Love Came Down In Flesh


I am posting the message below on both of my blogs for Christmas.  I pray it blesses all who read it and pursue the Scriptures and references therein.  I believe it will cause your faith and discernment of the Lord’s body to soar.


 From personal experience I know how illness at Christmas is a terrible stressor for the entire families of those under attack of disease. I share in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, my own saga of a late Christmas Eve discharge from a hospital four hours away from home.

However, IF we who believe God (not just believe IN Him but believe His Word) look past the often tedious festivities of Christmas in the world, we can see the ultimate healing and health that Christ’s birth brought over two-thousand years ago. All of us can be blessed by getting off the holiday treadmill and spending time contemplating how that first glorious Christmas began the process we can all embrace–rebirth through the Lord’s resurrection we celebrate at another holy holiday–Easter.

We know that our Lord’s passion before and during His time on that cross as well as the willingness and obedience with which He poured out His precious blood IS God’s grace–God’s love poured out to heal and save us once and for all. We know that Jesus’s birth came in the “fullness of time” when the world was upside down. The Roman Empire was cruelly terroristic and ruled its victims by fear. The ancient Jewish covenant had been corrupted by Jewish leaders–Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes–all colluding with the Romans. The enemy who tempted the first man had a grip on the dominion over all the earth. Certainly the “law of Moses” and the animal sacrifices had proven to be past their useful time.

We think the world is tough now, but because of the first Christmas and the first Easter, it is not lost in helplessness and despair as it was when the curse of Eden was still “legal”. Jesus, Himself, called satan “the prince of this world” and he was until God took on flesh putting the perfect plan of redemption in place. God IS love and LOVE came down to that dark dark world. And Jesus did everything needed to reverse the curse and restore God’s Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven. Our participation in this Kingdom is up to us because God gives us freedom to choose being either OF the world or OF His Kingdom but not both. Col 1:13,14 (The Voice Translation) says, “You have rescued us from dark powers and brought us safely into the kingdom of your Son , whom you love and in whom we are redeemed and forgiven of our sins (through His blood).

it-is-finished-1313416-639x424The above scripture speaks of salvation and I recently learned that every single time salvation is referenced in New Testament the Greek word “sozo” is used which means “wholeness of body, soul, and spirit”. We know as Isaiah 53:5 clearly teaches (when the original language is studied) that Jesus procured our physical healing by the stripes He took on His back by the Roman “cat of nine tails” and we know He reversed the curse that held us captive to guilt and sin consciousness–even a religious spirit from Galatians 3:13 (The Voice Translation) “the Anointed One, the Liberating King, has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. It was stated in the Scriptures, ‘Everyone who hangs on a tree is cursed by God’.”

While, from a worldly perspective, facing down an enemy attack on our body or soul at Christmas is exponentially more difficult, we can draw from the Word of God in a more poignant way at Christmas. This child born while angels sing gloriously to humble shepherds. This child born of a virgin came to this earth for the very purpose of dying–of going obediently to the cross so that He, as the once and for all perfect sacrificial lamb, took all our sin and disease while we received His righteousness . It was God’s plan of redemption–of healing and wholeness of our bodies, souls, and spirits and the blessing of freedom from the oppression of the principles of the enemy carried out principally through power mongers and predator religious sects… from animal sacrifices that only bought temporary redemption. We are reminded at Christmas that LOVE CAME DOWN once and for all to give power to the powerless and oppressed.

Sickness is a curse and certainly it is oppression. Cancer is perhaps the most aggressive instrument the enemy of our souls can wield even to those who accept Christ the Savior. Why is that? Because so many strong believers have not come to realize that God loves them unconditionally or that salvation by God’s grace through faith is a powerful means of physical healing. Great authority comes to us as we choose to be “in the world but not of the world”. (This is a good time to read John 17) We have God-given authority to persistently command tumors out of our bodies in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth–the name above all names. We can do this with confidence if we embrace the truth that God ALWAYS wants His children living in physical health. We wear Jesus’s righteousness by God’s grace. We cannot earn this blessing—Jesus earned it for us.

it-is-finished-1313416-639x424Many Christians struggle to believe God loves them in spite of their shortcomings. God the Father endured allowing His ONLY beloved Son to go all the way through the passion of the cross taking EVERY sin and disease (see Deut 28) to that cross with Him. He declared His mission “finished”……our enemy’s dominion on earth was finished. This enemy still steals, lies, and attacks but he has no legal right to do so unless we take his accusations to heart and allow him to steal our faith in God’s Word. Our healing is assured in God’s Word–all through God’s Word. (see John 10:10) That Word expresses God’s intent. When the words we speak aloud over our bodies matches God’s Word, our intent lines up with His. What could be more powerful? Speak Health!

I recommend you read Annette Capps’ small but important book, Quantum Faith, to give you empowering Scriptural insights.

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