Another Pancreatic Cancer Survivor’s Story In His Own Words

We are created to heal.  God is a restorer not a destroyer.  Natural healing fits God's character.

We are created to heal. God is a restorer not a destroyer. Natural healing fits God’s character.

Scripture tells us we “overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony”.  I want to share with my readers another pancreatic cancer survivor’s story because there is nothing as powerful as truth.

I have mentioned several times my respect for cancer crusader, Bill Henderson, who has tirelessly fought to save people from the terror and pain his first wife endured in losing her battle to orthodox cancer treatment years ago.  Bill’s book has been revised many times and I am going to share a link with you shortly that includes direct reference to Bill’s book as well as another one I, too, found interesting although I had already come through the dark cancer tunnel and into the light before Suzanne Somers wrote her best-seller, Knockout, which is filled with interviews where Suzanne talked with doctors who are successfully “curing cancer” all over the country (and a few others).

In this post, I am going to simply provide you the link to an amazing personal testimony of “Cory” who wants to use only his first name because he is a radio personality who doesn’t want a lot of emails and phone calls.    I found his story very compelling and I think you will agree that it meshes well with my own book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life except that Cory did undergo conventional treatment.   On his own, he added Budwig Protocol, Beta Glucan, and some other natural immune system builders that I discuss in my book and on this blog.

Here is the link:   .  I hope you will enjoy this true testimony and I hope you will be encouraged.    I don’t often encourage the “cure mentality” because health is THE cure for cancer.  However, Cory is not saying that conventional treatment “cures” cancer.   He’s saying that restoring our immune system allows our bodies to heal from cancer.

Most articles regarding cancer other than those on this blog tend to overlook the spiritual and mental aspects of this dis-ease.   Cory doesn’t speak directly to these aspects but his story includes references and suggestions regarding these aspects.  I think you will be enriched and edified by Cory’s article.

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