November 11, 2015
by jwoodward

Perspectives on “Earthing”

Walking barefoot on sand, grass, or dirt connects us with the layer of electrons so we can absorb what we need to balance our bio-electrical body elements.

Walking barefoot on sand, grass, or dirt connects us with the layer of electrons so we can absorb what we need to balance our bio-electrical body elements.

I’ve posted before that Bill Henderson, respected author of Cancer Free:  Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing, is very forthright and dedicated to edifying people about the risks of traditional cancer treatment as well as spreading the word about “non-toxic treatments”. Bill is also forthright about “leaving the spiritual up to his readers”.  That’s his approach but not mine as you know.  Still, Bill and I often agree on promising products and discoveries.  Earthing is one of these.

Bill has a website and publishes eNewsletters, but I’m not aware of a blog at .   In the most recent one he wrote about a subject I’ve written about on but not yet to the extent Bill does in this article.  I was keen to share it with you because Bill encourages such sharing (as I do) and he never touts something he hasn’t tried himself.   Bill is now in his 80’s and has never had cancer himself but lost his first wife to traditional cancer treatment and has since dedicated himself, as I said, to helping folks avoid such a tragedy.

We usually wear shoes walking the dog, but the dog is a great electron attractor.  Thus petting and stroking the dog after a walk can greatly benefit us.

We usually wear shoes walking the dog, but the dog is a great electron attractor. Thus petting and stroking the dog after a walk can greatly benefit us.

I, too, have been trying products from  (pillow case and foot pad which is on floor under my computer).  Neither Bill nor I receive endorsement monetary rewards or product discounts.   We both are dedicated to really making cancer a non-issue.   I have had wonderful experience with the earthing products–even better sleep and, amazingly, much better skin condition and healing.   A quantum physicist friend gave me his own earthing or grounding mechanism a few years ago and I found it wonderful although a bit cumbersome.  He’s refined it and it is available at .

The goal is what the name implies–grounding with the electric field of the earth to bio-electrically balance our bodies.  We KNOW that our electron balance must be correct for healing to take place in our bodies. provides a very nice book explaining the science which meshes with much of my research including the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig (Doctor of Science and practicing physician in Germany) and Dr. Robert O.Becker, M.D. (USA).   We ALL know we are as electrical as chemical and “earthing” is NOT about electrical current into the body but about grounding in the earth to balance us.

Here’s what Bill Henderson writes:

“Folks, I’m devoting this edition of my newsletter to one subject. Several reasons: First, I think this is an important subject that you should all become familiar with. Second, I’ve had personal experience with it that I’d like to share with you. And third, I know of nothing that is cheaper or easier to use that will do you as much good as this.
Please be assured I have no financial interest in this subject. None at all. I just want each and every one of my readers and fans to benefit from my experience. If you want to begin exploring it, just go to
You’ve probably heard of Earthing. I know I had. But I hadn’t really studied it until a very kind reader, Marjorie Geiger, sent me a message about it on October 16th. Thanks to her, I ordered it and got the package on about October 24th. I’ve been using it for about a week (along with my wife, Terry).
Here’s what “earthing” is. It is simply absorbing from the earth the high volume of healing electrons that emerge 24/7. How? Well, one way is to walk barefoot on the grass, sand, gravel, dirt or even concrete. Another is to connect to this wonderful source of health indoors. How? Well, you have to have the equipment I bought, or something similar, that plugs you into the earth through the grounding plug in most of the electrical outlets in your house.
Why is absorbing these electrons so healthy? Well, virtually all inflammation in our bodies (the primary cause of most “disease”) and most pain is caused by free radicals and other electrical imbalances. It’s not only helpful for pain and most “illness,” it is a wonderful “anti-aging” process. Here’s a quote from the book “Earthing — the most important health discovery ever:”
“The rise of inflammation in medical awareness has spawned a new term; ‘inflamm-aging.’ Italian researchers coined it in 2006 to describe a progressive inflammatory status and a loss of stress-coping ability as two major characteristics of the aging process.
Inflammation is now believed to be the underlying cause of more than eighty chronic illnesses, and more than half of Americans suffer currently from one or more of them. Each year, millions die from these conditions. The most common chronic diseases cost the U.S. economy alone more than $1 trillion annually — and that figure threatens to reach $6 trillion by the middle of the century.”
Well, yes. The book I quoted from above comes to you as part of your order of the Earthing package. It is 320 pages long and has hundreds of examples of people healing pain and degenerative “diseases” using the Earthing equipment. I’ll give you one example. This is a lady who participated in a study where she used the equipment I have for about 8 weeks:
“Participant No. 3, fifty-two years old, menopausal
Pre-study complaints:
* Sleeps very lightly
* Wakes up feeling tense several times during the night
* Wakes up feeling tired in the morning; feel tired all day
* Pain in left hip, sporadic for several years
* Allergies (food and airborne) since age thirteen
* Digestion: gas
End of Study Feedback:
* “Have felt more rested and feel like I need an hour less sleep per night.”
* “Deeper relaxation.”
* “Stopped having any pain at all in my left hip.”
* “First few days, I experienced tingling and heat in areas of my previous physical injuries — similar to an acupuncture treatment. After about three days, these vague feelings subsided.”
* “Allergies have definitely lessened.”
* “Better digestion”
* “I noticed that I stopped clenching my jaw at night.”
* The participant reported that her husband, who was not a part of the study, but who was sleeping grounded next to her, “began sleeping fewer hours, has more energy and has stopped snoring.”
My own experience is similar to the lady above. I have had a severe pain in my left hip for about 4 months. It has been so bad at times that I simply could not walk our dog and had to ask my wife to do it. It is the main reason I ordered the Earthing package. Well, would you believe — after the first night sleeping with the “half sheet” that was plugged in to the wall socket grounding hole, my pain reduced about 50%. Since then, it has gradually reduced to about 20% of what it was two weeks ago. I’m assuming it will continue to where I have no more pain — but I’ll let you know.
I’ve slept much better. At my age (almost 84), most men like me have to get up half a dozen times during the night to pee. The number of times has reduced to about 3 or 4 times and my sleep in between has improved dramatically. I feel much more energy during the day. Folks, this is in one week!!
I have one other condition i hope it will improve on. I have a swelling in my ankles and calves caused by poor circulation to those extremities. I’m watching this closely to see if it improves. The “half-sheet” I mentioned goes at the bottom of the mattress where your feet and lower legs recline on it all night.
My wife, Terry, reports much better and more relaxing sleep. She has a small pillow that she is using that allegedly will take care of her wrinkles on her face (she doesn’t have many) in about 30 days. We’ll let you know.
Well, we bought the Earthing Starter Kit for about $200 plus shipping. It includes the “half-sheet” I mentioned which goes on a king size bed very easily. You can also use it for just one side of the bed, if you prefer, where it contacts all of one person’s body. There is also a pad which I use at my desk so I can put bare feet on it during my day of coaching, reading and answering e-mails. I’m using it right now. So, in addition to the help I get at night sleeping, I get plenty during the day in the office. There is no exertion. You just do your normal stuff and the Earthing products take care of your healing.
Also in the package we got was a bonus of the pillow I mentioned that my wife is using every night. They send you a simple test device to plug into your electric outlets at home to see if they are properly grounded. In case they are not, they give you something you can plug in outside to get the same effect. There is a test device to use once the sheet, foot pad and pillow are hooked up to make sure they are putting out the right “juice” of electrons for you.
The book I quoted from above is included in the package and will give you a valuable background on the history of “Earthing” (it only goes back in this form to 2000) and numerous examples of the benefits people get from this wonderful healing method.
In my opinion, you all need to try this. The benefits seem to be enormous for the price. Again, I have absolutely no financial interest in this. I just want you to get the advantage of this marvelous discovery. Again, the website to buy this equipment (or something less) is”
Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:
Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

November 2, 2015
by jwoodward

Lymphatics! Clean Inner Environment

This post could be placed under every single search label on this blog because, believe it or not, our amazing and much overlooked lymphatic system is key and critical in all the biochemistry of healthy cells….without a healthy lymphatic system, our body tissue would be a dirty swamp. Have you ever seen and/or smelled a neglected and dirty fish aquarium? Get the picture?  I call the work this amazing “system” does Lymphatics.

Life goes on at a high level in a clean aquarium.  Our internal environment must be clean for our body cells to be healthy.

Life goes on at a high level in a clean aquarium. Our internal environment must be clean for our body cells to be healthy.

I’m sure there will be several upcoming posts about this amazing vascular system because the Lord’s been

Our body cells literally gasp for life if our internal environment robs them of oxygen and nutrients they need.  WE MUST KEEP CLEAN FLUID MOVING 24/7

Our body cells literally gasp for life if our internal environment robs them of oxygen and nutrients they need. WE MUST KEEP CLEAN FLUID MOVING 24/7

leading me to a LOT of research on it lately……..disclosing some things we ALL need to know. In an early post on entitled, “Don’t Stagnate”, I talked about the importance of muscle contraction in activity and exercise as regards the movement of lymph throughout the body. I pointed out that, unlike the blood circulatory system with the heart muscle pumping it out to cells carrying nutrients and oxygen and back to the heart for replenishing, the lymph vessels are not pumped by a heart muscle. I wrote that exercise is important because it is the contraction of our skeletal muscles that pump the lymph in vessels alongside the blood vessels to pick up tissue wastes excreted in cellular digestion and respiration. I’ve learned there is even more we must do to move that lymph and cleanse the tissues (made up of cells) in our bodies……not commonly understood but VERY important.

Exercise is important for “not becoming stagnant” like a sour fish tank, BUT it is not the only important “lymph moving” mechanism.

I was listening to “The Gersen Tapes” discovered and distributed by . These are recorded healing testimonies and expert presentations from the 100th birthday celebration of Dr. Max Gersen, MD who was a pioneer of cancer treatment without chemo, radiation, surgery, etc. and whose work has been continued by his daughter, Charlotte Gersen Strauss and his grandchildren. The website is The information in these tapes is a treasure and I will be sharing more from them. The presentation that enlightened me regarding lymph was from the late Dr. C. Samuel West, a chemist and lymphologist (and Christian) who shared his lengthy and dynamic research while referencing many other pioneer scientists in the study of our amazing lymph systems. Dr. West’s sons are continuing his work and I will find and share their website links soon. You can Google Dr. C. Samuel West now if you don’t want to wait. Dr. West has a youtube video at and his son, Karl West, has a presentation at Neither of these videos is very well produced and they are a LOT of science that I am currently double checking etc. But, you might find them interesting if you have a little patience with the production quality.

Here is the first important GEM of information. It has been discovered that it is deep breathing that is the most important bodily mechanism for moving the “waste laden lymph returning from the interstitial fluid and cells to be dumped back into the blood stream on the left side of our neck (sub-clavian vein behind the collar bone). It is the movement of the diaphragm muscle in deep breathing that pumps this lymph up and out of the major lymph duct.

I will give you the explanations later, but I wanted to give you the “what to do” now so you could be cleansing and de-toxing by more efficient use of our wonderful lymphatic system.

I had learned a deep breathing exercise from Dr. Andrew Weil but he never explained it’s impact on lymph movement. Relax and sit erect or lie down on your back with knees slightly raised. Place tip of tongue behind upper front teeth and breath in through your nose to a count of 4…being sure to start the breath raising your belly and then moving up to raise your chest. Hold the breath to a count of 7 and then make a strong “whoosh” sound as you expel the air through your mouth to a count of 8. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this breathing exercise in augmenting my own healing but I couldn’t explain why.

Dr. West witnessed an experiment done by an Italian doctor who tagged certain proteins “vacuumed” from the interstitial tissue by the lymph and photographed (I’m assuming via Xray)as the man walked/ran on a treadmill. The lymph movement as indicated by the tagged protein movement was unremarkable until the test subject began taking deep breaths and each one shot the protein containing lymph forward in the main lymph duct in trunk. It was something of a “eureka moment” because prior to that, the impact of deep breathing on lymph movement was not understood.

There are other mechanism for moving lymph including energy stimulation and proper massage as well as bouncing on a mini-trampoline (properly). We’ll discuss these further. I just wanted to get the breathing information to my readers now so that they could be “cleaning their internal ’tissue aquariums’ now and ramp up the de-toxification of their cellular biochemistry.

Here is a link to a very well done video explaining breathing and the beginning of lymphatic self message. The presenter happens to be in my home state of Kentucky and her website is
The video link is

Heather has several lymphatic message videos on Youtube but I would watch this one as soon as possible so you can get the breathing exercises started.

Remember, we are on a quest to have health at the cellular level and the rest takes care of itself.   Of course, staying hydrated with clean water is necessary for our amazing lymphatic systems to constantly wash and cleanse our inner environment.

October 24, 2015
by jwoodward

Healing Blood

Recently I’ve been blessed to see a hungry lover of the Lord seek the Healer rather than the healing and moving along her healing journey steadily and rather quickly.  She was panicked at a diagnosis of cancer and had done a bit of harsh devoting only to become more fearful because of the resulting  pain.

I was grateful when she told me that the “Don’t Panic” page (tab at top of home page at  had helped her out of the fear and into the faith she needs. Fear and faith cannot coexist of course, and Jesus constantly taught “Do not be afraid.”.  I’m blessed correspond regularly with this woman and I see a profound difference for the good growing in every email. She can’t stop praising and thanking “the Living God”. She lives in a nation not necessarily considered “Christian”—still the Lord’s right there beside her.

She was reminded that He IS our health. That is well illustrated by His telling the Hebrew children “I am the Lord that heals you,” But the translation from original language is “I am your health.” (Ex 15:26 which is actually a covenant of healing) Think of more than million Israelites leaving Pharoah’s evil grasp and not a one was sick, injured or weak.

The Israelite slaves had obeyed God’s instructions given to Moses and they gained favor even with their former captors who gave them their gold and silver. So this throng of people who were leaving a life of slavery and overwork were carrying all this heavy treasure and NONE were ill. We find out later that their shoes didn’t even wear out. (Dt 29:5) And they certainly did a lot of grumbling so it wasn’t a matter of “rewarding perfect behavior”.

God's compassion is in His only Son's blood.  It never changes. It's yours!

God’s compassion is in His only Son’s blood. It never changes. It’s yours!

Before leaving, however, they had obediently prepared and eaten the “Passover Lamb” and anointed their door lintel and side posts with that lamb’s blood. If you think about it, you see that the blood on the lintel would have dripped to the door sill so that, with the blood on the door posts, there would have been the marks of the cross at the entry to their houses (Ex 12:7) and “the cross” saved them when the “angel of death” came by in the night.  Jesus poured out His Healing Blood for each of us.

It was just a type and shadow of our sacrificed and resurrected Lord whose blood saved them and saves us. (“save” being always the original word in Hebrew and Greek for “sozo meaning wholeness of body, soul, and spirit”.

That’s why Matthew 8:17 reminds us that Isaiah prophesied that Himself (the Messiah), took every disease and infirmity and sin into His “self”, took them to the place they belong, left them there, and was RESURRECTED in glory (still a man) but glorified and totally dedicated to you and me.

We now have the real “Lamb of God” and every time we celebrate Holy Communion, we are re-empowered to be whole of body, mind, and spirit. I celebrate Holy Communion every night before I go to sleep. It is a time of pure “Thanksgiving” for our Jesus who gave His all for our health and wholeness. Healing is really the resurrection of our health and fully God’s will.

Give the enemy no attention after you remind him out loud that Jesus ‘finished him and you are no longer under the curse’. Focus on Jesus just as the Israelites were “saved or sozoed” by having their health again restored later in the wilderness when they whined and complained so that God let the enemy release poisonous serpents. God had Moses make a staff of a bronze serpent (another shadow of Jesus raised up) and only those who focused steadily on this “shadow of Jesus” were healed or restored to health.(Numbers 21:9) They had a “type and shadow”, but, again, we have Jesus Himself.

Don’t panic when a disease or diagnosis tried to fill your soul with fear (and thus your body with wrong responses) “see” these scenes the Israelites in your heart. God showed his love and compassion even in the Old Covenant. We have the “New Covenant in Jesus’s blood”.

We can’t heal when we struggle with fear.  It changes our body chemistry and voltage blocking built in healing mechanisms.   Give all that to the One who already disposed of it—the One who has already done ALL that’s necessary for your healing and wholeness to manifest. It ALL begins with worshipping and thanking Him for ALL He’s done. God is love and love always heals. It’s who God is and it is “How God Is”.

October 18, 2015
by jwoodward

What I Did to Put Cancer Behind Me

I am often asked what I did to put cancer behind me.   I’ve hesitated to share exactly what I did because no two people can ever do anything exactly alike and really shouldn’t.   We are all such complex individuals that it is ridiculous to think we can find a “one size fits all cure”.   However, I find myself  corresponding with folks for whom time is of the essence so this post if for them.  I believe it is critical to turn away from the idea of trying to kill cancer and turn toward absolutely making our bodies a

It's not a matter of "escaping" cancer but a matter of  outsmarting it so      it has to go away.

It’s not a matter of “escaping” cancer but a matter of outsmarting it so it has to go away.

place cancer cannot live.   I was blessed to know better than to jump around “trying this new chemotherapy” or that new “alternative cure”.  So, I followed the advice of a physician friend and “became my own doctor”.

I did have surgery and, as Dr. Johanna Budwig (eminent cancer researcher  and doctor who never used chemo or radiation in successfully treating many late state cancer patients) says, surgery must be considered on a case by case basis.  I urge more than one opinion and finding a surgeon who has successfully done many of the type of surgeries you’re considering.  Sometimes tumors have such a head start that they are better removed; however surgery ALWAYS causes inflammatory sites in the body and we know inflammation is the root of nearly all disease so an anti-cancer lifestyle post surgery is essential. Check out Dr. Harvey Bigelsen’s book, Doctors are More Harmful than Germs:  How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health–And What to Do About It.

Here is “What I Did”to put cancer behind me (more information about each step can be found in my book and blog posts).

1.  I went to God in earnest prayer and surrendered to Him.   I found a church that understood James Chapter 5 and was anointed in prayer.  At that point I heard in my spirit, “An old life just ended and a new one started.”   The tumor remained but the cancer was about to find itself homeless.   As James also says, “I submitted myself to God and resisted the enemy so he had no choice but to flee.”   Daily,  I read aloud the Healing Scriptural Decrees in Charles Capps’ book God’s Creative Power.   I’ll never stop this.

2.  I quit sugar, period.   Sugar is the fuel of a cancer cell–the fertilizer of a cancer cell.    Cancer cells do need sugar and do not need oxygen.    I replaced the sugar with Stevia (an herb) and used no artificial sweeteners (toxins).  NOTE: Fruit has a high sugar content so, other than berries, need to be eaten sparingly and not with meals.  Berries are an exception.  Eat lots!

3.  Quickly I learned that cancer absolutely must have an acidic body chemistry in which to exist so I set about to make sure my body chemistry was slightly alkaline.  Note:  Our blood must be slightly alkaline or we die; therefore, it will steal bone calcium etc to keep us alive.  Calcium from a bottle is generally “rock mineral” and the body doesn’t easily use it (if at all).  What then?  I found a product I will never go without.  Barley Power Tablets from a company called Green Supreme.  Check out or call 1 800 358-0777.  The ingredients (barley grass leaves) are grown in clean Amish Dutch country in Western Pennsylvania. Tell them if you are a cancer patient.  I take 7 tablets upon arising and then 7 before lunch and 7 before dinner.  They also sell litmus paper to check your urine or saliva pH level.

3.   Because cancer is anaerobic (ferments sugar without oxygen), I made sure I got plenty of oxygen into my body.  Breathing Exercises such as taught at: .

4.  From the beginning of my recovery  (with much research),  I began to take Beta Glucan,  a potent immune system booster that enhances the production of  T Cells which literally gobble up cancer cells.  Check out this amazing microscopic video from Cambridge University on Youtube at .  I take the 5 mg dose and get mine from .  Beta Glucan is either derived from yeasts or mushrooms.  I take Transfer Point brand.

5.  I dropped meat and most dairy out of my diet for about 3 years and added only grass fed (no GMO feed) organic meat back in gradually.  I still eat little meat.   In dairy, I only ate organic homemade yogurt (to assure no sugar), cottage cheese, and kefir (in my Budwig recipes) for several years–later adding back a bit of organic cheese.

6. Every single day for three years and still often,  I drink a “Budwig Smoothie” with organic Kefir (yogurt milk) and organic frozen blueberries, strawberries and/or raspberries.   A good squirt of Barleans organic cold pressed flax oil provides ample omega 3 essential fatty acids to give body cells proper material for healthy cell membranes.  AVOID hydrogenated fats which “putty over” cell membranes.  The mixture of the flax oil and high sulfur protein in yogurt or cottage cheese is the key.

7. There is a capsuled supplement called CelltraMAX  containing flax oil, wheat grass and powdered cottage cheese is available from .    The Budwig Protocol is, in my experience, so critical to beating cancer that I don’t want to miss a day and sometimes circumstances make it hard to get a smoothie or salad dressing made.   I’ve found CelltraMAX very helpful.

8. Because we can’t be completely sure that even organic produce provides all the vitamins and minerals we need to get ONLY from food, I looked for good “real food only supplements“.  Off the shelf “multi-vitamins” etc. are generally synthetic copies and not user friendly in our complex bodies.  Vitamin C  (important cancer fighter) is a good example.   I get mine by keeping organic lemon juice on hand (fresh or Lakewood Organic I order through where I also order my stevia, Barleans Flax Oil and Coconut Oil (my” butter” and cooking oil).  I drink a glass of fresh lemonade made with filtered water and stevia daily for my vitamin C.

9.  Clean Water is key.  I used a Waterwise countertop distiller for years and then changed to a countertop Zero Water Filter which costs under $70 and comes with a digital tester for total dissolved solids in water.   Tap water can legally have more than 200 units per measure of TDS but this filter takes it to zero TDS.   I got my unit and order my replacement filters from

10.  I also take Standard Process Multizyme enzymes from  because we have a finite supply of enzymes and they are essential for digesting food.   Cooked food kills the enzymes so that it is important to eat raw foods like fresh salads, cut up vegetables, blended fresh vegetables and FRESH MADE VEGETABLE JUICE daily.  It is a highly concentrated “multi-vitamin and mineral” and it is “God-Made”.  Organic of course!   I usually mix 1/3 carrots, 1/3 celery, 1/3 cucumber and drink at least a pint daily.  The easiest process I’ve found is to keep an air tight bowl or zip bag of the peeled organic vegetables in the refrigerator and just grab a handful of each to quickly run through the juicer every morning.  You could make enough for two helpings and use the other in the evening. I have used inexpensive juicers ($60) and more expensive ones.  Now I enjoy a Breville factory reconditioned unit I ordered through .  It gets all the juice and cleans up quickly.  You will feel incredibly good when you drink this fresh juice.

11.  A few months into my healing journey I learned about cinnamon as a medicinal for controlling blood sugar.   Even with 1/3 pancreas, I’ve NEVER taken insulin.    Not all cinnamon is real so search “cinnamon” on  blog posts at  to learn more.  I used to get cinnamon tablets from and I use a lot of “loose Ceylon cinnamon” in foods; however, I also used to get milk thistle (a fantastic herb for liver health and protection) separately.   I changed to a product called “Cinnergy” that compounds the two in a concentrated way and only one capsule a day is needed.  I get it from .

12.  A little later I found out about the ancient spice turmeric (curcumin) which has shown literally “staggering” effects against cancer cells in highly esteemed labs–so much so that drug manufacturers are trying to make a synthetic form to patent for profit because spices cannot be patented.   I prefer “Daily Dose” from because it’s compounded for maximum absorption.

13.  Probiotics are important because most of us have decimated the good flora or bacteria in our digestive systems.  My naturopath recommended Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics.   I take one before going to bed; however, if under stress, I take two.  Our immune system depends on the health of our digestive mechanisms and cancer can only keep a hold on us if we allow our immune system to be sabotaged by lifestyle (including intake of many pharmaceuticals).   You can find this probiotic at a good health food store or online.

14.  Detoxification is much discussed and often misunderstood.  I never did a contrived detoxification program even though I’d been “through the pharmaceutical mill” in surgery and hospital.    Once I began taking in only good nutrients and enzymes and God’s food, my body began to detox naturally.   Once I began to drink lots of clean water and nothing else except herbal teas made with clean water, my body knew what to do.  We are built to heal.   Nutrition and detoxification MUST be balanced or it can be dangerous.  For a while off and on I took “Edible Living Red Dessert Clay Tablets”  obtained from and had good experience with it as far as I could tell.

15.  Fairly recently I’ve learned about Fulvic Acid .   I have posted on my blogs (this one and ) about this amazing “material” obtained from ancient organic bogs in remote places.   I suggest you do some reading about it and make your own decision of course.   I’ve begun to take 4 drops in my morning juice.   It absolutely should not be used in fluorinated or chlorinated water–only distilled or strongly filtered water.   Of course my juice is “God filtered” through vegetables.  Fulvic acid is packed with the densest array of the tiniest molecules and, as one scientist put it, delivers nutrients into body cells and then picks up the wastes and carries them out.   Another scientist said it was as if God knew we’d mess things up and left us these pockets of just what we need at such a time as this.     Check it out for yourself.

16.  I live in the country so connection with the earth, thank God,  is part of my lifestyle.  We are bio-electric beings as well as bio-chemical beings.   I refer you to my post on “Healing Touch is More Than a Warm Fuzzy” hoping you will make more effort to deliberately put yourself in a position to absorb more electrons from the earth.  A healthy inner voltage is half of healing.  In the post I reference several ways to “get” electrons to support inner voltage.  Beyond that, I’m continuing to learn how blessed I’ve been to walk in the grass barefooted and sit in the grass leaning against a tree occasionally.

 The earth is highly charged with the electrons we absolutely need.   I’ve long worn a Q link “necklace” to help neutralize electro-magnetic fields we inevitably encounter.  But in a recent visit to my naturopath (  just to tweak my program, she told me about “earthing” or “grounding” and specifically about a pillow case from I knew grounding was important because a physicist friend invented a device I’ve used and I experienced good results even though I too often neglected to “hook up”.   This pillow case has enamored me.  I thought I slept well before but now it’s beyond “well” and I’ve noticed I heal very quickly from small cuts etc.    I’ve now bought a grounding foot pad to put on the floor under my computer.

Look for your healing and never never NEVER look for your symptoms.   You WILL get what you focus on.  Along with this, be certain you have let go of any and all bitterness or unforgiveness in your soul.   That very thing is likely to have allowed the enemy to land in your soul and set up the “inflammation camp fire” necessary for most disease to erupt.

Above all else, stay in close communication with God–talk with Him as a loving Father and LISTEN because He wants you to walk out the plans He has for you (Jer 29:11).

October 12, 2015
by jwoodward

Prayer Heals, So Why Worry About Nutrition?

Lately, I’ve been trying to share more about how to pray more effectively and powerfully for healing.  It has occurred to me that

some may wonder “If Prayer Heals, Why Worry about Nutrition?”    My answer is two-fold.  First, we should never worry about anything but should stay tuned into Holy Spirit through persistent “fellowship” prayer so that the two-way communication is constant.   Second, once “in that place of resting in the Lord” rather than worrying or struggling or trying to second-guess our Creator, stewardship of our countless blessings becomes a way of life and living an “anti-cancer lifestyle” comes naturally.  Nutrition is certainly part of that restful lifestyle.   Bondage to “food rules” is not part of it!   Ever seeking the “magic bullet supplement” is not part of it.

As stressed in my last post, we live IN the world but are not OF the world when we rest in the Lord.    So we are affected by  food

Sanctifying food is more than a religious ritual. It is part of health stewardship.

Sanctifying food is more than a religious ritual. It is part of health stewardship.

and water and stresses the world attempts to inflict.    Praying over our food–indeed, sanctifying our food–is critical and freeing because we can’t thoroughly know the history of its production in many cases.    “Saying grace” is an important part of living “in God’s grace”.    Stewardship is also a critical function of our lives–being intimate with our Creator changes our “want to” and our “can do” because we can live tuned in to God’s guiding frequency even regarding our nutritional choices.   He made these bodies.  He loves these bodies.  He knows what we need to fuel them with and will absolutely guide us IF we will receive.

Without worry or bondage, we can listen to our bodies–our “temples of the Holy Spirit”–and joyfully co-labor with God to keep these temples clean and fully functioning.     Anita Siddicki of tells  her amazing story of recovering from MS (in which she was paralyzed and blind).   Her husband, Nasir, kept the healing Scriptures playing in her room 24/7 and kept well meaning family members from insisting she had to “face reality and become wheelchair bound”.     It looked bad for her and she was also pregnant so it looked doubly dark.    She shares that, as she began to recover, she would “see” and “sense” certain foods her body particularly needed.   She listened to the still small voice in her spirit and obeyed.  Although she resists sharing specifically what she ate or supplemented with nutritionally because she believes everyone is unique, she credits nutrition as stewarding her healing.

My own experience overcoming pancreatic cancer years ago was a bit similar to Anita’s.  I, too, seemed to be in a place where

I was on my "last prayer" when God led me to my "interactive miracle of healing".

Like this desperate “fly”, I was on my “last prayer” when God led me to my “interactive miracle of healing”.

hope of recovery was being challenged by the world view of “just live with this as long as you can because there’s no cure”.   “Cure” chasing can be a deadly trap and my physician husband knew that fact.    He had little training in nutrition and both of us had been long dormant in our faith, but God was right there where He’d always been.  I began to seek Him desperately and without doctrinal restrictions which I still consider an asset.   I wasn’t begging.  I was yielding.

One day as I prayed, I became totally aware that my body and soul (mind, will, emotions) were more than casually connected.   They were biochemically and electrically enmeshed.    I had a blessed revelation that God loved me regardless of my faults and shortcomings and I, as undeserving as the enemy told me I was, could tune into His Spirit through my own spirit.   I surrendered all to Him and asked Him to guide me back to health.   I immediately realized this act could lead me to living in a body/soul in which cancer could not exist.   In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I share the entire “interactive miracle” that ensued.     It was a sort of “connect the dots Holy Spirit gave me” experience.   Anyone can have their own.


Creation is ongoing. Prayer and Stewardship of health are unavoidably linked. This book of Scriptural Decrees is powerful “medicine”. This book of Scriptural decrees has been essential to me in keeping my healing.

It seemed that just the right book or resource would come available.   Once I received a book from an online bookstore that I had no recollection of ordering nor was it a gift.   Once I awoke in the morning to a seemingly audible “the Bible is true”.   I gained a hunger for two things–the Word of God and good food.   By then I was emaciated physically and only beginning to feed spiritually so any appetite was a miracle blessing.

Nutritionally, I had no taste for meat and little for dairy.  I began to crave fresh vegetables (mostly raw) and berries.  A physician friend had flippantly said, “eat a lot of blueberries”.   One thing led to another and I learned I could maintain my body’s pH balance to discourage tumor growth.    I gave up sugar (long a weakness for me) cold turkey when I learned it was cancer fertilizer.   Precept by precept I learned that God was the Healer and I was the “already healed” moving toward the manifestation of that great gift that Jesus paid for by the “stripes on His back”.(Is 53:5)

Supplements?   Yes, but NOT to “cure me of cancer” and only real food supplements.         As part of our ongoing creation, all of our cells are replaced often and I was aware of providing the best “raw materials” possible for these new cells to be built from.  I was also aware that many poisons had assaulted my body–some from toxic thoughts and emotions accumulated for decades and some from intake.   I’d been kept in an induced coma for several days in the hospital which, of course, overwhelmed my body/soul with man-made chemicals my immune system wisely “read” as “toxic foreign material”.     I did no contrived detox program but the positive intake of good nutrition (including food supplements but no man-made nutrient substitutes) gradually and safely detoxified my body.   Overly quick detox can overload the blood with toxins and (especially without good nutritional input) can do more harm than good.    When I put the good nutrition in, the toxins moved on out.

Why only food supplements such as elderberry and decaf green tea extracts, etc?    Because our bodies are made to

One of the most important elements to my nutritional stewardship has been certain food supplements

One of the most important elements to my nutritional stewardship has been certain food supplements

use food and any surplus of nutrients (other than some potent herbs) will not negatively impact the biochemistry of our bodies but will be evacuated as wastes.   Man-contrived substances cannot be whole nutrients.   We could never guess the exact amounts of the many nutrients we require at any given time because these fluctuate.    In Slam the Door on Cancer, I do discuss what many refer to as “nutraceuticals” which are nutrients received from wholesome food including ones that help moderate inflammation (root of nearly every disease); enhance apoptosis (natural death of rogue cells); and regulate angiogenesis (blood vessel supply to tumors or pre-tumors); etc.

When you move from chasing a cure or seeking a way to “kill cancer” to working with your loving Creator to rebuild your body so that cancer has no welcoming environment, it is impossible to separate prayer fellowship from physical/mental stewardship.    Salvation is sozo (original Greek of NT) and that means wholeness of body, soul, and spirit.    God is health …..not just the Healer but Health itself.   That’s what He told the Israelites as they left Egypt.  (Ex 15:26 YLT)   Being in His rest (surrendered and engaged spiritually) compels us to become joyful stewards of the blessings He has created in us and for us.

Recently I was asked if I would lead a secular program on “disease prevention”.    I declined because there is no such thing as effective secular disease prevention.  ONLY by being tuned into our loving Creator can full blown health flourish and, I believe, we already have largely untapped power in the Lord to make “disease prevention” an obsolete concept.   We are built to heal and live in health and cooperating with the “Builder” is the only real way.   God wants us well!




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