Beat Cancer With “Inside Knowledge” About Yourself


Information is everywhere, but truth is often ignored.

Inside Knowledge is essential to beat cancer.   You and your Creator are the only “experts” privy to ALL that knowledge and your Creator adds a bonus–He loved you unconditionally and wants you restored to health.

I write often about the importance of participating in one’s own healing rather than

Facts and Truth are not the same thing!

Facts and Truth are not the same thing!

relying completely on perceived “experts”. It is critical to realize that participation in our healing has nothing to do with striving to become worthy of the healing. Instead, it is exercising our faith and allowing that faith to bear fruit. Putting our faith in medicine is effective only when Holy Spirit guides us into doing so. As always, I urge you to dialogue with the Lord prior to making medical decisions rather than making fear based decisions followed by praying frantically to somehow force those decisions to work.

Truth  brings "inner knowledge" and is ALWAYS available with LOVE added.

Truth brings “inner knowledge” and is ALWAYS available with LOVE added.

As an often seen example, consider the absurdity of asking God to “bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies and us to thy service” when the food we seek Him to bless is filled with sugars and other very toxic substances including man-made hormones and drugs pumped into the flesh of meat animals being served. Is our inner environment exempt from responsible stewardship? If not, shouldn’t there be no sickness in the bodies of those thus praying regularly?

We cannot ‘muscle God’ because He has set universal principles in place to benefit us. Without them, as we’ve observed before, chaos would rule. If we stay tuned into God, then His Word–both Logos (written) and Rhema (spoken into our spirits)– will guide our healing journey. Our miracle will be an amazing interactive process with a testimony to glorify Him and encourage others. Sharing that encouragement is critical to keeping one’s own healing.

I realize I’m repeating some points I’ve shared in other posts; however, I’ve learned such repetition is important because many people are quite passive concerning their health. I’ve said there is a great perception that only ‘expert help’ can cure you; that somebody who knows how to pray just right will get your miracle; or some ‘silver bullet’ detoxification or treatment protocol is the answer.

Obtaining your healing may or may not include help from experts; however, each of us must learn how to walk the walk

Health is NEVER a "roll of the treatment dice".

Health is NEVER a “roll of the treatment dice”.

toward health rather than running from disease as though it is a foreign attacker. Healing of body and soul, like salvation, is an inside-out process. The cliché: ‘have your cake and eat it too’ applies to our discussion–literally. I boldly assure you that, if you are diagnosed with cancer, something in your life must change if you are to obtain your healing and keep it. Asking your loving Creator for direction is essential.

If you have disease symptoms and the recognized treatment protocol for that group of symptoms is taking man-made chemical XYZ, do you really think you have that disease because your body is deficient in man-made chemical XYZ (even in the case of diabetes and insulin)? You have that disease because your body either has taken in more toxins than it can manage through your awesome built-in and very complex ‘toxin-management-system’, and/or your body is not getting the supply of all of the nutrient molecules that it absolutely requires in the time frame it requires them (i.e. just-in-time delivery).

The toxins I speak of can be toxic emotions, toxic thoughts, and words that have been proven to stimulate poisonous chemicals internally, as detrimentally as environmentally imposed chemicals. Toxins of course enter our bodies in food we take in habitually and sugar (by whatever name it appears on a package label) is absolutely a toxin. If thoughts, words and emotions can generate disease symptoms, then is cancer a physical disease? Indeed, is any disease purely physical? What, then, is our challenge?

Health is victory of body, soul, and spirit!

Health is victory of body, soul, and spirit!

In the Bible, King David often talked about his soul. He talked to his soul on his sickbed. Especially in Psalms 42 and 43, David said such things as: “Why art thou cast down oh my soul”? It is not just biochemically measurable but also Biblical that our soul is important to our health. In fact, some Christian counselors are discovering it is helpful for us to actually ask our own soul what is the root issue of our situation—why it is, in fact, cast down. Our soul is not our enemy. It is not a second-grade citizen in our triune being (spirit, soul, body). Even the boy, David, was strong in soul from spending time alone with God while tending his father’s flocks. He knew God and, because of that, he knew who he was.
If knowing his identity in the Lord served David, it will serve us.

Our soul is very important in both physical health and in the spiritual joy God obviously wants for each of us. Otherwise, Jesus’s own soul wouldn’t have been “poured out unto death” at Calvary as Isaiah 53:12 prophesies. His soul suffering was meant to free ours from suffering just as the stripes on His back paid for our bodily healing (I Peter 2:24, Mt 8:17, Is 53:5). I was so impacted by these Scriptures that I invested in many commentaries from renowned Greek and Hebrew scholars to double check root words.

I devoured books written by great scholars in classic biblical languages. How different my life would have been had I known the “inner truth” earlier in my life!  How different my family members’ lives would have been?    What an amazing revelation. Each of us may not be able to get our brain around to comprehend how much God loves us, but we can individually get our heart around that truth and love Him back. There is no better medicine than communing with God—entering His rest, adoring Him, thanking Him.  Thanksgiving is “inner healing” as a spiritual law.

I realize I write a great deal about the soul/body connection and that is because the anti-cancer lifestyle elements such as nutrition get considerable attention. However, if your nutrition, sleep, water intake and all other aspects of healthy living are absolutely perfect and your soul remains wounded, you linger at great risk for disease such as cancer. Even if there were a perfect treatment to shrink tumors safely (and there is not), you would still be vulnerable to cancer as long as the health of your soul (mind, will, emotions) is suspect.

Actually, in light of my experience in communicating with people who are seeking to obtain and keep their healing (especially from cancer but also from other maladies such as addictions), I would make an even bolder statement. I’ve observed that people who obtain and keep their healing are those who truly believe God loves them. Such belief sustains health measurably. Doubt in God’s love for us individually blocks healing even in very “devout” Christians who actually do steward their “inner environment”.

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