Change the Water in Your “Body Cells’ Aquarium”

Would you swim in nasty water?  Sometimes body cells have no choice.

Would you swim in nasty water? Sometimes body cells have no choice.

What could I possibly mean by “Change the Water in Your ‘Body Cells’ Aquarium’?   I’ve posted about inflammation several times lately and specifically about how toxins from “insults” to body and soul cause the virtual “pouring of acid into the fluid that bathes every body cell”.   That “interstitial fluid” becomes acidic and we have seen the dire consequences.  Cancer is a stage along the way to actual death of cells which means demise of our earthly vessel.  We’ve seen that we (our souls) need this vessel in order to walk out the plans our Creator has for each of us within His Kingdom.  Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life  extends these insights.

This post focuses on something we do to reverse damage already done–to basically “change the water in our inner terrain”.   We’ve discussed food that helps sustain our body chemistry in a healthy pH balance (slightly alkaline).  We will continue that discussion in future posts. because cleaning the “aquarium our cells must live in” won’t help if we continue dumping garbage in.  However,  as diet is balanced, there is a need to flush out old debris and our lymphatic system is the work horse for doing so.

Our lymphatic vessels parallel our blood vessels but are not activated by a pump or “heart muscle” as blood vessels are.  The artery blood vessels, of course, carry freshly oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood (if we eat properly) TO our body cells and these arteries, like tree branches, divide into smaller and smaller “branches” so that tiny capillaries deliver to our cells.  We want our cells fairly closely packed so the capillaries “snug up” to cell membranes and exchanges easily take place.

Then the blood capillaries extend from the cell delivery point as veins which carry oxygen and nutrient depleted blood back for “refills”.  We learn about blood vessels in school but seldom about lymph vessels.   Lymph vessels carry away debris and extra fluids that finds its way into the fluid between body cells.  Like veins, these vessels have valves within that control “backwash” and the lymph vessels also have filtering “nodes” that clean up this fluid before it is “dumped” into the blood stream under the left collar bone.  Lymph vessels branch like blood vessels and parallel them.

In earlier posts on inflammation, we examined steps in which trauma or insult caused emergency chemicals to spill into the blood as part of our immune responses.  These are meant to be temporary events; however, we have seen that they make blood vessels more porous so more fluid and blood proteins spill into the space between cells.  If this spilling persists, the electrical and chemical balance in the “pooling fluid” begins to alter a cell’s ability to do its job for the body.  The fluid between cells is fouled and great pressure is put on the lymph system as it tries to clean up the mess including reducing fluid so blood vessels can deliver and pick up as designed.

Without a heart pumping lymph fluid, how do these vessels work?  They depend upon us to MOVE (muscle contraction/expansion) and BREATHE

We have great control over our inner terrain.  We can make our body cells happy and efficient without drugs.

We have great control over our inner terrain. We can make our body cells happy and efficient without drugs.

(muscle and organ contraction/expansion).     So, not only do we have control of keeping our inner terrain clean, but we have control of cleaning it out if we’ve let it get dirty.   And there’s a bonus–usually we get weight loss as we move from the “wet or unhealthy state” to the “dry or healthy state”.  Yes!  body fluid weighs a lot.  Why not just take diuretic drugs?  That would be like removing the warning light from the dashboard of your car as though it fixes the real issue (not to mention unwanted “effects”.

I hear you thinking, “Well I move and I breathe so this post is not for me.   My issue must be something else.”   Stay with  me here please.  If you aren’t continuing to pour in toxic food, water, thoughts, words, etc., as you once were, your efforts still have an inner terrain that needs clean up help.  Why? because there’s EXTRA debris and fluid to flush out and it takes EXTRA focus on moving and breathing properly.   To maintain health, these two essentials must be maintained throughout life.

Exercise that supports the lymphatic system’s work need not be competitive or laborious.  “Working out” as we know it can be a health booster if it doesn’t become an addiction or an idol to us.  Deliberate “mentally resting” movement such as the routine I use (adapted from Tai Chi) takes little time, can be done  wearing most apparel and in small areas.   It is refreshing for body and soul.  I will embed a video of this routine available on Youtube.  I also offer a DVD of the routine you can follow and pace to suit your stage of recovery.  It has served me well for many years.  Recently, I added bouncing on a mini-trampoline and using stretch bands, but I relied on the routine for years before adding these.   A DVD of my routine can be ordered on the “Shop” page of this website.

Regarding the importance of breathing properly to keep the lymph fluid moving, I must say that most folks habitually breath very shallowly which is not helpful.  Deep breathing as a way of life is essential for many aspects of health.  Amazing experiments have shown that taking deep breaths and exhaling (actually as we do in the exercise routine I share) accelerate the action of our lymphatic cleansing.  I’ll embed a video here that demonstrates a critical deep breathing exercise for healing.

(This breathing video is the first of several you can reach by searching Youtube Tom Okler Breathing Exercises.)
The subjects of this post are really ways to participate in our individual “interactive miracles” by working with our amazing self-healing bodies.  




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