Cancer is NOT Punishment from God

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Here is the Excerpt:

Cancer is NOT Punishment from God

Jesus participated in countless healing miracles. He never pre-judged whether a person was or was not “worthy” of healing. Again, He healed every single person who came to Him seeking healing. Jesus sometimes told the healed person “not to tell anyone”. Occasionally, Jesus would not even let all the disciples be around Him when he healed or delivered someone.

As I’ve learned more about quantum physics, I have wondered if at least one reason He told the healed not to tell anyone was that He realized their faith was not yet full and He did not want the negative energy vibrations of other people’s doubt in the atmosphere. Or perhaps He didn’t want observers judging the sick person’s worthiness because, in the culture of that day, sickness was commonly considered punishment for personal sin.

Jesus sometimes took a person aside to heal them as in Mark 8:23 and 7:31, or He sent the doubters and mourners away from a healing scene as in the case of Jairus’ daughter where they actually laughed at Him in Luke 8:51-53:

And when He came to the house, He permitted no one to enter with Him except Peter and John and James, and the girl’s father and mother.And all were weeping for and bewailing her; but He said, Do not weep, for she is not dead but sleeping.  And they laughed Him to scorn, knowing full well that she was dead.”

Doubt is an enemy ploy to distract us and weaken our resolve. I cannot overemphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with positive energy. I don’t know exactly how it all works, but Scripturally, scientifically and in my own experience, the positive energy of “believing believers” who actually believe God rather than merely believing IN God is absolutely integral to having one’s healing manifest whether immediately or over time.

There was a time, in my “strike two” recovery, which was far more difficult than the “strike one” recovery, when God used a very practical interchange with my family to illustrate my point. I asked my family to upgrade my basic walker to one with a seat because I often became exhausted just dragging from my chair to the bathroom. They put off my request, and instead, they agreed in a kindly matter-of-fact way, “You aren’t going to be on that walker very long anyway. You are getting stronger every time you stand up.” It may have seemed a bit insensitive at the time, but I needed to hear that they believed in my healing progress. Of course, God was at work in their tough love. My family was correct because I was soon moving about without any walker.

At another moment when I was beginning to weaken in my resolve, God Himself admonished me with words audible to my soul saying, “Stand Up and Fight!” This came at a point when I was tired of feeling helpless and exhausted – okay it was a pity party. At that Rhema (spoken) word from God, I knew I was not alone and I had an assigned part to play in my healing. I hit my knees and, in the attitude of Queen Esther, prayed in Esther 4:16: “Lord, If I perish, I perish, but I am giving it ALL to You. I will stand leaning against YOU! I trust YOU! I love YOU! I know You love me and that is a new thing for me because a few months ago I didn’t even realize you knew my name.”

Very clearly, in my spirit, I heard the words spoken to Joshua and others repeatedly in the Old Testament, “Be strong and courageous” and “I will be with you.” (See Joshua 1.) Joshua had a lot of fighting to do, but, like David, he NEVER did it under his own power. This message is practical truth and I hope you meditate on it. I’ve never had to fight the cancer bully alone nor will you. You could never have done anything to “deserve” a dose of cancer as punishment from a God who IS love. You could never DO anything to deserve that love and the healing power in it, but it is yours. The enemy is the source of sickness and God is health. As the Apostle James writes: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7, KJV)

Glory Light Cross

Glory Light Cross

As Cal Pierce, director of Healing Rooms International ( ) , says in his strong teaching, “Destroying Cancer”: “The enemy has no power or authority. Fear gives him a license to use our power.” 9 Some people are afraid to boldly seek the manifestation of their healing because they have been taught wrong interpretations of Old Testament Covenant passages and believe, like Jesus’s contemporaries did, that God will curse you with sickness for breaking covenant and doing any of the things on the “law list” in Deuteronomy 28.

If you need to correct this teaching, I again highly recommend Rev. Cheryl Schang’s book, Heal Them All  ( )and Marilyn Hickey’s book, Be Healed.  ( )But let me share an important kernel of God’s truth. Blessings and curses, part of the Old Covenant, are misunderstood both when taken out of historical context and when discernment of the New Covenant is lacking. As Galatians 3:13 succinctly teaches, Jesus hung on the tree to “become a curse for us” so we are NOT cursed with cancer by our sin.

If we accept the finished work of Christ, we are NOT subject to that curse of sin-consciousness and sickness. (NO! This is not a license to sin; drink this truth in and you won’t be compelled to sin or you will be honestly and cathartically repentant if you happen to.) Old Testament Scripture is not generally accurate literal basis for forming healing doctrine. We have a New Testament; a New Covenant. It is a legal document and it starts with the finished work of Christ and we are the heirs.

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