Internal Physical Cleansing for Health

Inner physical cleansing need not be complicated or expensive.

Inner physical cleansing need not be complicated or expensive.


My last post (sharing a very insightful message from Joseph Prince) regarded “internal cleansing from guilt and fear” which is critical for healing.   This post shares information from one of the resources I’ve found most helpful in physical aspects of healing.  You can visit for a wealth of no nonsense information and access to some of the best supplements (like Daily Dose turmeric compound and Cinnergy cinnamon and milk thistle compound both of which I take but you should get the facts for yourself and make your own decision).     I caution you to NEVER take a supplement because someone else does and it works for them.    Tune into God for your own “planned healing”.

Regarding internal physical cleansing, you can also go directly to to see the short video of Shane Ellison, “the people’s chemist”, explaining this simple cleanse he says will cost you only $1.41 each time you do it.   I have not personally felt the need for this cleanse; however, I get questions often regarding this topic.  In my opinion, just searching “body cleanse” on the internet is NOT the way to find your program.   I constantly urge you to pray before making any decisions–large or small, and then go forward only when you have complete peace with your decision.

This cleanse basically uses only “food” and is nutritional as well as cathartic.  It cannot make up for a consistent poor diet or toxic lifestyle (nothing can).  Shane emphasizes the importance of eating only three meals a day and not “grazing” between them or skipping meals.  He is a former pharmaceutical chemist who turned away from that industry because he wanted to be able to look himself in the mirror and sleep at night.  He minces no words (and some of his words are purple) but don’t let that put you off as his information is well documented.

Unlike most other “cleansing and detox programs”, Shane’s not selling anything to make a profit in this one.  He’s merely sharing information and he personally does this cleanse periodically (every 30 days).   Most of the ingredients are available at Walmart or a good drug store.

It uses:

lemon juice which he drinks in purified water

magnesium OXIDE (500 mg per 50 lbs body weight) tablets

purified water with psyllium husks

azonite (1 tsp) which is basically micro-nutrients

Milk thistle (2 tablets or 1 tab per 50# body weight)

Castor Oil (1 tbsp)

I am going to leave it to you to visit Ellison at where he actually goes through the steps himself and you can follow along or take more detailed notes.   You will get the explanation for each step as well.   It is NOT a matter of dumping all the ingredients together and drinking it down but it is not complicated either.  You will drink a couple of glasses of water.

MY NOTE:    Personally, I do take the milk thistle daily for liver protection, I drink only purified water, and I keep fresh squeezed organic lemon juice in the refrigerator and drink it in my water with a few drops of Stevia herbal sweetener daily.  I use a Zero brand countertop water purifier (Ellison does also.).  I do not use the magnesium oxide, aconite, or castor oil; however, I do have a daily intake of organic flax seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil in my diet and discuss these things in my books and other posts (both blogs).  If you are a regular reader, you also know I drink fresh vegetable (carrot, celery, cucumber) juice daily.

I have not yet written about it, but several months ago I learned about Fulvic Acid which is sourced from primeval bogs in a few pristine locations around the globe.   It is packed with trace minerals and micronutrients depleted from most of our food growing soil.   I am completing my first bottle and I have been personally pleased with adding it to my already healthy diet.  I ordered mine through and take 5 drops daily in my vegetable juice.  It is NOT to be used with chlorinated water and refrigerator filters do not remove the chlorine in water.

Check out my new post at  If you are a coffee drinker, here’s an alternative that’s luscious.



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