Healing Blood

Recently I’ve been blessed to see a hungry lover of the Lord seek the Healer rather than the healing and moving along her healing journey steadily and rather quickly.  She was panicked at a diagnosis of cancer and had done a bit of harsh devoting only to become more fearful because of the resulting  pain.

I was grateful when she told me that the “Don’t Panic” page (tab at top of home page at www.realhealthhope.com)  had helped her out of the fear and into the faith she needs. Fear and faith cannot coexist of course, and Jesus constantly taught “Do not be afraid.”.  I’m blessed correspond regularly with this woman and I see a profound difference for the good growing in every email. She can’t stop praising and thanking “the Living God”. She lives in a nation not necessarily considered “Christian”—still the Lord’s right there beside her.

She was reminded that He IS our health. That is well illustrated by His telling the Hebrew children “I am the Lord that heals you,” But the translation from original language is “I am your health.” (Ex 15:26 which is actually a covenant of healing) Think of more than million Israelites leaving Pharoah’s evil grasp and not a one was sick, injured or weak.

The Israelite slaves had obeyed God’s instructions given to Moses and they gained favor even with their former captors who gave them their gold and silver. So this throng of people who were leaving a life of slavery and overwork were carrying all this heavy treasure and NONE were ill. We find out later that their shoes didn’t even wear out. (Dt 29:5) And they certainly did a lot of grumbling so it wasn’t a matter of “rewarding perfect behavior”.

God's compassion is in His only Son's blood.  It never changes. It's yours!

God’s compassion is in His only Son’s blood. It never changes. It’s yours!

Before leaving, however, they had obediently prepared and eaten the “Passover Lamb” and anointed their door lintel and side posts with that lamb’s blood. If you think about it, you see that the blood on the lintel would have dripped to the door sill so that, with the blood on the door posts, there would have been the marks of the cross at the entry to their houses (Ex 12:7) and “the cross” saved them when the “angel of death” came by in the night.  Jesus poured out His Healing Blood for each of us.

It was just a type and shadow of our sacrificed and resurrected Lord whose blood saved them and saves us. (“save” being always the original word in Hebrew and Greek for “sozo meaning wholeness of body, soul, and spirit”.

That’s why Matthew 8:17 reminds us that Isaiah prophesied that Himself (the Messiah), took every disease and infirmity and sin into His “self”, took them to the place they belong, left them there, and was RESURRECTED in glory (still a man) but glorified and totally dedicated to you and me.

We now have the real “Lamb of God” and every time we celebrate Holy Communion, we are re-empowered to be whole of body, mind, and spirit. I celebrate Holy Communion every night before I go to sleep. It is a time of pure “Thanksgiving” for our Jesus who gave His all for our health and wholeness. Healing is really the resurrection of our health and fully God’s will.

Give the enemy no attention after you remind him out loud that Jesus ‘finished him and you are no longer under the curse’. Focus on Jesus just as the Israelites were “saved or sozoed” by having their health again restored later in the wilderness when they whined and complained so that God let the enemy release poisonous serpents. God had Moses make a staff of a bronze serpent (another shadow of Jesus raised up) and only those who focused steadily on this “shadow of Jesus” were healed or restored to health.(Numbers 21:9) They had a “type and shadow”, but, again, we have Jesus Himself.

Don’t panic when a disease or diagnosis tried to fill your soul with fear (and thus your body with wrong responses) “see” these scenes the Israelites in your heart. God showed his love and compassion even in the Old Covenant. We have the “New Covenant in Jesus’s blood”.

We can’t heal when we struggle with fear.  It changes our body chemistry and voltage blocking built in healing mechanisms.   Give all that to the One who already disposed of it—the One who has already done ALL that’s necessary for your healing and wholeness to manifest. It ALL begins with worshipping and thanking Him for ALL He’s done. God is love and love always heals. It’s who God is and it is “How God Is”.

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