Giving Up Coffee the Easy Way


Giving up coffee the easy way might seem impossible to you because, in fact, caffeine is the number one drug consumed worldwide.  Some call it the “Christian drug”.

Caffeine and the acids in coffee work against  ” the healthy state of being” where cancer (disease in general actually) cannot take hold.     Coffee is a cultural icon and something of a “recreational drug”–“Let’s discuss that over coffee.”   “Let’s meet at _________ for a coffee.”  “Gotta have my java to get going in the morning.”   You know the drill and I knew it for many years prior to hearing the “C word” pronounced over my life.

Coffee  was a daily favorite, but I found myself giving up coffee the easy way  in one day and never looked back.   I did have an “ace in the hole” which is  a

Teechino is opportunity rather than denial--in "the healthy state of being"

Teechino is opportunity rather than denial–in “the healthy state of being”

fantastic coffee alternative that is actually good food and it tastes amazing.   It “respects” the slightly alkaline anti-cancer body chemistry that is absolutely essential for health.  Check out the details at  where you can order a 10 flavor sampler.   It can be mixed with coffee at an increasing rate over a few days to “wean” yourself off coffee dependency if necessary.  The specific plan is explained at the teechino website.

My delicious coffee replacement is a product called Teeccino which I first learned about from Hallelujah Acres . It is a mediterranean drink and comes in french vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate (which is wonderful), and others. I drink it with unsweetened coconut milk and a drop of stevia.  I get it from ,, or Whole Foods Market.

It comes bagged in “all-purpose grind” or in large “tea bags”  that make two nice cups.  I carry the individual packets in my purse along with a few packets of stevia, and, when I’m out, I just get a cup of hot water and use it.   It made giving up coffee painless–even pleasant for me and I enjoy calm rather than jitters on a winter day if I have a few cup.  It’s organic and caffeine free–enjoyable any time of day.

I wanted to share a nice Youtube video from a nutritional trainer I came across through Kevin Gianni’s often helpful blog, . The presenter’s name is Yuri Elkaim and his website is .    I  enjoy his Youtube video posts.  He has a nice ebook with Smoothie and Jucing recipes too.


Here is an interesting video from Yuri regarding “Giving Up Coffe the Easy Way” but it has some profound insights on health that go beyond coffee :

I always encourage my readers to look at changes in lifestyle as opportunity rather than denial.  The same holds for giving up coffee because doing so is an absolute opportunity to do your body a favor by removing a substance that acts as a drug by chemically messing with the normal function of several body systems including cardiac, immune, etc.   Caffeine is, of course, the principle drug in coffee and most tea as it is in so many modern so-called “energy drinks”.    Dependency on a substance that alters body chemistry is cumulatively destructive to both body and soul.

In Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, there is a more comprehensive look at damaging chemical dependency, but here let’s just realize that giving up any of our “power” to a chemical substance–even one we see as socially acceptable–is ultimately damaging.  Certainly anything that pushes our body chemistry into the acidic range is encouraging tumorous cellular response.

Why would anyone want to undermine inner chemical balance when there is such a wonderful opportunity to omit that risk?    The destruction is often compounded by the addition of synthetic “creamers” and “sweeteners”, as well as the all time champion “cancer fertilizer” — sugar.

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