What I Learned From a Cancer Relapse That Saved My Life


Relapse can mean we got on with the same life that allowed cancer in the first place.

Relapse can mean we got on with the same life that allowed cancer in the first place.

“It’s Back!” is the last thing a cancer patient wants to hear—especially when surgeons were confident they “got it all” and several follow-up scans and blood tests reported “all clear”. For some reason, however, “remission failure” is virtually expected and too often naively accepted as “the way it goes” in dealing with this insidious disease.

In my own healing adventure from pancreatic cancer, I experienced the disappointment of relapse within two years of being told “you dodged a bullet; get on with your life”. Unfortunately I had “gotten on” with the exact same life that allowed cancer a foothold in the first place.

Did I relapse because I didn’t become “more religious” or that I kept living a particularly sinful life? No and yes in that order. Paul tells us in his epistles that God takes what the enemy intends for evil and turns it into good. This does NOT happen when we become “more religious” but rather when we accept through faith God’s free gift of unconditional love and grace. The fruit of such faith is being set free from the tendency to sin. I recommend spending some time “reading the Apostle Paul’s mail” in a variety of translations to grasp the truth I just shared. Pray to discern the truth.

Many Christians are not aware that the “sin” I was caught up in actually is “sin”. Worry, bitterness,

Anything that separates us from God is sin.  Sin is an obstacle to health and healing.

Anything that separates us from God is sin. Sin is an obstacle to health and healing.

fear, anxiety, resentment (of sin against me), and basically looking at life from a humanistic worldly viewpoint were a few of my iniquities. Anything that separates us from a loving relationship with God is, in truth, “sin”. My faith had been latent for decades and I had never learned the Word of God although I’d practically lived in church until I found it impossible to live up to the “religious life”. Sadly, I had no idea how to pray effectively and many Christians I meet share this unawareness.

So, how did what I learned from a cancer relapse save my life as the title of this post says? The large invasive “relapse tumor” was deemed “inoperable” by doctors who patted me on the head implying “sorry about your luck”. I reflected on a “foxhole prayer” I’d offered in a CT scan tube on the occasion of my initial cancer diagnosis. In retrospect, I the doctor’s dismissal set me free to surrender to God and He met me right there in the valley of the shadow of death. (I recommend studying Psalm 24.)

I share in the book more specifically how the Lord led me on a “connect the dots” healing adventure that began with Him putting people in my life who knew how to pray for healing because they knew the true nature of the Lord. They knew that His Word promises physical healing as part of the New Covenant established in Jesus’s own blood. But it wasn’t those people who healed me. It was the revelation God used them to bring to me—the light God poured into the extreme darkness of disease—His love.

In my life prior to relapse, I saw God as distant and unconcerned with the smaller issues of my life. I recall hearing Christians delay decisions by saying, “I’ll need to pray about that first.” And I would think to myself, “Why would you bother God with that? I’m saving prayer for life and death situations My understanding of Biblical Scripture was infantile prior to my relapse.

In my “interactive miracle” God compelled me to make certain lifestyle adjustments—diet, sleep, exercise, deep breathing, etc. He somehow put books and research in my hands that led me to understand that health, itself, is the cure for cancer and He has already made available what we need to live in health. I learned that disease is fundamentally a beginning phase of physical death triggered by persistent toxin intake, lack of essential nutrients, or habits that undermine built-in cell replacement mechanisms. Obviously, reversing the early death mechanisms allows our built-in healing plan of our Creator to triumph.

We hear much banter about epidemics, pandemics, and immunity. Health is a terribly misunderstood subject fueled by fear and greed. The idea of artificially induced “herd immunity” to disease is implausible when relying on man-conceived mechanisms. Yet innate immunity is certainly God’s plan and His will is for all to live out their lives—until content to go home.  Living in a “healthy state” of body, soul (mind, will, emotions) and Spirit IS immunity to any and all disease.

How can immunity to the enemy’s denigrations–even cancer– be attained? Ask yourself this: When “a bug goes around” in a school or work place, why do some “get it” and some not? It would be wrong to plead the “insurance” of vaccinations. Throughout history many have proven, it is those who are balanced and healthy in body, soul and spirit who demonstrate the most reliable immunity to disease. Dr. Albert Schweitzer and God’s great “general”, John G. Lake are two whose lives illustrate this truth.

[I recommend you read Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory by Nancy Appleton and/or Sick and Tired? by Dr. Robert Young for well researched insights into the true nature of physical disease.]

A pivotal time for me was the moment I realized God actually knew my name. My prayer life then soared, and I

We can depend on our Loving Father to guide us through danger

We can depend on our Loving Father to guide us through danger

heard myself praying to live so that I could encourage others to realize how much God loves them individually. I believe the greatest obstacle to healing is not grasping how much God loves each of us regardless of our imperfections and sin. We lose wonderful people to disease and blame God, but we don’t know the condemnation and unworthiness they may have felt deep in their hearts or the confusion in the minds of those trying to pray for them. How sad this must make our Lord.

If God will walk through the valley of the shadow of death with little ol’ me, He will do it with any one of His beloved children who will put their hand in His. It is not because of our own worthiness but because of His faithfulness to His Son’s worthiness freely gifted to us in unconditional love. God’s like a loving parent holding our little hand in his big strong hand as we walk through a dangerous place.

Lasting healing requires inner transformation. Behavior modification is the fruit of such grace rather than the cause of it.

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