It’s Not Your Faith But God’s That Brings Healing

Andrew Murray wrote: “Faithfulness is trustworthiness. As we see Jesus faithful to Him who appointed Him, our faith and trust will rise into perfect and joyful assurance that He will indeed most faithfully fulfill all God’s promises in us, that in us too He will be faithful as a Son over His own house. Nothing gives such strength to faith as resting on the faithfulness of Jesus.”   Let me share something and then come back to the meat of this quote.

Early in my healing adventure I happened to read a book by C.S. Price entitled, The Real Faith For Healing, and it taught this: “Most Bible versions translate Mark 11:22 as ‘Have faith IN God’, which we interpret to mean we are to have confidence in His ability to move a mountain.


So we say to ourselves, ‘If I have faith enough in God, and can believe hard enough and get all doubt out of my heart, then God will move my mountain (heal

If you are staring at the cancer mountain, it is God's faithfulness not your own that will move it

If you are staring at the cancer mountain, it is God’s faithfulness not your own that will move it

me).” Price goes on to explain that the correct translation is “have you the faith OF God”.

He continued describing my efforts at that time: “You’re trying to do the impossible. Your faith would never be great enough for that even if you struggled for a million years. What a mistake it is to take belief IN God and call it faith.

Hundreds of thousands have struggled uselessly to believe for their healing because they haven’t discerned the difference between belief IN the power of God to heal and the faith OF God that brings the victory.

There is a great difference between the faith of man IN God, and the faith OF God that is imparted to man. Such faith is not the child of effort, and it is not born of struggle.”

Where do we get this faith OF God? “If it’s the faith OF God, then we get it from Him, and not from our mental attitudes or affirmations. Jesus did not say, ‘If you have the power to believe that God will remove that mountain, then He will do it.’ Neither did He say, ‘If you can believe hard enough that it is done, then it will be done.’ He said, ‘Have the faith OF God.’ In other words we get a mustard seed of God’s faith–and then you’ll have the only power that can move mountains (problems) and cast them into the sea.”

My heart sank a bit when I read this because my intellect was saying, “uh oh, in the second part, Jesus is talking about believing with the heart and having no doubts.  Price anticipated my anxiety adding, “But the second part is impossible without the first part–you simply cannot believe without doubt until you have the faith OF God. It takes God’s faith to clear our human hearts of all anxieties, fears, and doubts.” What all this comes to is the absolute necessity of seeking the Healer rather than seeking the healing.

But how can we put together “having the faith OF God” with “seeking the Healer rather than the healing” in a way that manifests as “having no doubts”?  Let me share something else I experienced in my healing adventure.

I share in my book that one morning my eyes popped open to what seemed like an audible pronouncement, “You know the Bible is true.” At that time, I hadn’t ever really been “in the Word” having been raised in a church denomination that stayed in the shallow waters of Scripture. But, at that audible wake-up call,  my compass needle suddenly locked on TRUTH.  Finally I trusted the answers I found in God’s written Word (and the adventure became really thrilling when I came to understand John 1:1  teaching that Jesus is the Word made flesh). So I began “eating up” this Word as Jeremiah and John (in The Revelation) describe.

The many layers of Scripture are profound. Everything is in order for a purpose and every word counts. I mean OF instead of IN in Mark 11:22 saved my life. Let’s just look at this “God kind of faith” both in His  own Word and “real life”.

God is a loving Father faithful to take our hand and guide us through our inter-active miracle.

God is a loving Father faithful to take our hand and guide us through our inter-active miracle.

I’m going to start with an illustration Joseph Prince uses to teach this “God kind of faithfulness”. “If a parent and small child have to cross a busy street, which is safer? A. The parent holds the child’s hand. B. The child holds the parent’s hand.  If you’ve ever been in this situation you know it is A. What loving parent would step into such danger letting their child’s safety depend upon tiny fingers wrapped around their own bigger hand? The success of the crossing depends on the parent’s faithfulness to take care of the child rather than the child’s ability, strength, or reliability. The child does have faith in the parent but that faith is in the parent’s own faithfulness to protect the child.

So, when we are “seeking the Healer rather than the healing”, we rely on the Healer’s faithfulness rather than our own. (Stop and read that sentence again.)  We move way past believing IN  His ability to bring forth the manifestation of our healing–we move to the place where we actually believe Him . We believe He intends to see our healing manifest regardless of our weaknesses. We believe His promises in His Word.  Holy Spirit gives us a good example in Sarah, Abraham’s wife

Sarai was a bit of a nag before God changed her to Sarah (after she actually laughed at His promise that she would bear a son in her old age).  Yet she is the only woman in the Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith” — “by faith Sarah herself also received power as regards the deposition of seed, and that when she was past  (child bearing) age, because she considered Him faithful who promised.” vs 11 [By the way, that “power” was the Hebrew word that is “dunamis” in Greek, which is “resurrection power”.] Sarah’s womb was resurrected because she believed God was faithful. It was not because she conjured up enough faith to make it happen. God made it happen because He is faithful to His Word.

We often beg God for healing—usually after we’ve already signed on with man’s suspect healing promises. We forget that Jesus already did ALL that is necessary for our healing to manifest because He gave His body even before His blood was spilled on the cross. He was faithful as Andrew Murray says.

Jesus, “the Passover Lamb”, could have fulfilled the prophesies without taking the beating and bullying because the Passover Lamb was always humanely slaughtered. But He took the abuse of His body so that we would be whole in body. That’s an ultimate sacrifice and an ultimate promise for our physical health just as Jesus’ precious blood poured out for our sins. And His pure soul was poured out unto death for our impure souls. Then as now, the human body cannot be separated from the soul in health or sickness.

What then are we to do? We are to believe God intends for us to be healed and whole in body and soul and we line up our intent with His (as disclosed in His Word). We know God could snap His fingers and set every worldly thing in order. He will not because He has put his Word above His own name (Psalms 138:2).  Some people think God doesn’t intend for everyone’s healing to manifest because they see “good Christians” die of terrible diseases.  Then, in their hurt, they fabricate doctrine based on circumstances rather than God’s Word.”

Why would He do that? So we know what to expect. So we know what His specific intention is for us “on earth”. And, according to a prayer Jesus taught, He intends for it to be “on earth as in Heaven” and there is no sickness in heaven. We either believe Him or we don’t. Believing IN Him is not enough and without trusting His faithfulness to carry through on His Word, we put at least some of our faith in man’s promises. God may use men and women (doctors for example) but shouldn’t we let Him direct us in that rather than yielding to man’s ways and then hoping to muscle God into making it work?

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