Labeling Information Regarding GMOs

Information You NEED Regarding Genetically Modified Organisms

It took me a while to appreciate the insidious assault on our health by the stealth marketing and outright lies regarding Genetically modified foods. This is a simpler issue than most folks realize. Basically 70% of “food” marketed to Americans is all or part genetically modified.

So what? So not having the information to avoid these products opens the door to very serious modification of our own genetic material and, subsequently, to cancer and other killers. The United States is, as far as I can tell, the only nation worldwide that does not protect its citizens either from genetically modified “foods” by banning the practices that produce them or stringent labeling of such products. Untrue and misleading labeling is extremely common.

I’ll post again on this topic, but for now let me alert you to the labeling because, presently, your only protection is avoiding these lab created DNA manipulated “foods”.

Totally Avoid–always:
➢ Soy, soybean oil, lecithin, protein powders, and vegetable protein added to many processed and packaged foods.
➢ Sugar beets (which is another reason to avoid refined sugar)
➢ Corn, corn syrup, corn oil, and the majority of animal and pet foods
➢ Canola which is made from the rapeseed plant and a common ingredient in salad dressings, mayonnaise, and snack foods.
➢ Cottonseeds, the oil of which is used in processed foods such as potato chips. They are also very common in baked goods and margarines. Margarines are hydrogenated to make them doubly dangerous to health at the cellular level.

Food with this or the black and white version of this label are prohibited from containing GMOs

Food with this or the black and white version of this label are prohibited from containing GMOs

AVOID GMO “Foods” by:
➢ BUY ORGANIC (fruits, vegetables, and meat) and make sure you are really doing so by looking for the round green and white “USDA ORGANIC” label or the round navy and red and white “100% Organic CERTIFIED” label, The round black and white label reading “Made with ORGANIC Ingredients” means the product contains a minimum of 70% organic ingredients and must not include any GMOs.
➢ Buy products with the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal. This seal does not assure the food product is organic unless it is also certified “organic” as well. You can get more information at .

Learn the sticker number coding for fruits, vegetables, etc.
➢ Every piece of fruit, etc. or the package of fruits like grapes must have a sticker with a 4 or 5 digit code on it. IF THE NUMBER SERIES STARTS WITH “9”, IT’S FINE.
➢ If the number series starts with 3 or 4, it is “conventionally raised” and contains pesticides, herbicides, and/or fungicides.
➢ If the number series starts with 8 it is GMO (which is rare because compliance is voluntary and food makers prefer for GMOs to go unlabeled). Surely they have good reason to hide their growing procedures.

Labeling can be not only evasive but outright deceptive like:
➢ “Natural” means little except the product is “minimally processed” and contains no artificial ingredients. It is legal on products from animals raised on GMO feed or GMO hormones.
➢ “All Natural” has no legal meaning and may include GMOs.
➢ “GMO FREE” unfortunately may contain GMOs because the label has no legal meaning.
➢ “Pure” has no legal meaning and no standards to define “pure” products regarding GMO content.

I encourage you to visit this organization's website for clear and comprehensive information on a widespread issue.

I encourage you to visit this organization’s website for clear and comprehensive information on a widespread issue.

Meat, Poultry, and Fish Labeling is Important to Making SAFE CHOICES.
➢ The green and yellow round label stating “USDA ORGANIC” means the meat and poultry was raised on 100% organic, non-GMO feed without hormones.
➢ The oblong green and yellow label stating “Wild Caught Seafood” means the fish are not genetically modified. HOWEVER, farmed fish, as I explain in my book, typically eat GMO crops and are given hormones and antibiotics. Canned fish, like tuna, can be paced in GMO oil so choose water packed.
➢ Buy or hunt wild game because these animals forage for grass and other natural plant foods and typically don’t choose GMO crops. On the other hand, in certain areas of the country deer may feed on GMO corn.
➢ Buy “CERTIFIED Grass-Fed Meat”—certified by the American Grass-fed Association. The seal is green white and black stating “Healthy Choice Certified Grass-fed”.
➢ There is no legal definition for the tag reading “100% Grass-fed Beef”. It may or may not contain GMO’s. Talk to the farmers when you can.
➢ None of these “label terms” has a legal prohibition of GMO’s: “Free-range or Cage-Free”, “Natural”, “No Hormones”, “Pastured”, “No Antibiotics”, “Naturally Raised”.

I encourage you to become aggressive in avoiding GMO food products. It is difficult to cut them out completely if you live in the USA. 30 other countries have banned them so those of you living in these countries are fortunate indeed. The United Nations, however, is pressuring many of these countries to relax their ban so you may want to keep a careful watch.

Personally, we grow a garden, but we have also established relationships with farmers in our area who grow organically and who do not use GMO feeds, growth hormones, antibiotics. Note: animal feeds like horse feed are likely to contain GMOs if processed in a plant that also processes cattle feed. ASK! “Fast Food” is packed with GMO materials.

The “scientific studies” that “approved” GMOs were done by the producers of these products and accepted by the USA FDA. This is hardly objective testing; however, there is independent testing that disclosed great dangers—especially for cancer. It is totally up to individuals to protect themselves.
I refer you to as a good source of information. They have a handy Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods that fits in pocket or purse to help you when shopping. You have to subscribe to the website but it is worth it and the “Wellness Reports” Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. publishes are packed with information.

Also, PLEASE visit my recent post on the Healing Power of Laughter at .  It includes a number of links to free comedy videos I believe my readers will enjoy and find healing.     Healthy living includes lots of humor and laughter regardless of how the “world looks” ……..and minimizing exposure to news casts is another important habit.

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