Avoid Extreme Reactions to Cancer

God's unconditional love flows like a beautiful mountain stream.

God’s unconditional love flows like a beautiful mountain stream.

I’ve just returned from a fly fishing trip to Great Smokey Mountains National Park. My husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in constant awe of the beauty and majesty of God’s Creation.  I’ll share a couple of photos in this post.

Especially intriguing were the beautiful butterflies everywhere. What a bonus to share the river with them.    Every day I live is a gift as it is for all of us; however, my life and energy are magnified by my gratitude that I was able to turn to God for my personal interactive healing miracle from a pancreatic tumor which, of course, opened up the “future” God promises us in Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you so you will reach your expected end.”   I’m blessed to be walking out that promise and ANY person with even a mustard seed of faith can do the same.

Our trip was one of highs and lows, however, because we received sad news twice on the trip of the deaths of old friends from debilitating disease including cancer.  We had not seen either friend for some time and had not been privy to their struggles.  Sometimes I find people somewhat “put off” by my own cancer recovery to the extent that they avoid sharing with me the plight they have resigned themselves to.    More than once I’ve encountered husbands who’ve become very aggressive in seeking anti-cancer information for their stricken wives.  Yet, as often, I’ve encountered men with cancer diagnoses who seem totally unwilling to fight for their own return of health even if their wives try to take the initiative.  The truth is that it is a battle the “stricken” must wage vehemently.   The men, I recall, seem to  surrender the fight to “experts” and seem to consider it manly and courageous to “take on the worst treatment available”.

Until losing these two male friends, I reflected upon the differences in the “gender attitudes” so often observed in standing against the bully we know as “cancer”.   I want to avoid generalization and gender prejudice; I’m merely musing on my own observations and experience.   Not seeking to “prove a point” it’s more of a reflection brought about by the pain of recent loss.

In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, I discuss cancer as being a “bully” and I hold to that description because cancer has

Creation is at once simple and complex....many layers of life within us and around us.

Creation is at once simple and complex….many layers of life within us and around us.

such a “tough guy reputation” due to many things including nearly every person’s history of having a ‘loved one’ accosted by the bully.  The worse thing a bully can do is make us think we have no good way of fighting it or to make us think that “going along” with the bully’s demands upon us will get rid of the attack.   In my observation and experience, doctors and well-meaning ‘advocates’ are as victimized by the “bully nature of cancer” as their patients are–particularly as I’ve watched this “bully” develop into a powerful multi-faceted cancer industry.

There are two “extremes” in the specific reaction I observe folks making to “the cancer bully”.    One extreme is not questioning the announced prognosis and turning the matter over to “experts” hurriedly and completely.  And, depending on their religious status, some may add desperate prayer that God will intervene and make their decisions work rather than seeking God’s guidance before making treatment decisions.     It’s a hope against hope sort of reaction and most folks who gather for support  of the “patient” join right into this atmosphere.    It’s an extreme that complies with the deluge of “war against cancer”, “find a cure for cancer”, “be aware of cancer”, “kill the invading alien bully with magic modern chemicals if they don’t kill you first” attitude.   There are plenty of entrepreneurs in the “expert ranks” of this track.   This track is confusing, almost always injurious, and is often chosen in panic under great “time is of the essence” pressure.   It can be based on “crafted statistics” that “seem” scientifically sound.

The other extreme is looking for “the magic alternative cure stone” that the patient  can hurl into the bully’s skull and stop it in its tracks as David did Goliath.  This extreme is as “cure oriented” as the first extreme and may include leaving the country for a “cancer treatment clinic” that claims to have “the silver bullet” (or stone).   It can be a tiresome quest to find out what others claim to have successfully used against the bully.    More likely the information will be fraught with some level of scientific or statistical explanation gathered by someone who has not personally beat cancer but who is quite persistent in telling you what you should do and why.  This track quickly becomes confusing and can be expensive and even injurious.  It, too, is often chosen in panic.   Often it takes a great deal of work to avoid con artists and entrepreneurs.

NEITHER of these extremes considers the big picture and, therefore, are dangerous.    My life depended on “becoming my own doctor” which meant avoiding the “cure mentality” and looking at the cause of my situation in order to reverse it.  The “bully” wanted me to think “he” had taken control of my body.   He wanted me to believe my soul and spirit  had no “dog in this fight”.   This is a deadly lie.   We are a triune “being” made in the image of a triune Creator.

We are created to heal.  God is a restorer not a destroyer.  Natural healing fits God's character.

We are created to heal. God is a restorer not a destroyer. Natural healing fits God’s character.

Healing is built in and is basically common sense–we must stop inputting garbage, get the garbage out that’s already been input.  We must be consistent and persistent in ONLY inputting what the body/soul is created to thrive on.     We must accept that the body and soul are inseparable–soul includes mind, will, emotions.    We must understand our Creator loves us and absolutely wants us in full blown health of body, soul and spirit.

We must realize that we are awesomely and wonderfully made and God is a Creator and not a destroyer.    Yes, food supplements may be essential because food producing tactics have been highly degraded.    However, I absolutely assure you that you are not “sick” because your body lacks or needs a man-made expensive laboratory produced chemical.     You may be sick because your emotions are persistently inputting bio-chemicals meant only for temporary emergency reaction.

I write about these things simply in my book and you can download it in pdf form very inexpensively on this website or you can get a copy for Kindle apps or in paperback  from www.amazon.com.     I’m not trying to become rich from having had cancer.  It takes considerable investment to produce a book–time and money so it’s quite impossible to dole out free copies.   I hope you will take time to read the book.   It’s a fairly quick read and I am living proof it’s not “hot air”.    The book does NOT offer a “silver bullet cure”, but I believe you will understand cancer much better and knowing your adversary is critical–especially when facing a “bully”.   There are considerable resources and references provided within this book.

You may also visit my original blog:  www.realhealthhope.com and order my FREE ebook “Obtain Your Healing and Keep It” and/or enjoy my online tv page at www.gve-tv.com/Jacquie_Woodward which shares numerous short question/answer sessions regarding specifics in standing against the bully, cancer.


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