If You’re Diagnosed With Cancer, Something MUST Change In Your Life

Remission as a goal in treating cancer, to my mind, is setting the hope bar purposely low.    Why not set the goal of restoration to full blown health?  There is no reason not to do this.    When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, doctors first told me they got it all and I could get back to living my life.   But that was incorrect.   Getting back to the same life that allowed the cancer attack will only allow “remission failure” regardless of the choices made regarding treatment.

I happen to believe — and happen to have experienced in my own case– that changing my life from the inside out was both treatment and “cure”.  I share this adventure with God in my book (really God’s book), Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.   The book, this website, and my older website, www.realhealthhope.com , are meant to support those attacked by cancer (or any disease) in making those life changes for health restoration and sustenance.

These resources are, I pray, as helpful for prevention of the first attack as they are for preventing relapse.    And certainly I pray they support those currently in the process of overcoming the attack.

In thie following video , I share an excerpt from a recent interview in which I talk about the tipping point in health in which we MUST commit ourselves to contend specifically for our health.  I discuss the absurdity of depending on “medical science” to find a “cure for cancer” and I believe it’s critical to realize why such a perspective is “barking up the wrong tree”.   There will never be a chemical treatment for anything that makes up for not living a healthy lifestyle and cancer is, perhaps, the loudest wake up call of all diseases screaming “change your life to move your body into “the healthy state of being” in body, soul, and spirit.    DO NOT THINK YOU CAN GO ON WITH THE SAME LIFE THAT GAVE YOU CANCER–SOMETHING MUST CHANGE:

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