Healing Scripture Audio

Here, I share four different recordings of healing Scriptures being read aloud by David VanKoevering, the producer of the CD Quantum Scriptures for Slam the Door on Cancer,  so that you can listen to these encouraging and empowering words. 

 Many people have found listening to God’s Word and also reading the Word aloud for themselves to be faith building to the point of communication with the Lord spiritually and finding real peace in the direction He provides for healing.  

 Let these recordings saturate your soul with healing.   Receive the power of the resurrected Christ in your body and soul…  PLEASE BE SURE YOUR SPEAKERS ARE TURNED UP.  THE FIRST HEALING SCRIPTURE AUDIO BEGINS QUIETLY.

Track 1: Scripture and Science

Track 2: Prayer and Scripture

Track 3: Power of Intent

Track 4: Power Within Scripture

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