Amazing Video About Forbidden Cancer Cures That Work

Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free–Your Key to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing, recently shared the following video in his “Beating Cancer Gently Newsletter”.  Bill doesn’t share things that don’t have merit and I immediately watched the video.  I am sharing it here because I think it will open some folk’s eyes to a side of the cancer industry they may not have realized was there.  “Forbidden Cancer Cures” is a great video.

It’s now “Cancer Prevention and Awareness Month” and, frankly, I have seen little transpire that actually deals with prevention of cancer.  I’ve seen a lot of “cancer industry commerce” and I’m very uncomfortable with “cancer awareness campaigns” because they give great attention to the source of cancer–Satan.   He loves attention and awareness of his work.   I constantly encourage “health awareness” and attention to the author of health, healing and wholeness–our Creator and God.

In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I deal with both the spiritual and physical side of healing.  Bill Henderson’s book, which was a great help to me early in my healing from pancreatic cancer, deals with the physical side only as Bill admits he “leaves the spiritual up to his reader”.   Still, there is way more “cancer prevention and health awareness” in our books than anything I’ve ever seen produced by the cancer industry.


When You see this video, I believe many of your questions will be answered:


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