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Every single reliable resource on overcoming disease like cancer explains how cancer cells require sugar to fuel their out of control proliferation.   I’ve written many other posts on both this blog and www.realhealthhope.com about the importance of eliminating the use of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cane syrup, raw sugar, and even honey (except in minute amounts and then only raw organic honey).  Also, we’ve discussed how ALL processed foods contain copious amounts of sugar and food labels are terribly misleading.

Yet, folks I talk with who have received cancer diagnoses wrestle mightily with sugar cravings when they try to eliminate this “cancer fertilizer” from their diet.  However, there are some food supplements to help kill the “sugar demon”.

Some recent studies indicate that taking a tsp of Psyllium husk powder  half an hour before meals will help curtail the blood sugar spike that often follows meals as we metabolize our food.   (I recommend the capsules, but the powder can be mixed with water or juice.)

I have long taken two food supplements that are not only helpful for squelching sugar cravings within a short time, but they also have positive impact on liver health, overcoming toxins, and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.   These are pure  cinnamon and milk thistle.

I’ve written quite a bit about cinnamon–good quality Ceylon cinnamon.   It has a much richer, milder taste than many

Pure Ceylon cinnamon is helps control blood sugar and sugar cravings

Pure Ceylon cinnamon is helps control blood sugar and sugar cravings

brands of cinnamon.   I’d advise getting it from a dependable health food store or supplier.  Www.renegadehealth.com has a good cinnamon available in powder or bark (great for making tea).    I caution you against cinnamon with chromium added.   Lately I order mine through www.amazon.com.

Milk thistle is something I’ve written less about but I have taken it for years now and the Spring Valley brand at Walmart seems to be fine although I’ve also ordered it from www.vitacost.com .

I want to share what Shane Ellison, author of a book I like a lot entitled Over the Counter Natural Cures, shares about milk thistle:

“Milk thistle has been used for more than two thousand years to treat acute hepatitis, chronic liver disease, jaundice, and gall stone disease. However, its ability to protect us from toxic exposure was not discovered until 1949. It showed beneficial effects against toxicity from the chemical reagents known as carbon tetrachloride, which can result in liver failure, coma, and even death when someone is exposed to them. However, milk thistle successfully protected the liver, while escorting the harsh, toxic chemical out of the body.
Twenty years later, milk thistle was acknowledged as a therapeutic agent against all types of toxic exposure. Ever since, this natural detox cure has proven wildly beneficial in protecting us from environmental toxins and prescription drugs—and even poisonous mushrooms.
Studying milk thistle’s protective qualities, Mayo Clinic announced that, “Multiple studies from Europe suggest benefits of oral milk thistle for cirrhosis. In experiments up to five years long, milk thistle has improved liver function and decreased the number of deaths that occur in cirrhotic patients.” (Visit:  www.thepeopleschemist.com for Shane’s informative short videos and articles on numerous natural supplements.)

Ellison (a former pharmaceutical chemist) left that industry because he wanted a clear conscience.  His newly revised book is fascinating and quite candid.   I refer to it often because he minces no words.   He actually has his own cinnamon/milk thistle compound called Cinnergy that is pure, potent, and available to order from his website.   I take one Cinnergy capsule daily but you should make your own decision before taking it or any supplement.  Consult with your healthcare providers or a good naturopath.   Most of all “tune into God” through prayer and make sure you have peace about any move you make before you make it.



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