Is Cancer Primarily a Physical Disease?

Balance of body and mind is absolutely essential for living in health and wholeness.

Balance of body and mind is absolutely essential for living in health and wholeness.

At the end of this post, I share  a new video excerpt from an interview I did last June at a local library.  It deals with a very important element of healing and wholeness.   I’ve previously written about the connection of body and soul (mind, will, emotions) in our health and wholeness.   And, earlier posts shared science discovered in the past few decades that proves this connection.

Scripture shows us the body/soul connection throughout.  It is not only a guide to spiritual health but to physical health.

We know from King David’s great Psalms, that he well sensed the connection of body and soul and we know that he also realized the love of God and boldly approached God through his Psalms even though he lived under the Mosaic Law of the Old Covenant.   David often asked his soul why he was in a bad situation–even on his sick-bed.  And he often praised God boldly for every single blessing large and small.   Regardless of living under “The Law Covenant”, David knew God loved him.

We can see glimpses of great men of God who foreshadowed the sense of living under grace ( unmerited favor assured by Jesus’s finished work) even before that work happened.  Daniel and Nehemiah are two examples of men who, like David, rose to life at a Kingdom level and communicated with God even though they were not priests.   They loved God and knew of His love for them.  These imperfect men (like us) tapped into God’s great love for each of us.  How much more can we do this since we live in the New Covenant cut in Jesus’s own blood!

The truth that we MUST embrace to be healed, healthy, and whole is that God loves us…..I don’t mean collectively but individually….He knows your name and wants you in health of both body and soul.   Good things happen to people who know God unconditionally loves them individually.

I recommend this CD of God's healing promises available at

I recommend this CD of God’s healing promises available at www.lettersfromjesus.combut individually.   Having been latent in embracing my faith for many years prior to my own cancer diagnosis, I believed the lies of the enemy of my soul when he said, “why would you be healed of cancer when so many better Christians than you have died from it?”.

I’ve had several wonderful people say to me (after receiving a cancer diagnosis):  “Who am I to pray to be healed?” These believers IN Christ were not believers OF Christ at that moment.  John’s Gospel (10:10) tells us the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.   These words are in order for a reason.   “Steal” precedes “kill”  because the only if the enemy can steal the Word (promises) of God and the realization of God’s grace and love for us regardless of our state in life—ONLY then can he kill us.    I hope you will meditate on God’s healing promises available by clicking the “resources” tab on this website as well as in Appendix one of the book, Slam the Door on Cancer.   Contend for healing of your body/soul if you want to “slam the door on cancer (indeed on disease) and lock it out of your life”,

Here’s the short interview excerpt I want to share that elaborates on this subject:

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