Welcome to the blog site for my book, Slam the Door on Cancer (and Lock It Out of Your Life).  I realize this title may seem bold, but because of my own experience; I believe it is absolutely possible to do exactly what it says.   This is the book I needed several years ago when cancer center doctors patted me on the head saying, “Sorry about your luck. We have nothing for you.” and  a physician friend said, “If you get through this, you will have to be your own doctor.”    Well, I did put cancer behind me; and doctors shake their heads and report, “no evidence of recurrent or residual disease”.   I share my story in the book to encourage others.  I share the enormous amount of research I did.  I share how a dormant Christian (me) learned to tune into God and realize the  particular “connect the dots”  interactive miracle He had for me.

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 It is an interview I did with leading Christian author/blogger, Frank Viola. I think you will find it very informative regarding the content of my book:

THIS IS THE LINK TO MY INTERVIEW WITH FRANK VIOLA:          http://www.patheos.com/blogs/frankviola/cancer/

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