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HOPE for Overcoming Cancer Without Toxic Treatments

HOPE for Overcoming Cancer Without Toxic Treatments

I’m sharing  here a video from Man of Faith and tireless anti-cancer crusader, Ty Bollinger, who lost both parents to cancer (or conventional cancer treatment) and vowed to work tirelessly to stop this “disease”.   Ty’s flagship book, Cancer–Step Outside the Box, is an exhaustive overview of the tremendous amount of Ty’s work in seeking ways to successfuly overcome cancer and stay healthy.   Ty’s website is .   The website from which I purchased the complete series of 11 videos, “The Quest for the Cures” is  .   Ty is currently offering an 11 video series published by TTAC Publishing.  I highly recommend this series.

I was temporarily able to share the video of Ty Bollinger interviewing a number of folks who “stared down cancer” while the series was available for free viewing over a recent week-end.    However, Ty has made all but video #1 and #2 of the series “private” making it necessary for you to order the series from his websites mentioned earlier.  I’m sure there was considerable expense in producing the series and Ty has several packages to offer for different price points.  Some include written transcripts as well as mp3 to gift to a loved one.

So, rather than share a sample video from this great new series, I will embed one of Ty’s other informative videos to give you information and a taste of his work:

Like Ty, I continue  encourage the “health restoration perspective”.   I urge my readers to remember healing involves body, soul, and spirit.   Ty’s books and videos, I believe, support that point of view.   Ty’s videos are  factual and inspiring.  Some border on shocking.

While you are here, please check out some other pages and posts on my website.   You can order the pdf of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, for only $5 if you go to the “Shop” page on this website.  I’ve been receiving great feedback about it blessing and encouraging folks.

Here’s a testimony from a reader who just bought the pdf  of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, this week:    RB (USA) just wrote: “Praise the Lord for you! Everything I have read so far is just so refreshing and encouraging : to hear someone finally exposing truth and scripture behind all the lies the enemy tries to get us to believe. God has used you in a powerful way! This is such an unbelievable confirmation of what the Lord has already been showing me ( I completely avoided and refused surgery for the C- diagnosis based on the Lord’s voice and leading) and all of the nutritional paths you are took is exactly what I felt the Lord leading me to. Thank you once again!”    RB just received the pdf of Slam the Door on Cancer.   My book and Ty Bollinger’s videos could be the information and encouragement you’ve been looking for.   I wish I’d had them when facing pancreatic cancer–it would have saved me tremendous amount of time researching.

Ty Bollinger writes and speaks a great deal about the importance of a strong immune system in becoming and staying free of cancer.   I hope you get “The Quest for the Cures” and listen to or watch every presentation.  There is good information on the immune system’s role in our health–what it is and how it slams the door on cancer.  I plan a series of articles on this subject with particular focus on avoiding inflammation which is a hotbed for cancer formation.

In Bollinger’s video series (especially #10 and #11) you will find testimonies from cancer conquerers and some of them are doctors who did not choose conventional treatment.  You need to realize why they made this choice before you make any choices.  And your faith will soar from the testimonies in these videos.

The power of our testimony is well documented in Scripture as John writes in Revelations 1:11 (YLT) and they did overcome him (satan)because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life–unto death; ”   It’s really impossible to build powerful faith without the benefit of encouraging testimonies.”  Of course the testimony of Christ is the most powerful of all and IS the basis of our faith for healing and health as well as salvation.

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