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“Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life! ” Bold Title? Attitude? Who would presume to write such a book and why would you read it? Yes ! Yes! And I wrote it because several years ago, facing pancreatic cancer, I desperately needed it.

The diagnosing doctors basically said, “Sorry about your luck.” My physician husband knew orthodox medicine had no good answer for me beyond risky surgery while he also had the skepticism of “alternative medicine” his training imbued. A physician friend told me, “If you survive this, you will have to be your own doctor.”

I was backed in a corner and the clock was ticking. It was up to me–or so I thought. I soon learned I was not alone in my plight.

Deep in thought one bleak day, I suddenly heard in my spirit: “Stand up and fight.” That experience certainly energized me, but I needed knowledge to do it. This book is a succinct compilation of the enormous amount of information gleaned within my successful fight.

Knowing my husband would struggle with “funny science” and understanding I had no time for experimentation, I had to seek consensus in the information I gathered. I read studies and books and, often, the resources they cited.

In the midst of my searching, my eyes flew open one early morning to that audible voice in my spirit simply saying, “The Bible is true.” And, though I was a long dormant Christian, I instantly knew with absolute certainty that it was, and, oddly, I did not even consider the experience strange. That unexpected revelation armed me with truth by which I could measure all the facts whirling around me. I was on my way to healing cancer with science and Scripture and seeing both with “new eyes”.

Even after my CT scan reports surprised doctors by changing from having very troublesome “changes and spots in remaining pancreas, liver, and lungs” to repeatedly reporting “no evidence of recurrent or residual disease”, I kept the research going because I had prayed to regain my health in order to become an encourager to others being attacked by this insidious enemy–cancer. If I could beat it, others could too.

This book is not meant to replace or criticize medical treatment, and it is not meant to be all about me personally, but I candidly share my personal insights and experience throughout in order to illustrate and encourage.

Instead, this book IS about:

•what cancer really is considering both scientific and spiritual principles (which do not conflict).

•how to participate in our own specific interactive healing miracles because healing is really a process rather than an event.

•how we can remove the fear of cancer from our lives forever.

This discussion is NOT about “magic bullet” treatments, “cures” or “remission”. Rather, it IS about practical aspects of healing and wholeness in body, soul, and spirit. These cannot be separated if health is to be restored. Cancer is the ultimate deviation from health. It is not the random “luck of the draw” or inescapable genes as we’ve been led to believe.

I will not try to talk you into or out of anything, but I will offer you Real Health Hope.

As this book weaves science, Scripture, and my personal story together providing useful insights and information to the reader, it also includes five appendices packed with practical information and resources.