Don’t Believe in Miracles–Expect Them, Part One

Learn how to heal the soul wounds that block physical healing.  Recognize the power of our Lord's resurrection.

Learn how to heal the soul wounds that block physical healing. Recognize the power of our Lord’s resurrection.

Following my recent posts on why and how Christians should not ever have cancer, I’m providing more information about where to expand your understanding of the healing power we have in Jesus’s finished work.  This is a revision of my top blog post on my original blog,    I am going to share the first half in this post and the second half in a near future post.   Here’s the first half.

Lately, the Lord has compelled me to dig, dig, dig deeper and wider in the “Anti-Cancer” realm and it is thrilling and encouraging. Somehow, when I just relax and go where I’m led….link to link or post to post…..I happen upon things that “leap in my spirit” and bring healing light.

Uncharacteristically, one day during my recovery I was flipping around the TV dial and “coincidentally” happened upon “Sid Roth’s ‘It’s Supernatural’ program for the first time.   I was compelled to stop and watch a most unlikely teacher he was interviewing.  I watched Katie Souza ( ) tell her incredible story and disclose the insights God had given her while she was “hold up in federal prison 5 years where God had miraculously given her a Bible and she had finally submitted to Him and then spending those years immersed in His Word  “.

When she spoke of revelations regarding why some people did not receive their healing even when prayed for by anointed ministers, it got my attention. Who hasn’t wondered about this situation? She spoke of sin causing soul wounds and these blocking healing until they were dealt with. She mentioned her foundational teaching, “Healing School”, and I ordered it and typed out a transcript while I listened to the teachings. I double checked the copious Scriptural references and I cross referenced a number of other resources I’d studied previously….Kenneth E. Hagin, Henry W. Wright, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer, FF Bosworth, and many more.

I have found Katie Souza’s teachings to be firmly Scriptural and revealing as well as very dynamic in removing blocks to healing. Katie has a prison ministry and must be expedient in her ministry. She cannot spend days with one person and she is unlikely to see a person more than once. God has given her amazing anointing and, as she has “walked the walk”, He has increased “her territory”.

Lately, I have become more and more eager to expand on the truth in Katie’s teaching—particularly in the area of Quantum Healing (which Katie has also grown in as evidenced by her participation in the Quantum Healing Conference arranged by XP Ministries in which Katie joined physicist/minister David VanKoervering, Joann McFadden (anointed psalmist/musician), Patricia King (prophet). This teaching expanded on the teaching of Charles and Annette Capps (“God’s Creative Power” and “Quantum Faith” respectively).   That really got me searching for information to share with my blog readers and local church, family, community…..anyone I meet needing healing power and insights (pretty much everyone of course).

Science and Scripture, Mind and Body, Soul and Spirit, Power of Words, Bio-chemistry, quantum (vibrational) medicine, genetics/environment, curing vs healing, fear vs faith, microbiology, chemistry/electromagnetism, etc etc. “Health as a cure for every disease”….what a concept. And should we not all be in health? Aren’t we God’s creation and He creates nothing imperfect…..still, people manifest disease. Lives end before the allotted time of the Creator. Suffering occurs even in “innocent children”.  Note:  I wrote this post before writing the book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.

The big question I keep asking in my spirit and soul, knowing now that standard medicine’s focus is in death care and not health care……or symptom masking and temporary remission and only chemical intervention (stubbornly ignoring the mind/soul/intellect which IS energy generating)…..the question that won’t leave me is: “What is the specific science that melds with the Scriptural revelations Katie Souza has so carefully and powerfully disclosed…..that being that sin and trauma in life must be repented for and the blood of Jesus will erase it….AND (often overlooked) the soul wounds (memories– sometimes very deep ones) caused by that sin/trauma MUST be dealt with before healing can take place. Even mainstream doctors will sometimes admit that resentment, bitterness, fear, etc contribute to disease. These soul wounds must be dealt with….but how? Katie Souza teaches that the power of Christ’s resurrection and the glory light and dunamis power of that ONCE AND FOR ALL restoration of dominion to God’s people (Christ’s Body) is the power that overcomes the wounded souls or the hanging on to hurt and toxic emotions. The enemy of our soul can only keep us in the bondage of these toxic memories/soul wounds legally IF we ignore the power we inherited from the resurrection. I highly recommend you download the mp3’s of Souza’s teachings–especially “Sons of Light”, “Kingdom of the Son”, “Healing School” and “STAY UNOFFENDABLE”….if you can only do one, do the latter. Go to to get the teachings.

Note:  Since this original post, Katie Souza’s ministry has grown internationally.  She has her own television show on many Christian networks. She also has many more teachings available.  Visit and check out this very unique and powerful ministry.  There are free audio and video teachings, “miracles from the road” shared to build your faith for healing, and many other resources.  More than any other ministry I’ve found, Katie’s insights have helped me understand why everyone who is prayed for is not healed and how that reality can change.   We should not merely believe in miracles but expect them every time whether they are immediate events or processes that take some time.   Healing our souls is the critical step as I discuss in my book as well.


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