Participate in Your Healing–a Powerful Testimony


Body, Soul and Spirit cannot be separated as we heal.

Body, Soul and Spirit cannot be separated as we heal.

Hello readers,  today I am sharing a testimony of healing from a dear women in Australia and a sister in Christ.  She recently wrote her story down for friends she was encouraging in their own healing and shared it with me.  I asked if she would tweak it for public viewing and she graciously did so.  I know it will bless you.   After you read it, I urge you to visit the ministry she references and go to the media tab where you can listen to and read free healing inspiration and instruction.   This is practical information for you to participate in your healing at a spiritually and I promise it is powerful.

Molly’s Story of Healing:

You will read in Slam the Door on Cancer and Keep It Out of Your Life that one of the keys to Jacquie’s healing was/is the dunamis power of Jesus. I’ve proven that for myself. I was handed the CDs of Katie Souza’s teaching How the Glory Light of Jesus Heals Our Soul by a dear friend who was battling breast cancer. It made so much sense to me, from all that I had learned from counselling ministries like Ellel Ministries and Elijah House, that I determined to prove it for myself. That was in January 2011. At that time, I had a very bad lung condition as well as an underactive (hypo) thyroid.

After I began putting into practice what Katie Souza ( ) taught I came down with an old affliction that had plagued me for years – UTI. Later, I had a nasty-looking skin cancer erupt on my cheek (very good for my vanity). Each of these conditions I faced with the blood of Jesus (repentance) and the dunamis power (His resurrection power). The two bouts of UTI took a few hours (the first) and then a few days (the second) – but I did not go to the doctor and once the second one was healed, I have never encountered that curse again. The skin cancer grew and grew and finally I got cranky at it and told it to “Die, in the Name of Jesus, die!” I had been working on all of the sins that caused the wounds behind it, and it got steadily worse until I got mad and commanded it to die a few times. Today I have a tiny scar to mark the place where the cancer had been. My husband had a nearly identical skin cancer a few months ago. He chose to go to his local GP who neatly cut it out. He suffered hefty pain over a good few days, and today has a 15 cm scar on his cheek. His op cost $30. Mine was free. God’s way is always superior!

It took about a year of prayer and decrees for my doctor to say, regarding my hypo-thyroid condition, “Whatever you are doing, Molly, keep it up because it is working.” I have kept the copy of my blood tests that affirmed my healing.

The lung condition was tougher. As I prayed, the Lord ‘happened’ to lead me to a family web site that told the story of my maternal grandfather who had died of emphysema. He was a Christian, never smoked nor drank – but he was addicted to black coffee. I read about him and discovered that he had been accused of embezzling funds from the business he worked for. I believe he left in disgrace, never admitting to the crime but he was depressed for the rest of his life. I believe shame was a huge part of his depression. God led me to spiritual wound after spiritual wound in my soul (beginning with shame) and as I followed Him, my lungs improved incrementally as each wound healed.

Recently, I was asking Him, “Why am I still not healed of this lung disease? What is blocking my final healing?” and the answer came, to just worship Him. So, instead of praying in the mornings I simply worshipped Him. It was lovely of course to just focus on Him and tell Him how marvelous He is. But to my astonishment my lungs stopped giving one symptom after another. That was about a week ago. After about 3 ½ years, all symptoms are virtually gone. Having said that, however, I know that I must watch my heart and my mouth at all times. I must keep a firm watch over them, as there is a direct cause-and-effect over the sins of the heart and the symptoms of that disease, or should I say all disease.

As an aside, my husband suffers from very bad back pain. I asked Katie what she would do if her husband suffered with such pain and she said, “Molly, I would be on my face repenting for his pride.” So, for the next year (that was last August 2013) I spent much time repenting for Noel’s pride as well as my own along with soaking our souls in the dunamis power of Jesus. He began changing – not that he was an arrogant man – but he softened, he grew in spiritual hunger, our marriage grew closer and closer and our love deepened; and though he still suffers pain, he has not been to a chiropractor for over 6 months. He is much closer to the Lord, now, as well.  His healing process is underway.

So, I want to encourage all who read this. I’ve proven what Katie Souza (Expected End Ministries) teaches and Jacquie has too. She radically changed her diet and lifestyle as well, of course. I am confident that, as you put these truths to the test, you will find healing too.

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