Beta Glucan–Potent “Friend” of the Immune System


In my personal experience, Transfer Point brand Beta 1.3d Glucan has been a very helpful supplement in maintaining the health of my immune system.  I began taking it soon after my final surgery for pancreatic cancer.   I have no ownership in this product–I just like it and I like Betterway Health, the distributor I use for this product.  The company is easy to work with and actually exists for the purpose of doing everything it can to overcome cancer.  I first learned of this product from long time cancer counselor/crusader, Bill Henderson ( ) .  Bill has a specific protocol he recommends and I used it for a while until I “tuned into God to find out how He wanted to heal me” as I recommend in the book, Slam the Door on Cancer.  Beta Glucan remains in my own regimen and I know my immune system is strong because I’ve not had flu and only one short-lived cold since I’ve taken it (and that happened when I tried a “cheaper brand” Beta Glucan).

Below is an email I got recently from the folks at Betterway Health who work hard to give us important food supplements for our anti-cancer lifestyles.   The research is outstanding regarding the positive impact of Beta Glucan on boosting a healthy immune system.   I have read Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka’s book, Beta Glucan:  Nature’s Secret and recommend it if you want to delve into the science of this immune system “booster”.

“To all of our affiliates (from Betterway Health ( ), Distributor of Transfer Point Beta Glucan

It’s always very exciting for me to share new research with all of those who support our cause. I am so incredibly grateful for all of your support; we know that without you, our company would not exist.  Here is information from  a brand new study that we just received from Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Head of Pathology at the University of Louisville.

In this new study, Dr. Vetvicka tested many leading Immune System Supplements for:

1. Phagocytosis
2. Interleukin 2
3. Antibody Formation
4. Superoxide Production
5. Interferon gamma secretion
6. Tumor Growth

*We are ecstatic to report that our product, Glucan #300, once again outperformed every product in every test conducted.

Transfer Point Brand Beta Glucan

With over 7,000 peer-reviewed publications on the immunological effects of glucan; rest assured, you are promoting a product truly backed by scientific research.

As you can see in this study, there are several companies out there using clever marketing gimmicks to push their products; sadly, many of them do absolutely nothing for your immune system.

Like us, I know that you pride yourself on giving your customers indisputable scientific evidence as to why the products that you recommend are truly the best.

You can check out our article with links to the new study here:

*Please share this information with anyone you believe would be interested.”

My note:   As far as I know Betterway Health offers this supplement at the best price.  I get mine from Betterway Health because I can schedule a monthly delivery and their service is top notch.   This company exists for the purpose of helping people overcome cancer.   They know their customers and take a personal interest in them.

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