If The “Disease State” Leads to Cell Death, Why Don’t Tumor Cells Die?

Vicious Chemical Cycle evoked by malignant cells tricks the body into creating blood supply to tumors

Vicious Chemical Cycle evoked by malignant cells tricks the body into creating blood supply to tumors

If the “disease (or wet) state” leads from “insult” through the stages discussed in Slam the Door on Cancer, to cell death, why don’t malignant tumor cells die?  

Normal healing processes in lesions (injured tissue) produce inflammatory chemicals and that process stops when tissue is restored. In cancer, the production of these chemicals persists past temporary  and , in tumor tissue, surplus inflammatory chemicals in neighboring tissues block apoptosis or cell suicide.

Apoptosis (cell suicide) is genetically programmed into every cell to prevent over production of cells when enough cells are created to form healthy tissue. These “anti-oncogenes” are in pairs in cells and, as long as both are present, cancer doesn’t occur. But if the DNA (genetic material) is altered in such a way that one of both of these genes is mutated or destroyed, the malignant state can occur. (Note: Gross interruption of sleep patterns can be  a serious pre-courser of this genetic issue.)

So cancer cells are at the same time stimulating their own multiplication/growth while protected from death. It’s a vicious cycle based on chemicals stimulating new “wound healing” tissue and new emergency blood supply to the “wound area” while actually attracting “deactivated” immune cells that, in turn, produce more inflammatory factors. The immune cells are deactivated by the cancer cells “adding fuel to the inflammatory fire”.

Inflammation is meant to be a temporary first responder but lifestyle can turn it into cancer's best friend.

Inflammation is meant to be a temporary first responder but lifestyle can turn it into cancer’s best friend.

It has been proven that the more successful a cancer is in provoking local inflammation, the more aggressive the tumor and the better it is at spreading over long distances, ultimately reaching lymph nodes and creating metastases. Literature says, “It is as if the body’s chronic underlying state of inflammation (“disease state”) were a major determining factor of health. Here I quote Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, p 47 of his book, Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life.

Servan-Schreiber, as most classically trained Wester doctors, is apparently unaware of the “disease or “wet state” formula even though it is described in the most used medical Physiology text by Dr. Arthur Guyton. Yet, he cites a number of studies that point to the same conclusion as the “Wet State” formula (which was devised by Dr. C. Samuel West, a chemist and Naturopathic Doctor, over a period of many years of intensive research). West identified the “trapped plasma proteins as globulin, albumin, and fibrinogen. Interestingly, a test for albumin is the blood test commonly used to measure inflammation.

Cancerous cells result from a state of “chronic inflammation” or the “wet state” and they stimulate the perpetuation of that state. Servan-Schreiber writes that the efforts to use anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals for treatment of this state has proven to cause too many cardio-vascular side effects. Fortunately, there are nutraceuticals (foods) available that do not cause such “side effects”. See following section on this topic.

A single “pro-inflammatory factor” secreted by cancer cells, to a large extent, is sort of a “black knight” that protects these cells in the inflammatory state. It is referred to as nuclear factor-kappa B or NF-Kappa B. Blocking its production makes cancer cells “mortal” again and subject to apoptosis (cell suicide) as well as preventing them from creating metastases. A leading researcher at U of N Carolina says that “almost every cancer preventive is an inhibitor of NF-Kappa B. Ironically (as reported in “Science Magazine”) the entire pharmaceutical industry is looking for drugs to inhibit NF-kappa B…..turns out God beat them to it as usual. They know it, of course, but God doesn’t patent His gifts to us for large profit taking.

The “Science Magazine” article actually mentions two: catachins found in green tea and resveratrol found in red wine. We will discuss several in the “Nutraceuticals Section” of this “handout”.

The pharmaceutical industry has also tried to develop drugs to block angiogenesis (stimulation of “emergency” blood vessels) to cancer cells. Such a drug would be called an angiostatin. They had one called Avastin that was a big disappointment. However, the ancient spice, Tumeric (combined with piperizine or black pepper) has “staggering results” against angiogenesis of cancer cells. This is well documented by research at MD Anderson Cancer Center et al. Again, the pharmaceutical industry is hurrying to develop a copy they can patent.

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