Our Words Hold God’s Creative Power

Our Words Hold God’s Creative Power

Scientists and students of God’s Word share a lot of knowledge.  .. Scientists call the information “facts” and these students  of the Bible call the same basic concepts “truth”…..Scientific and Spiritual Law (in the Holy Bible) do not conflict although science has not caught up with spiritual law in every case.  Still, fact and truth coincide perfectly regarding the power of words.   Words we speak, even more than words spoken to us, powerfully impact our reality.

Among the many Bible passages referring to our words are:

We are hard-wired for God's Wprd to create health

We are hard-wired for God’s Wprd to create health.  Check out www.lettersfromJesus.com

Matthew 12:37 (MSG)
“Words can be your salvation. Words can also be your damnation.”

Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Proverbs 6:2 (AMP)
“You are snared with the words of your lips, you are caught by the speech of your mouth”.

In reality, the speech center of the brain is the same area that signals the endocrine system which, of course, transmits complex information to every cell of our bodies……literally “bossing these cells around”.   Our “stress responses” such as the secretion of cortisol,  ultimately impact our immune system and susceptibility to disease.      Our own words literally communicate with every cell of our bodies evoking responses that make our words come true.  Victory or defeat is in the power of our own words.

Negative statements–even casual cliches such as “I’m trying to catch the flu.”–are likely to come true.   Why?  Because we are saying what we really believe or we repeat it enough to start believing it.  We usually have what we say even when we say things like:     “I’m dead tired.”  “He/She will be the death of me.”  “The stress of this job is killing me.”   “I just get one cold after another.”  “This is going to be the worst allergy season yet.”   “I’ll never find a wife/husband.”   “I have incurable cancer.”  “I have cancer.”  “I’m in remission (thinking:  remission=temporary recovery.”    “My father/mother died young so I probably will also.”   “My pain is better this week, (but I’ll have something else next week).   It’s always something.”

“Every time we confess disease and weakness and failure, we magnify the adversary (satan) above the Father (God), and we destroy our own confidence in God’s Word.” (p 9 “The Power of our Words” by Gossett and Kenyon).  Why is this true?    God is Love….God=Love.   Sickness and disease do NOT come from Love–from God.  These things come from the enemy of our souls and our own words give that enemy a landing strip for the attack force.

The words others speak to us are certainly important as well.  Choosing Life over choosing disease means removing toxins from our lives INCLUDING toxic people–even those who “mean well”.   In his great teaching, “Healing Made Simple”, referenced in an earlier post on this blog, Nasir Siddiki shares the experience of his wife recovering from MS after a two year battle against the enemy’s attack through this disease.  He shares that he kept even well meaning friends and relatives away from his wife because they kept trying to “reason” with her that she should accept her blindness and paralysis and let them get her all the “equipment” she would need to “get by the best she could as she got worse and worse.”   Instead, he recorded all the healing scriptures and they played them constantly as she listened ……for two years.    She confessed the scriptures aloud with the recording and, later, on her own.   Gradually her health returned and she is absolutely healthy today….decades later.

Another wonderful testimony to the healing power of our words and God’s word is Dodie Osteen.  Here is a video of Dodie telling her inspiring story:

Mysterious?  Supernatural?   Yes!  However, also scientific.

An earlier blog post talked about the effect of words on water….that’s right on a glass of water or a lake full of water or water then frozen into crystals and photographed.  Masaru Emoto’s profound little booklet “The Hidden Messages of Water” proves that words–kind or unkind–cause reactions in water.    This seems strange at first because we consider water inert.   Scripture does not consider it so…..do a search for water mentioned in the scriptures and you’ll find it is “living water”.   We know that our bodies are mostly water–70% to 80%.    Could words have a profound effect on a glass of water or a jar of rice soaked in water and not have an effect on our bodies?  Maybe you’d like to try this experiment at home as done in this short video:


You CAN have what you say……as the great insightful man of God, Charles Capps, wrote in “God’s Creative Power”……If we just say what we have; that’s what we have.   Christ never prayed the problem but always the solution…What we say in prayer is just as important as what we say about and to ourselves.    When we pray standing on God’s Word–actual scriptures–God is obligated to get involved.   He tells us His Word will NOT return void but is like the snow or rain (Isaiah 55:11) …….Hmmmmmmm snow and rain “water” our lives and we cannot live without that water…….Want health?   Makes sense to speak health.

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