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This post could be placed under every single search label on this blog because, believe it or not, our amazing and much overlooked lymphatic system is key and critical in all the biochemistry of healthy cells….without a healthy lymphatic system, our body tissue would be a dirty swamp. Have you ever seen and/or smelled a neglected and dirty fish aquarium? Get the picture?  I call the work this amazing “system” does Lymphatics.

Life goes on at a high level in a clean aquarium.  Our internal environment must be clean for our body cells to be healthy.

Life goes on at a high level in a clean aquarium. Our internal environment must be clean for our body cells to be healthy.

I’m sure there will be several upcoming posts about this amazing vascular system because the Lord’s been

Our body cells literally gasp for life if our internal environment robs them of oxygen and nutrients they need.  WE MUST KEEP CLEAN FLUID MOVING 24/7

Our body cells literally gasp for life if our internal environment robs them of oxygen and nutrients they need. WE MUST KEEP CLEAN FLUID MOVING 24/7

leading me to a LOT of research on it lately……..disclosing some things we ALL need to know. In an early post on entitled, “Don’t Stagnate”, I talked about the importance of muscle contraction in activity and exercise as regards the movement of lymph throughout the body. I pointed out that, unlike the blood circulatory system with the heart muscle pumping it out to cells carrying nutrients and oxygen and back to the heart for replenishing, the lymph vessels are not pumped by a heart muscle. I wrote that exercise is important because it is the contraction of our skeletal muscles that pump the lymph in vessels alongside the blood vessels to pick up tissue wastes excreted in cellular digestion and respiration. I’ve learned there is even more we must do to move that lymph and cleanse the tissues (made up of cells) in our bodies……not commonly understood but VERY important.

Exercise is important for “not becoming stagnant” like a sour fish tank, BUT it is not the only important “lymph moving” mechanism.

I was listening to “The Gersen Tapes” discovered and distributed by . These are recorded healing testimonies and expert presentations from the 100th birthday celebration of Dr. Max Gersen, MD who was a pioneer of cancer treatment without chemo, radiation, surgery, etc. and whose work has been continued by his daughter, Charlotte Gersen Strauss and his grandchildren. The website is The information in these tapes is a treasure and I will be sharing more from them. The presentation that enlightened me regarding lymph was from the late Dr. C. Samuel West, a chemist and lymphologist (and Christian) who shared his lengthy and dynamic research while referencing many other pioneer scientists in the study of our amazing lymph systems. Dr. West’s sons are continuing his work and I will find and share their website links soon. You can Google Dr. C. Samuel West now if you don’t want to wait. Dr. West has a youtube video at and his son, Karl West, has a presentation at Neither of these videos is very well produced and they are a LOT of science that I am currently double checking etc. But, you might find them interesting if you have a little patience with the production quality.

Here is the first important GEM of information. It has been discovered that it is deep breathing that is the most important bodily mechanism for moving the “waste laden lymph returning from the interstitial fluid and cells to be dumped back into the blood stream on the left side of our neck (sub-clavian vein behind the collar bone). It is the movement of the diaphragm muscle in deep breathing that pumps this lymph up and out of the major lymph duct.

I will give you the explanations later, but I wanted to give you the “what to do” now so you could be cleansing and de-toxing by more efficient use of our wonderful lymphatic system.

I had learned a deep breathing exercise from Dr. Andrew Weil but he never explained it’s impact on lymph movement. Relax and sit erect or lie down on your back with knees slightly raised. Place tip of tongue behind upper front teeth and breath in through your nose to a count of 4…being sure to start the breath raising your belly and then moving up to raise your chest. Hold the breath to a count of 7 and then make a strong “whoosh” sound as you expel the air through your mouth to a count of 8. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this breathing exercise in augmenting my own healing but I couldn’t explain why.

Dr. West witnessed an experiment done by an Italian doctor who tagged certain proteins “vacuumed” from the interstitial tissue by the lymph and photographed (I’m assuming via Xray)as the man walked/ran on a treadmill. The lymph movement as indicated by the tagged protein movement was unremarkable until the test subject began taking deep breaths and each one shot the protein containing lymph forward in the main lymph duct in trunk. It was something of a “eureka moment” because prior to that, the impact of deep breathing on lymph movement was not understood.

There are other mechanism for moving lymph including energy stimulation and proper massage as well as bouncing on a mini-trampoline (properly). We’ll discuss these further. I just wanted to get the breathing information to my readers now so that they could be “cleaning their internal ’tissue aquariums’ now and ramp up the de-toxification of their cellular biochemistry.

Here is a link to a very well done video explaining breathing and the beginning of lymphatic self message. The presenter happens to be in my home state of Kentucky and her website is
The video link is

Heather has several lymphatic message videos on Youtube but I would watch this one as soon as possible so you can get the breathing exercises started.

Remember, we are on a quest to have health at the cellular level and the rest takes care of itself.   Of course, staying hydrated with clean water is necessary for our amazing lymphatic systems to constantly wash and cleanse our inner environment.

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