God’s Unconditional Love is THE Key to Healing


FREE eBook (pdf) with the single most powerful healing insight I know of.

FREE eBook (pdf) with the single most powerful healing insight I know of.

I invite you to visit my original blog, www.realhealthhope.com , that I’ve been writing for about 5 years now with readers from all over the world. On that site, I’m offering a FREE (no product to buy to get it) eBook or pdf download (65 pages). The title is Obtain Your Healing and Keep It.  

This  65 page eBook  (pdf)  shares some fresh and powerful healing insights I’ve gathered over the years of writing my original blog, presenting seminars, and continuing my own experiences with keeping my healing.   The book helps the reader understand the absolute most important insight anyone needs to walk in full blown health. The insight does not depend upon a product and I will not try to sell you anything.

This insight has also been validated through my keeping in touch with others I’ve counseled with for several health issues not limited to cancer. Again, it is the single most important trait I have observed in every single person who has “obtained and kept” their healing—even those dealing with addictions.   Again, this ebook is FREE to subscribers to www.realhealthhope.com and your email will NEVER be shared with another entity for any reason. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Even though the healing discussion in my ebook, “Obtain Your Healing and Keep It” really applies to any sickness or malady, I use most often reference cancer because I think of it as the‘Goliath’ of a disease diagnosis. It has touched nearly everyone’s life and fear of cancer rates above fear of most other ominous evils.

However, this discussion absolutely applies to any disease and health maintenance in general. Nobody wants to hear the dreaded announcement, “it’s cancer”, as I did years ago. It seems to change the paint on the wall to black.  Once you can put three words together, you gasp, “Why me?” Then, after you resume breathing, you say, “Why not me?” That’s what the enemy of our souls wants us to say – why not me? He wants us to think God is mad at us for breaking His laws somehow or not living a “good enough life”.   I want to absolutely free you from that wrong assumption.

The third thing we usually ask is a fearful, “Who can fix this? Let’s kill it off somehow—cut it out, poison it, burn itout—quick before it grows!”  We consider a tumor as some foreign thing that has mysteriously appeared within our bodies.  We react as though we were all ‘sitting ducks’ out in an open field when cancers ‘Nazis’ happen to fly over shooting and hit a third or a half of us. Once ‘hit’, it seems that most people rush to hand their own ‘gun’ to another person and surrender to an ugly fate—either temporarily or permanently.

I know it is difficult for some people to think that they can have a role to play in obtaining and keeping their healing. Well-designed pharmaceutical advertisements have long taught us that we are victims who can only be
saved by highly specialized expensive chemical products. The manufacturers are depicted as the cavalry galloping over the disease horizon to save us from bad germs, bad genes or bad luck.

The mind-body connection MUST be recognized in healing.

The mind-body connection MUST be recognized in healing.

Even many doctors believe this fear based marketing scenario because their ongoing medical training (and even their medical school training) is largely subsidized and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. This totally chemically based perception of disease and health ignores the mind or soul of the “patient” and science within the past few decades has revealed that this ignorance is dangerous because the mind-body connection is absolutely critical in recovery from any health issue.   We are not victims unless we choose to be. The enemy who comes to “steal, kill and destroy” has no power unless we forfeit ours even if we do so in ignorance.

We can be empowered by adopting the perspective of deliberately walking toward health rather than that of running away from disease.  We are not trying to escape something. We are not trying to just manage
something we are stuck with.   We are meant to walk out our full life span in health, but we MUST realize that our Creator–our God is on our side in this endeavor and His love is the energy that moves us into and keeps us in health.

We, who are IN Jesus, are meant to walk above the plane of the limitations of worldly of reasoning—we areblessed with the mind of Christ (see 1 Cor.:16) who, pardon me, kicked the butt of ALL disease, including cancer, once and for all.  His last words on the cross were “It is finished.” and, in truth, sickness was one of those things He finished.   But we must embrace that inheritance with insights rooted in the truth of God’s own Word rather than with the reservations of man’s reasonable “facts”.  Truth and facts are very different indeed.

We who walk in health are embracing what God intended for us to have. He said in 3 John
2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers. (KJV) That Scripture takes care of our body, soul (mind, will, emotions), and spirit.   The FREE eBook (pdf) given to subscribers at www.realhealthhope.com is a compelling and encouraging book and I hope it blesses you.  And don’t forget to visit the 20+ short encouraging videos FREE at www.gve-tv.com/Jacquie_Woodward .

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