of the healing Christ paid for IN FULL. However, the focus on such blocks cannot overtake the focus on the love and compassion of God who absolutely wants this manifestation here and now. In my communication with folks around the world, the blocks I usually see are bitterness/unforgiveness toward someone who has sinned against us (in the worldly view we are entitled to that bitterness). BUT, right along side of this block is the enemy’s crafty pounding into our soul that we don’t really deserve the healing. Usually this lie gets a foothold  because:  A. We see so many “good people” die of cancer or other disease, and B. We hear and/or speak words (often well meaning and often from church leaders or family) that are meant to temper us from “false hope” whatever that is.

Think of it this way. The “Body of Christ/Real Church” lives on the interface between two realms–earthly and heavenly (worldly and spiritual) (facts and truth). EVERYTHING in the worldly realm is subject to change and highly impacted by man’s “great ideas” as well as time and space. EVERYTHING in the spiritual realm holds true and doesn’t change regardless of changes in the other realm. The spiritual realm is also not impacted by time or space.

Thus, we are “in the world but not of the world” WHEN we live in that interface. God, Himself, stepped down and lived “in the world

We are meant to live "In the world but not OF the world.  Perspective is critical.

We are meant to live “In the world but not OF the world. Perspective is critical.but not of the world” when Jesus put His divinity aside and lived on the interface of the two realms and demonstrated it to us especially in His praying and teaching about praying because prayer takes us deeper into the spiritual side of this “interface”. We can do what Jesus did and that is God’s intention for us. Jesus said so emphatically and repeatedly. The enemy cannot hold us out of this wonderful interface UNLESS we believe his lies which are usually based on what we “see” in the world. Orthodox medicine has come to completely exist in the “worldly realm” and the “facts” within it are totally subject to man’s imagination. Medicine does some amazing things–trauma care is the best example. However, believing believers in Christ’s finished work, discern that no…NO…healing happens because man makes it happen. Healing is a built in mechanism–a gift from the spiritual realm.

Churches (not THE church or Body of Christ) are too often little different from “the world” in perspective–especially regarding healing. I’ve made a personal study of this by spending a couple of years in many different ones of many different “denominations or non-denominations”….or “traditions”. Professional pastors, often guarding job security, are (often unconsciously) afraid to preach and teach the truth regarding healing and thus resort to prayer lists and “counseling their ‘sheep’ to focus on dealing with the illness cross they bare”. They fear boldly “going all out for healing” because they are very confused about how to do so,and want to make sure they don’t appear to “fail” in the eyes of their congregations. I have had correspondence with several precious believing Christians who have had their healing reversed by pastors saying things like, “Things don’t always work out like we want them to….consider John the Baptist”. Or they use “Paul’s thorn” et al  thereby making excuses for God based on Scripture they don’t understand and don’t want to understand out of fear. They forget that God is the healer–not them. They see the work of the enemy and try to find a way to make it plausible without regard to God’s character. Often they are stuck in the old covenant.

Freedom from fear of disease OR living in the undeserved favor of God is a Christian's inheritance through Christ's finished work.

Freedom from fear of disease OR living in the undeserved favor of God is a Christian’s inheritance through Christ’s finished work.

I have seen people’s healing reversed by such “counseling”. Our body/souls believe EVERY word they hear and the innate healing mechanisms in our “fearfully and wonderfully made bodies” powerfully react…even withdraw or shut down when doubt and fear entrap us.

Seminaries teach a lot of caution and many focus on “just get them saved from hell”. However, in EVERY single case in the New Testament (and that’s the covenant we must now look to for our promises and truth) when the phrase, “saved by grace through faith” appears (and it does so many times although the wording may be slightly different each time), the word for “saved” or “salvation” is the classic Greek word “sozo” and this word irrefutably means “wholeness of body, soul, and spirit”. It’s a bit inconvenient for church leaders who want to avoid “false hope” to teach Scripture in context. Many modern translations have become “interpretations” and perpetrate the change of meaning. I’m blogging about “Focus for Powerful Prayer” on right now…just posted 2nd of 3 in a series.

All this to say, if manifestation hasn’t yet fully appeared, there is a block. However, be very careful not to focus on the block. Instead, focus on worship and prayer that reminds God of His healing promises to His children.   Go before God not to ask for healing because that is a done deal through Jesus but to commune with God because He inhabits praise and worship and thanksgiving for His Son’s finished work. Don’t be afraid to shout at the enemy that you know he’s toast and he must get out of your life because you will not be distracted by his lies and tricks. Your focus is on the Lord and not on the enemy’s “dirt”. James ( 4:7) made it clear: “Submit yourself to God, resist the enemy and he WILL flee. Whatever the block to your healing manifestation might be, it’s of the enemy so be violent about kicking him out of your house and your soul.  KNOW that you ARE the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and that guilt and sickness have NO POWER over you. NO POWER unless you allow toxic thoughts and words to give him your power.      Finally, look ONLY for signs of healing and not signs of disease. Doctors parse lab results and scans and junk like that. They might be facts but they are not truth.  Pray thanksgiving for every bit of improvement every day.

Prevention, treatment, or irrelevance of both?    Children of God have a license to the third choice–irrelevance of both because, regardless of what we see in the world, we can choose to live in the interface between worldly realm and heavenly realm.   We can can change our perspective so that we don’t blindly accept all the world throws at us—that is all the trickery of the “prince of this world” as Jesus call satan.   We have so much more power than we usually realize.   We can make cancer, indeed disease, irrelevant in our lives and live “on earth as in heaven”.    Jesus wore the crown of thorns to reverse the curse.



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