Would You Go Swimming in Acid?

Green vegetables (organic) are health promotors and essential for balancing body pH.

Green vegetables (organic) are health promotors and essential for balancing body pH.

 What could I possibly mean by asking “Would you go swimming in acid”?    Each of us has two environments or “terrains” we live in–exterior and interior.  In an earlier article I compared our body cells to fish living in an aquarium (their terrain).  If that internal environment becomes acidic, we die–slow painful deaths.  So the question should be:  Would you make your body cells swim in acid?  Make them?   Well, yes.  We control our body chemistry by what we put into our inner terrain…….what we eat, drink, breathe, think, and say ALL impact body chemistry.

Several recent posts have discussed chronic inflammation as the hotbed for tumor cultivation and proliferation.   Acidic body chemistry literally boosts the tumor’s life source.  We know for certain that our bodies are created to run slightly alkaline in our biochemistry. In fact our blood must remain slightly alkaline or we die. And we well know that cancer can only “be cancer” in an acidic body chemistry.  Have I beat that drum enough?  You MUST get that point.

I had spent decades “in the medical community” and never heard this important fact even when the “C Word” was pronounced over my life. Once I learned it, I verified in numerous sources including a leading Medical School Physiology Textbook.

So, my first goal was to achieve a consistently slightly alkaline body chemistry and I still test first urine of the day to keep track. I use litmus paper I order from www.greensupreme.net . I don’t worry if I test a bit acidic for a day, but I watch to make sure it trends back to alkaline. I’ve learned over the years to relate my diet to test results and this post is meant to help you do that too.

A few years ago I ran across a nice article from www.energiseforlife.com which explained two methodologies for determining the alkalinity or acidity of foods. I want to share some of this information here.

The “energise for life” authors point out that there are two methods for determining whether particular foods are acidic or alkaline in our diets.

One is the PRAL (potential renal or kidney acid load) method which measures the alkalinity or acidity of a food by burning it down to an ash residue and then measuring the pH ( a figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale on which 7 is neutral, lower values are more acid, and higher values more alkaline. The pH is equal to -log10 c, where c is the hydrogen ion concentration in molecules per liter.)

The PRAL method is reported to have many uses but not as the determinate of the alkaline diet. If you want more information on the specific reasons, I urge you to visit www.energiseforlife.com . However, the key issue is that in this method the burning takes away two of the greatest determining factors of food acidity or alkalinity — yeast and sugar.

The article I read from www.energiseforlife.com  points out that “The KEY here is not whether a food is acid or alkaline. The key is whether the food is acid-forming or alkaline-forming to the body once consumed.” So it’s a good idea to make sure the food charts you use aren’t based on the PRAL method as many are.

In my own research, I’ve read the work of Dr. Robert Young (author of several books including Sick and Tired? which focuses on rebuilding health). Young produced a “foods list” using over 150,000 live blood analysis tests (most standard blood tests use killed blood which negates some conclusions regarding health). This work, supplemented by “common sense” has produced a list of factors that make food either acidic or alkaline in actual “real life” rather than in a lab not focused on “real life”.

FACTORS THAT MAKE FOODS ALKALINE (Alkaline food ALL falls into the “fresh” rather than “packaged” category but not all fresh food is alkaline such as meat, dairy and eggs.):

1.  Is the fresh food really fresh rather than irradiated or exposed to light, air, and heat long enough to destroy nutrients?  This is especially important for foods containing oils that decompose rapidly when exposed to light and heat.   Hulled nuts or seeds would be an example.

2. Does the fresh food contain a lot of alkaline minerals?  The alkaline minerals to look out for most are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, manganese, iron.   Read food labels.   Note:  Minerals aren’t really useful to our bodies unless acquired in our food.  Rock minerals purchased in bottles are a waste of money.   Foods are alkaline because they contain essential minerals and fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts are optimum mineral sources.

3.  Is the fresh food low in sugar (ALL kinds of sugar including glucose, fructose, dextrose etc.)?   Be aware that gluten converts quickly to sugar.  Most fruits are high in sugar and should be eaten in moderation without combining with other foods.  Berries are important anti-cancer foods for the nutraceutical molecules that fight cancer–molecules not known to be prevalent in many other foods except green tea.    But a list of fruit that metabolizes alkaline includes lemons, limes, tomatoes,  and avocados.    Some of these may surprise you because they have a reputation for being acidic…but they metabolize as alkaline .   There is evidence that large stone fruit like peaches or plums and tart apples have anti-cancer molecules but should be eaten in moderation.

4.  Does the fresh food have a high water content?  Of course lemons, limes, and tomatoes do, but most fresh vegetables do.  That’s why juicing is such an

Surprisingly, lemons, limes and tomatoes metabolize alkaline.  Drinking water with lemon or lime in it is a good pH balancer

Surprisingly, lemons, limes and tomatoes metabolize alkaline. Drinking water with lemon or lime in it is a good pH balancer

amazing way to get a high intake of nutrients while feeding the body water “filtered by God” through the water cycle and growing process.

5.  Is the fresh food green?  Chlorophyll is what makes green food (and other plants for that matter) green and it is very alkalyzing.   Plant based food, especially greens, are also rich in photons which enable electrons to move through cell membranes in energy generation for life processes.


1.  It’s probably packaged and manipulated or processed which almost assures the addition of SUGAR even though it may be disguised by some tricky name other than “sugar”.   Sugar content assures acidity and absolutely undermines the immune system.   Note what we said about fruit earlier.  SUGAR IS CANCER FERTILIZER.

2.  Is it fermented?

3.  Does it contain yeast?

4.  Is it meat, dairy, eggs?    The eggs contain a strong acid (same one as in batteries).  Meat metabolizes very acidic.  Processed meat contains proven carcinogens. (I posted on this subject earlier.) The dairy is especially mucous forming which encourages acidity but also undermines the immune system with the mucous formation on the lining of the intestines.

CONCLUSION:    How healthy do you want to be?   How good do you want to feel?  Feed your body only food created by the Creator of your body and you you will find out how healthy you can be and how good you can feel.  I have experienced this joy personally, but I know you will be absolutely amazed like I have been.   Balance your alkalinity/acidity so your body doesn’t have to struggle to keep you alive because if it’s acidic, you have disease someplace inside.



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