Chasing After a “Cancer Cure” Ignores the Truth

We MUST break through wrong doctrine and wrong ideas of healing.

We MUST break through wrong doctrine and wrong ideas of healing.

I’m late posting this week because the subject on my heart is a difficult one.  It may offend some of my readers; however, it is terribly important and so I’ve decided to go ahead and share a major concern I’ve had for some time in my communication with precious folks attacked by cancer.

Over the past several years both before and after writing Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I have dialogued with many people dealing with cancer and observed a pattern of speaking and behaving that has become almost certain “prophesy” of whether or not the person will successfully put cancer behind them once and for all.  The person who breaks through what I’ve come to term, “the cure mentality”, is nearly always successful.

What do I mean by “the cure mentality”?  I mean holding onto the lie that there is  now or ever can be a “silver bullet cure” for a disease like cancer. It seems that folks who contact me generally have suffered through conventional cancer treatment and/or some alternative treatment protocol based on chemistry.  Usually they have just realized they aren’t healed.   Many realize the treatment may have done far more harm than good.

Most share that they “have been a Christian for a long time and they love the Lord”.   Many have been prayed over for healing on numerous occasions.  Some have experienced partial healing or temporary healing but have “had the cancer come back”.   Most express some doubt that God wants them healed unfortunately because of erroneous doctrine built on observing worldly circumstances rather than studying the Bible.

Very often, in extreme frustration, I hear them basically “adding a desperate hope against hope prayer” to their chasing “a cure”.   Many  folks contact me who have tried numerous “cures” and they have spent a great deal of money, suffered much, and grown worse rather than better.    Yes, they remind me of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34 except they haven’t yet reached the point of complete focus on the Healer rather than the “cure”.  Those who break through “the cure mentality” absolutely will become focused on Christ the Healer like the woman in Mark’s gospel.

The first hurdle is to realize that our bodies are extremely complex chemically, electrically, and vibrationally while we are spiritual beings living in that body.  And that body is chemically inseparable from our soul (mind, will, emotions).  The idea that a particular chemical (whether concocted by brilliant pharmaceutical chemists or a  purportedly “natural” compound)  can flick a few biochemical switches within our body thereby suddenly causing a tumor cell to reverse course  is ludicrous.   If the stimulating cause of the cancer is not addressed, flicking all the biochemical switches (if it could be done) couldn’t “cure” cancer.

And we know for a fact that our emotions release a myriad of chemicals that impact life at the cellular level.  Each cell has thousands of “receptors” on their membranes for these chemicals.  Ignoring the mind, will and emotions (which most protocols touted as “cures” are prone to do) is also ludicrous.  Cancer has a cause that absolutely must be addressed.  Cancer is NOT a random occurrence.    The wisest man of all, King Solomon said, “A curse does not causeless land.”    Einstein, one of the most brilliant scientists in history said, “God does not play dice with the world.”

I repeat, cancer must be dealt with at its source.   The woman in Mark 5 experienced her healing “at its source”.  In the book, I share how Jesus always healed body and soul.   They were inseparable then as they are now and no concocted chemical “cure”  can “fix” the body if the soul doesn’t participate.

Henry W. Wright, a minister with medical background who operates a long standing successful healing ministry in Georgia, says in his extensive book, A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, that some folks “try to bypass the penalty of the curse because the root (of the disease) is fear and anxiety, which is sin. . . .Sometimes we are trying to get well without going back to what God said; we are trying to get around what He has said.. . .You want your healing but you don’t want to go through the right doorway to get it.” (p 360)    Wright is not against doctors and consults with believing doctors worldwide.

I quote Dr. Wright in the book as saying, “A healthy cell will never become cancerous.”    I fully agree and share considerable information on how health is the only “cure” for cancer and “the cure mentality” is really trying to circumvent what it takes to restore health.  The idea that cancer can be cut out, burned out, or poisoned out so that a body/soul can return to health is absolutely untenable.

I have watched too many fear driven people run from one doctor or naturopath to another seeking the “cure” that does not exist while they waste valuable time that could have been spent restoring the health of both body and soul.    They could have focused on the Healer and tuned into their Creator and co-labored in restoration.   Healing is a process rather than an event.   We open doors that let the attacker enter and we MUST close those doors and lock them  once we have made our body/souls a place cancer cannot live.

Again, it is those who overcome the barrier of fear and anxiety and focus on the Healer who put cancer behind them once and for all.   I tried very hard to share my own healing process in Slam the Door on Cancer.    The pdf version of the book is only $5 on the “shop” page of this website.










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