The “Anti-Cancer Mindset” is a Weapon Against Cancer.

Mindset or perspective can be both your best defense against getting cancer and your best offense if you are fighting cancer.   Allow me to share an excerpt from an interview I did recently regarding “Changing Your Mindset” to overcome cancer, the “Goliath of dis-ease”.

You can watch all the excerpts from this interview on my “Channel” at www.GVE-TV which is an online television “station”.  My page is easily identified on the home page that comes up if you click the above link and, once you’ve watched the excerpts you choose, you will return to this post.

I’ve shared a few of the other interview excerpts on this website but several new ones have been uploaded.  It’s a fairly comprehensive interview and I hope you will jot down this link so you can visit it easily and often.  I believe you will find it encouraging and informative.

Focusing again on the “anti-cancer mindset”, I urge you to be realize that both your body and your soul (mind, will, emotions) must be involved in health and healing.  Basically, that means understanding that neither “medicine” nor “religion”  (who insisted upon being separated 400 years ago and still follow that track) can transport you into health.  Science and faith in the Very God who created science, on the other hand, are a powerful unified force for healing.   I examine this joint force in a very practical way throughout my book, Slam the Door on Cancer.

So what’s the “take away” from this post?  You cannot avoid having your mindset or attitude affect your bodily healing.  You cannot avoid having your perceptions of your situation impact your healing.  What can you base your mindset on to be certain your perceptions are true?   The Word of God which reveals the Love of God for you and His perfect will for your health and healing.  Great things happen to people who truly understand how much God loves them individually……that He knows their name and counts the hairs on their heads.

In my own healing process, the turning point was a moment in desperate prayer when I realized God knew my name and loved me regardless of my shortcomings.  I had just experienced an epiphany that, “The Bible is true.” which erased decades of believing I shouldn’t bother God with my puny ground-level issues.

There is a great difference between facts and truth.  Many people embrace facts from lab reports and scans, etc. as though they are truth, and, in doing so, accept ominous prognoses.    Soon, the enemy of their souls tries to convince them they are doomed so they had better just get their affairs in order and hope for some “good luck” with a treatment that will extend their time on earth one way or another.    Others don’t deny the facts, but they quiet the enemy’s noisy accusations by confessing the healing promises of God’s Word as the truth it is.

Those with an “anti-cancer mindset” speak healing rather than doom.   They speak truth rather than facts.  They “tune into God” to find out how He wants to proceed with their healing quite sure that He does want that healing to manifest because His Word says so.   The person with the “anti-cancer mind (indeed, soul)” knows that he/she know that he/she knows that God is good and that God loves him or her unconditionally.   They know God is not mad at them and that He sees them  in their redeemed state AFTER the cross and resurrection of His Perfect Son.   They do not hold on to guilt and remorse and worry that they are unworthy of healing because Jesus took care of all that dark stuff.

The person with an “anti-cancer mind” tenaciously “reaches to touch the hem of Jesus’s robe” never doubting the healing power is theirs as they persist. (See Mark 5:25-34).

The Healing Scriptures can be found in Appendix One of Slam the Door on Cancer as well as on the “Resources” page of this website.   You can listen to them read by Dr. David Van Koevering by clicking the “Scripture Audio” page tab on this website.   I believe you will be blessed as you read or listen to God’s Word.



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